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SAT Score

The SAT is known as (Scholastic Aptitude Test and Scholastic Assessment Test) which is an international test for all colleges in U.S. It is administered by Educational Testing Service (E.T.S). Basically; it is only for Undergraduate students. This test is just a criterion which is used by the colleges to make the college admissions in a very easy manner.

A Good SAT Score:

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Some schools accept more then average SAT score because the identity of their schools is depended upon the good candidature. The criteria of some colleges are that they never take those students who attain average score in SAT .
The test consists of three parts:

  1. Critical Reading
  2. Mathematics
  3. Writing

Weightage of each section of SAT exam is 800, so this way total weightage will be 2400, whereas, Average score of each section is 500, so general Average score will be 1500. Generally students obtain anywhere between: 200 – 800 in each section, but a very few students get a perfect SAT score and top universities. Here are some examples of universities SAT Score criteria listed below:

Harvard University                                       Washington University in St Louis
SAT Score                                                        SAT Score
2100 – 2380                                                   2055 – 2295

Yale University                                              University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
SAT Score                                                         SAT Score
2080 – 2370                                                     1780 – 2070

The performance of student’s SAT score test decides, whether the student will be best for college or not? It is an important factor that college looks at the time of the admission process. Some colleges also consider essays, interviews, high schools GPA, etc. The advantage of a good SAT score is that it increases the chance for students to get renowned colleges or universities.

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