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Fashion and Design Scholarships, 2018-2019

Diverse career and professional fields are related to the fashion world which develops the interest of funding bodies to offer various Fashion Scholarships to upgrade the students’ education and this industry. Fashion generally thought of as an appealing charm or style, anything which is trendy at any point of time. A common terminology inclusive of all comprehensive areas especially dressing style or clothing, footwear, hair styling, jewellery, accessories, cosmetics and many other significant elements.

You can use fashion to represent yourself creatively by displaying your true self by showing who you are through your tastes and choices. Prevailing trends of fashion changes a number of times and the word “fashion”, therefore is used to communicate about the fresh and advanced version of these trends.

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The fashion industry has done a splendid job by bringing before us innovative styles and trends. This leading sector has now listed among the most flourishing trades. This industry needs different people with unique talents and abilities that include zeal, dedication, passion, imagination and versatile design sense and other essential skills. You can find fashion majors in big and small college programs and at independent schools of design that specialize in teaching and developing the industry foremost role-players.

The fashion world has become so centralized and focused that it incorporates broad fields of learning in cosmetology, design programs, fashion designing, fabric design, fashion accessory design, fashion merchandising and so on. Students who want to develop their successful careers in this appealing and booming sector should be aware of their imaginative and productive skills. They should have considerable quality to outline their thoughts in written form and even have the necessary stuff to integrate alluring colors, shades, fibers and threads creatively.

Lots of national and foreign universities, institutions and foundations such as Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation, Brown AVEDA institute, Falmouth University, Minerva Beauty and lots more are offering the top-ranking scholarships for the educational year 2017-18.The compiled study abroad scholarships are awarded for different levels of study ranging from undergraduate, masters, PhD to research fellowships. Explore more and fund your chosen course program with the listed below fashion awards.

Scholarships in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is one of the most productive, alluring, fascinating and inspiring career options these days. If you have a passion for creativity, innovation, style, imagination and originality, a career in fashion designing is the best fit for you. Find below variety of scholarships in Fashion Designing that caters to your needs.

Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship Program
Fashion-Schools.org is funding scholarship to high school seniors in the USA. A single $1000 scholarship will be awarded. Selection is based on the students high school academic performance combined with the student’s application essay. Applicants must have a passion and drive for a fashion related career. Deadline for applications is June 1, 2017. Scholarship winners will be announced in July 2017 and the scholarships paid in August, 2017.

Falmouth GREAT Scholarships
Falmouth University is offering three new scholarships available exclusively to international students from India in UK. These fashion scholarships are provided to study BA(Hons) Fashion Design, BA(Hons) Fashion Photography and BA(Hons) Interior Design.International Scholarships for 2017 will be announced at the end of December 2016.

Scholarships in Cosmetology

The cosmetics industry is developing and progressing day by day and there is an even flow of innovative and new products and styles being introduced into the market place. Let’s have a look on the Scholarships for Cosmetology mentioned below.

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal Semiannual Scholarship
New Look awards merit-based scholarships for students pursuing higher education. US citizens or permanent residents with a minimum GPA of 3.0 enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited college or university in fall 2017or Spring of 2017. Scholarships will be awarded twice per year. Spring Scholarship applications must be postmarked by November 30 and will be awarded by December 31.

Minerva Beauty Scholarship
Minerva Beauty is funding the Minerva Beauty Cosmetology Scholarship. A total of five winning applicants will be chosen, each applicant receiving a scholarship of $1,000. Student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, or percentage grade of 80% (transcript required from cosmetology school). The application deadline is May 2017.


Get into the world of design and transform your future. Footwear has been an essential need for individuals for centuries. Shoe designers create various types of footwear like dress shoes, sandals, boots or athletic shoes. Visit this page and search for substantial scholarship awards in shoe design and upgrade your education reasonably.

The Fashion Scholarships for MA Students in Footwear Designing
The MA Fashion Matters Scholarships of £30,000 is available at £10,000 each to three Home/E.U students accepted on the MA Fashion Cultures, MA Fashion Retail and MA Fashion Design Management courses at London College of Fashion.

Twoten Footwear Scholarships
These scholarships opportunities are open to international students who are studying design with a focus on footwear. Applicants must have a demonstrated interest and skill in pursuing a career in footwear design.

Hair Styling Scholarships

View all the latest hair style scholarships and more and keep yourself updated with the recent financial aids available in this field. Below is a list of significant resources that will surely help you.

David Frank Salon Scholarship
The David Frank Salon is a fashionable North Scottsdale salon that is looking to help a new stylist get started in his or her career. Each scholarship amounts $500. Those applicants can apply who demonstrate a strong passion and dedication to succeed in the hair industry. The submission period will open again April 15.

The Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship
The mission of the Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship foundation is to help deserving students receive financial assistance for the professional training necessary to build successful, long-term careers in the cosmetology industry. Applicants must be currently applying for cosmetology school or actively enrolled. Applications are accepted from January 1st through June 1st each year.

Scholarships in Jewelry Designing

Jewelry Design is the art of creating, developing, forming, fabricating, or rendering different forms and styles for jewelry. Go through the scholarship awards listed below and opt for the best one.

GIA Fashion Scholarships
GIA offers scholarship during two application periods each year for its gemology, jewelry and design programs, courses or lab classes in USA. One scholarship is available for Distance Education eLearning courses or lab class for the Graduate Diamonds Diploma program. The scholarship amounts $1,000.

Scholarships in Fashion Accessories

Fashion is incomplete without accessories. Accessories are an addition in the field of fashion. It includes earrings, brooches, watches, hats, contact lens, etc. View the list below for Accessories scholarships.

The Fashion Matters MA Scholarships in Accessories
The Fashion Matters MA Scholarships aim is to promote postgraduate studies at London College of Fashion. These fashion scholarships are provided in the accessories field. Each award is worth £15,000 and will be awarded to three selected progression students accepted on the MA Fashion Artefact course.

Contact Lens & Glasses Scholarship
This scholarship is open to high school seniors and students currently enrolled full-time as a college freshmen, sophomore or junior. Students must be going to college in the United States.

Alexander McQueen Scholarship in Fashion Design at University of Arts London, UK
University of the Arts London is awarding a fashion design scholarship to student accepted on the MA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins. Applications are encouraged from Home/ EU students only who will benefit from postgraduate studies to realise their full potential and who are unable to finance themselves through their studies. This scholarship is available for one or more year. The scholarship is worth £22,500 and will cover full tuition fees, with a contribution towards living costs and the final collection.

Cordwainers MA Progression Bursary for UK/EU and International Students in UK
University of the Arts London is offering a MA bursary of £5000 for one UK/EU and international student. This bursary is awarded to student progressing from the BA (Hons) Cordwainers Fashion Bags and Accessories: Product Design and Development or BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Development to the MA Fashion Artefact or MA Fashion Footwear courses at London College of Fashion. Applications are open to those unable to finance themselves through postgraduate study and who will benefit from further study to realise their full potential.

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