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Scholarships for African Students in UK

African students in UK

The United Kingdom abbreviated as UK is considered a favorite destination to pursue higher studies, especially for African students. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the colonial ties between UK and several African countries. United Kingdom government constantly endeavors to upgrade UK education to establish its position as number one in the world. British Council and many other organizations in UK remain to engage in creating the education links across the globe. Education in Africa is unable to sustain the quality standards; this is also a reason for African students to opt UK to enhance their education. The number of International applicants to UK, especially from African continent has gone up tremendously in recent years.  Students from Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria contribute highest, as many as 1000 students. African students are equally scattered in all major universities of UK. Renowned UK universities enroll about 100 to 500 African students each year.

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For African students coming to UK is just not about studying; altogether, it is an opportunity for African students to explore British culture and hopefully making new friends. Infact, according to UKCISA report ‘Broadening Our Horizons’ claims an African to be most friendly among the thousands of student who come to UK each year. Education in Africa is predominately inspired from pre- European schooling system strictly set up to prepare the students for society in the African community as well as outside of Africa. Let’s see how African student can pursue their dream of studying in UK.

Preparations before arrival especially for African students

African students are expected to do bit more preparation as compared to the rest of international students. One of the foremost things is to arrange ones funding documents thoroughly before leaving.It is essential on ones arrival, according to the International Officers at UK universities, especially which have high number of Africans. As an African student you might have sought financial help from multiple donors, so it is recommended to prepare a comprehensive record; this exercise can make it easier when passing through immigration into the UK. The second thing that needs to address is the UK climate conditions. As compared to UK, Africa’s weather remains quite hot round the year. Whereas, Britain’s weather is usually quite mild and balmy for most of the year, but if you arrive in the middle of a cold winter in January then you might be in for a shock. So be prepared for it in advance!

Prevailing African culture in UK:

There are various organizations outside university to support African students. For instance, if you are studying in or near London, then you can easily find many active African churches and mosques operating in the capital which will always provide ready-made communities to felicitate African students.

It is also worth mentioning that many UK cities have African and Caribbean communities.This means there will be shops to cater Africans in these areas.This also means that you may stock some of your favourite food of your home country.

Scholarships for African Students in UK:-

Almost all courses in UK start with the price range of 12,000 GBP for international students. Let’s see some funding options specific for African students in UK:


Loughborough University Graduate School Development Trust Africa Scholarships in UK, 2014/15

2014 Management School MSc Scholarships at Sheffield University in UK


MBA Scholarships at Sheffield University Management School in UK, 2014


Professor Arthur Li Development Scholarship at University of the West of England in UK, 2014


University of Manchester Equity and Merit Scholarships for Distance Learning in UK, 2014/15

Henley Ambassador Postgraduate Awards at University of Reading in UK, 2014/15

Lord Walston Scholarship for African Students in UK, 2014


Developing Solutions Chanrai Summit Scholarship for Ghanaian Students in UK, 2014

To avail the admission, it is necessary to demonstrate English competency through taking standardized test, i.e, IELTS/TOEFL other than basic criteria. British council of Africa conducts wide range of courses, including general English, academic preparation and young learners’ English courses.  Read more for visa related details to apply for courses in UK.

Other support for African students in UK

UK universities offer a combination of support to African students apart from tuition fee waver programs. Other activities as follows: Job Shops (which will help find part-time work), Careers Services (for longer-term employment), Accommodation Officers, buddy schemes (which pair you with a more experienced fellow national), student ambassadors (who lead activities for particular countries or regions), dedicated facilities (such as international student lounges and halls of residence), welcome orientations (which are usually free of charge) are exclusively targeted to international students. Keeping this aside there are many student unions and union’s volunteer-run student societies, these organizations work constantly to help out international applicants. You can easily find a student society dedicated to your country and certainly to your region, this is a great place to meet fellow nationals and UK students who have an interest in your home country.

Visit following link for better help: http://www.britishcouncil.org/africa

Working options for African students in UK

As a student you can work in UK if you have student immigration permission. These immigration rules are subjected to change. If your immigration rules allow, then you can pickup work up to 20 hours (in some cases, up to 10 hours) a week during term-time. Moreover, you can also be allowed to work full time on weekends and on holidays. Work during study offers a great opportunity to fund your tuition fee and bearing your living cost. However, do bear in mind you should be able to fund your education without working in UK. And you must have a passport sticker or identity card that does not prohibit work; you are allowed to take employment. Read more on Employment options.

Studying in UK will surely prove a life changing experience for you. As a matter of fact, you will find this country a hub for aspiring students, who are on their way to accomplish new heights in their career. UK Universities present a lucrative offer in the form various course. Herein, we have tried to cover the important aspects to study in UK, especially keeping in mind the African students’ point of you. I hope the above mentioned information will help you in achieving your dream!

Shipra Srivastava