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Scholarship Essay

Today scholarship essay has gained much of recognition as most of the scholarship committees are asking for scholarship essay from the applicants. This is because they want to check how effectively applicants can communicate through words and secondly how well they know about them. Here are some of the points that will help you in writing a good scholarship essay:

1) Guidelines– Carefully read all the directions / guidelines given by the scholarship committee and do follow all the directions while writing the essay. If you are not clear with any point then contact the administrator directly.

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2) Topic – Topic for the scholarship essay differs from college to college. Some college give topics to the applicants and some allow them to choose by their own. Regardless of the fact whether the college gives preselected topic or allows to choose on their own, the only thing the selection committee wishes that the essay tells about the applicants.

3) Distinctive– A number of students apply for the scholarship and many of them would have same background as of yours. So, now you have to present your self in such a away that makes you stand out in the row. Come up with your unique story; describe your unique qualities or abilities.

4) Chronicle: Every one of us has some stories. Through the essay tell your story which has a clear focus. Your passion and personality should be depicted through the essay to the scholarship committee. Narrate about the different situations you faced in your life and how you handled them.

5) Time- Time required for writing quality essay differs from person to person .Take enough time to write scholarship essay. As this will be one of the important factors for getting scholarship.

6) Mistakes– Be careful in grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes while writing a scholarship essay. After writing the essay, go through the essay number of times, and then if there is any mistake, edit it then and there. If your English is not so good. Ask for help from others who have good command on English in checking your essay.

Lastly, be what you are throughout the essay, as your essay should only portray what you are and what you care about.

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Wishing you success!!!

Preeti Supyal

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