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Scholarships for International Students-Yale University

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Yale University is a top rank university in the world. I am always fascinated about its research and graduate programmes. Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies is a leader in its field. Their mission is to train leaders and to create new knowledge that will sustain and restore the health of the biosphere and the well-being of its people. 

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Today when I was visiting Yale website and found enormous opportunities for International students to study at Yale University.

Again, I would love to share this information with you.  Here are their scholarship programmes list.   

American Association of University Women, International Fellowships
Sustainable Energy Development Scholarship Program
Worldstudio Foundation Scholarships
Professor Chen Wen-Chen’s Memorial Foundation
Aga Khan Foundation, International Scholarship Programme
The American-Scandinavian Foundation, Awards for Scandinavians
Finlandia Foundation, New York Metropolitan Chapter Scholarships
Finlandia Foundation, National Scholarships
The Norway-America Association, Professional Development Award
International Tropical Timber Organization, Freezailah Fellowship Fund
World Wildlife Fund, Russell E. Train Education for Nature Fund, Fellowship program
World Wildlife Fund, Education for Nature Scholarships
Organization of American States, Graduate Fellowships Program (self-placed scholarships)
African Wildlife Foundation, Macarthur Professional Leadership in Conservation Award
Vietnam Education Foundation, Graduate Fellowship Program
World Bank Family Network, Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund
Joint Japan/ World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (for developing countries)
Inter-American Development Bank, Japan-IDB Scholarship Program (Northern Hemisphere Program; for Latin America and the Caribbean)
College Women’s Association of Japan, Graduate Scholarship for Japanese Women to Study Abroad
College Women’s Association of Japan, Scholarship for the Visually Challenged to Study Abroad (for men and women)

Other related information for Yale University.

Admissions/ Financial Aid/ Outside Scholarship Resources/Scholarships

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  1. Kursat Ozenc says:

    I am a fourth year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon School of Design, and close to completing my dissertation proposal. For the fifth year, the school doesn’t support PhD students, so I need financial support for my last year in the program.

    In my dissertation, I am working on a project that intersects with design and human computer interaction. The target group of the dissertation project is dual-income families with young children. Are there any fellowships that can fit into any of these key words?

    Kursat Ozenc.

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