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Are There Scholarships For Low GPA?

Not every student comes out with flying colours or with high GPA to get qualified for scholarship programs. This does not also mean that those who have secured a low GPA do not possess skills and talents to make them successful in their chosen career.

Okay, if one student is in the low GPA category and also does not possess extracurricular activities or other abilities that could attract a scholarship, even then there are some places where one could try and get scholarships for higher studies. There is a misconception among students to get benefited from scholarship funding committees you have to have top grades .

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Importance of Low GPA Scholarships

Students in the absence of the utmost educational performance can be eligible for diverse scholarships for low GPA. Every individual is gifted with one talent or other and believe me having a low GPA is not a reflection of the inherent potential. There are institutions and organisations who think in this same line and offer scholarships for students who have less GPAs. But no one is going to throw money for an undeserving cause. If GPA is not the main criteria in determining the scholarship awards then there would be some other condition that the student may have to fulfil. It could be the writing skills, creative ability, excelling in sports, abnormal heights, ethnicity, background and much more.

Let us throw light on some of these scholarships that do not consider for the GPA obtained by the students.

Top Low GPA Scholarships

Dell Scholars Program

The student should enrol and complete the two year college readiness program conducted by The Michael Susan Dell Foundation to become eligible for applying. Even though grades do not matter but one should show determination and should have overcome hardships in pursuing education. Financial conditions are also considered but main focus will be on the individual’s motivation, goals, communication and the determination to achieve them all. This program will make sure that the student completes college graduation. The specifics could be obtained after you register and log in.

Best Buy Scholarship

Three things are taken into consideration for this scholarship – Academic achievements, experience in work & services rendered to the community. They award 1200 annual scholarships each worth $1000.

Telecommunications Scholarships

This is a career based scholarship for those who are in studying telecommunication and want to make a career out of it this is a great option. Under this program many scholarships are awarded.

Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship: This is intended only for full time students having at least 30 credit hours and the student could be a major or minor in telecommunications. The student must possess an ambition to become a professional in telecommunication sector. The main criteria in this is the student has to prove his creative ability either by the way of a project, research capabilities or could even prove their creative ability through audio or video presentations. Winner will get $10000, first runner $5000 and the second runner $3333.

The David Letterman Scholarship

This is for full time students who are US citizens who have a creative brain but with low GPA. The aspirants should pick projects on media like creative writing, researching, audio or video presentations, graphical or film presentation. The winner is awarded $10000, with awards for first and second runners as well who will be getting $5000 and $3333 respectively.

There are also other scholarship programs for aspiring telecommunication students like Chad Muler Editorial Scholarship, Dr.Joe TCOM Scholarship, Jim and Linda Needham TCOM Scholarship and Dave and Lucy Smith TCOM internship for Minorities.

Scholarships That Are Career Specific

If you are in a particular career and looking for scholarship that is specific to your career then this is the right place for you. Lots of careers are listed in the site and you can check out them here. They offer $2500 for more than 150 students every year.

Dr.Pepper Million Dollar Scheme

This might look funny but it is true. If you have the ability to throw a football with power and precisely place the throw then this is the place for you. There are 5 grand prize winning scholarships in this scheme each carrying $100,000 and there are also other prizes for varying skills in throwing the ball.

Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck At Prom Contest

This is for students who are above 14 years attending prom school and should be a US citizen. The contestants should appear in a prom dress made of duct tape. Students can enlist in this competition as a couple and each winning student will get a scholarship of $2500. There is also a consolation for the second and third prize winners who will be getting $1000 and $500 respectively.

American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to create awareness to prevent fires and the best ways for handling them with easy to use and modern water sprinklers. There will be a written test on this subjects and students have to prepare themselves well to answer some simple questions related to the fire sprinklers. The scholarship is worth $2000 for the winning student and student drawing second will be awarded $1000.

Collegiate Inventors Competition

Albert Einstein was not a good student but is considered as one of the best brains in the human history. This scholarship is awarded in this line for college students who have worked closely with the faculty to invent something. This scholarship is based not on GPA but on the innovation that a student has made during his curriculum. The top reward one could get through this is $12500.