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Academic Scholarships For Senior Citizens

For most of the seniors, automatic nirvana of their retirement is like illusory. The anticipated delights or a short time passes, like playing with grandchildren, travelling or going to bed late, often proved not suffice for seniors. The retirees who are divorced or widowed or who have been single often find themselves isolated. The retirees miss the mental activity and their colleagues.

In a bid to fill this void, most of the colleges and educational institutions across the world have popped up in the recent years, providing opportunities to seniors for educational commitments and helping them to unearth the new and old learning challenges. These institutions typically feature the peer-managing and peer-learning of an educational program.

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The programs are often offered at nearby college and university where the senior citizens reside and they are characteristically offered at moderate or low cost. In such institutes, the senior citizens are allowed to select, deliver and manage their own college level learning, followed by glowing and excellent reports.

As a senior citizen of the state, you can find ways to get back to university and continue your further education with state, university, private scholarships and grants and discount programs. So, don’t let your financial concerns to prevent you from grabbing higher degree after retirement.

Importance of Senior Citizen Scholarships

There are number of resources offering academic grants and scholarships to senior citizens. So, if you are planning to get back to college to earn highest degree after retirement then you may qualify for the academic scholarships to help with the educational expenses.

The academic scholarships for senior citizens help lower the costs of taking the courses and can be easily available from state government agencies and federal government, private and public institutions and private foundations and organizations. From federal government to private grants, senior citizens are likely to find funding opportunities easily not only for college but also for basic health, life and civic services.

The academic scholarships for retirees enable the senior citizens to get back to colleges and universities to earn the highest degree which they have left in between for their career. Senior citizens bored after their retirement can head back to college and universities. So, don’t let your age or financial concerns to prevent you from achieving your educational dreams. Pursuing a degree program after retirement allows senior citizens to jump-start a new career and even allow them to participate in new community and make their learning experience fun filled. Moreover, the youngsters will benefit greatly from the life experiences and wisdom of the seniors. Attending a college post retirement is possible now without breaking your personal budget.

University and Colleges are the obvious choice for the seniors who desire to start a new career in their golden days or want to get additional training to delay their retirement. Attending the colleges and university can be quite expensive affair, so seniors may apply for academic scholarships to ease the burden of tuition fee.

Benefits of Life-Long Education After Retirement

Just imagine the excitement and pleasure of discovering the cultural and historical treasures of different countries, the thrill and delight of participating in lively discussions about works and life at university or the mental peace that comes from helping reluctant students explore the value of education. Undeniably, such great experiences would spice up your life post retirement. The good news is that now seniors can get indulged into lifelong learning after their retirement. All thanks to the wide array of opportunities made available by different universities and colleges for older adults who want to grab a degree and make their later years filled with excitements than they ever dreamed possible. The lifelong learning means old minds will be more stimulated, spirits more fulfilled and bodies more active. Well, to make the lifelong learning more convenient and easy, colleges and universities are offering academic scholarships to older adults to pursue their education and grab their degree.

Academic Scholarships for Senior Citizens

Globe University Senior Citizen Scholarships

Any person over 62 years of age may apply and receive the Globe University Senior Citizen Scholarship of $1940 per quarter which they may use to pay for tuition of one course, for up to 4 quarters. The students who receive this scholarship and taking individual classes are referred as the non-degree-seeking status and they are not eligible to apply for any yearly financial aid. While students who received this scholarship and enrolled in a course will be regarded as a degree-seeking student and can apply for financial aid, if they meet the other eligibility criteria set by the university.

The Jeanette Rankin Foundation Women’s Education Fund

As the name suggest, it is the academic scholarship specifically designed for women aged 35 or older and meet the set low income eligibility guidelines. Women who are planning to attain their first degree at college post retirement or after the age of 35 are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The funds can be used to pursue any type of degree program, whether it is associate degree, bachelor degree, technical degree or vocational degree.

Northern Michigan University, Senior Citizen Scholarships

The applicants aged 62 or older can apply for this scholarship program to pursue a degree program at the university. It is a full tuition fee scholarship offered by the university to all senior students who want to continue with higher education. The scholarship only covers tuition fee for on-campus classes and doesn’t provide books or covers web based classes and fees for off-campus classes. The applicants interested in this senior scholarship must submit the Application for Admission to the College of Graduate Studies.

Methodist University, Senior Citizen Scholarship

Senior Citizens aged 65 or above are eligible for this scholarship. To apply for this scholarship the applicants must be officially accepted by the university to pursue an undergraduate program at the university. The tuition fee for such students is waived off by the university. If the students are eligible for the need based State Aid or other Federal Grants, then the funds will be subtracted from the tuition fee first and the remaining amount of tuition fee will be paid by the university.

Wallace Community College – Selma, Senior Citizen Scholarship

The senior citizen scholarship at WCCS is a free tuition program designed specifically for senior citizens. It is designed for applicants who are 60 years of age or above and have enrolled in the academic or technical division of the institute to pursue a credit course. However, this scholarship doesn’t cover any kind of applicable fees, it only offers free tuition.

Newcombe Scholarships for Mature Women Students

The founder, Mrs. Newcombe extended her interest in distributing scholarships to mature women students to pursue higher education. However, the grants are not directly transferred to student’s account; instead the universities and colleges receive the grants from the institute to aid the education of mature women students over 25 years who have earned 60 credits towards their bachelor degree. The organization reserves the right to select the recipients of the scholarship according to the guidelines set by the foundation. There are campus committees comprising faculty members, financial aid officers and counselors who review the applications of the students and award scholarship to them to pursue higher education at institutes of their choice.

Western Kentucky University, Senior Citizen’s Scholarship

Senior citizens belonging to Kentucky who want to pursue higher education may avail Western Kentucky University, Senior Citizen’s Scholarship. The applicants must be a resident of Kentucky and should be 65 years of age or above on or before enrolling for any undergraduate or graduate programs at the university for credit or to audit in adherence to KRS 164.284.

BPW Foundation Career Advancement Scholarship Program

BPW Foundation Career Advancement Scholarship Program was first offered in the year 1969 and the awardees are selected through Legacy Partners. The applicants must be a female resident of USA and should be of 25 years of age or above at the time of applying for the scholarship. The applicants who want to pursue bachelor’s degree from accredited institutes in any subject may apply for this scholarship. The selection process and applications are handled by the organization’s Legacy Partners and the funds are awarded to females in their specific geographic areas.

Senior Citizen Grants for Study at Plymouth State University

All senior citizens aged 65 or above belonging to New Hampshire are eligible to apply for this scholarship to pay tuition for one course per semester at Plymouth State University. The scholarship can only be used for credit courses, which include graduate programs. This scholarship is not meant for applicants who are enrolled for any degree programs within the university.

Marygrove College, Senior Citizen Grant

Senior citizens aged 65 or above who want to pursue graduate or undergraduate programs at this college are eligible for 50% deduction in their tuition fees. The applicants must accompany their application forms with age proof certificate to avail this grant. This grant is not applicable for any program taken at conglomerate institutions and it is only applied to cover tuition.

Other Options

If you are really serious to enroll for a formal degree program, then look for colleges and universities that specialize in offering formal educational classes designed specifically for seniors, which cover the entire tuition for seniors. There are many colleges and institutions that cater to the senior citizens who desire to pursue higher education, but lacking behind due to financial concerns.

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