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Scholarship Interview

Tips for scholarship interview

Congratulations! You are the selected for the final round and you are entering in the last stage of your scholarship applying process. This is final stage in order to avail scholarship. So you should try at your best for this phase.

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Interview is conservation between two or more people and excellent way of proving your candidature for scholarship. On the other hand it is useful for the judges to get to know you, your maturity level, composure etc.

What’s an Interview About?
If you are thinking that you look good on your paper process then you will easily pass the next process which is an interview round, it is totally wrong. The reality is, still you are in “now or never” kind of situation. Here is some information given below that will tell you what you should do before and after the interview process:

Before the Interview:
When you are going for interview process be equipped with all the information of scholarship, what type of questions you expect to be asked etc. etc.

First, Read the announcement again and again. Find out all credentials that will prove your worth for scholarship. Don’t try to lie in the interview round if you are overqualified. In some interviews the judges can ask some questions directly that why you are the best for that place. You should give best answer and try to convince them that you are the best for that position.

Second, try to find out that how much the interview will take time? Who will take your interview? What interesting topics can take place between you and interviewer? Prepare yourself accordingly. The second option for this is try to make contact with those persons who have been through the interview before you.

Third, your body language should be good such as eye contact, Facial expressions, gestures etc. How you present yourself before interviewer is very important. Your eye contact and hand shaking style shows your confidence level.

Fourth, be on time in the interview for achieving the success. If you don’t know the way of your interview venue try to map out a route because being early gives you the time for relaxation. If you are unable to reach at the venue from any reason, at that time you should call ahead and let them know. This will show that how much you are very serious about your interview.

Here are some questions given below that can help at the time of scholarship interview:
Tell me about yourself.
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Tell me about your background?
What interests you about the scholarship?
Why you have applied for this scholarship?
What outside activities are most significant to your personal development?
If you are PhD pursuing, he/she can ask about your research progress?
He/she can ask about your achievements.
What interested the candidate in coming into this field?
What type of financial source candidates have?

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