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Scottish Universities’ International Summer School 2010, David Daiches Scholarship

Professor Daiches established the School in 1947 with the aim of promoting international goodwill and cultural understanding, bringing together students from around the world to study, socialise and befriend one another.

The Scholarship will be payable in Edinburgh and cover the Summer School’s course and accommodation fees, which includes the costs of all tuition, accommodation, most meals, a social and cultural programme and full use of the facilities of the library of Edinburgh University.

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Amazing opportunity for students.

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Applications for this special Scholarship are now invited from undergraduate or postgraduate students in British and/or Irish Literature.

 Applicants should indicate on page 4 of the application form if they would like to be considered for the David Daiches Scholarship, and include a letter with further details regarding their financial situation, giving the reasons why SUISS should consider them for the scholarship.

How to Apply

If unsuccessful, applicants to the Text and Context course can be considered for a SUISS scholarship. (Please indicate on page 4 of the application form if you would like this to be the case.) Please note that SUISS scholarships only cover part of the course fee.

  • Further information can be found on the SUISS website, which also contains the facility to download our application forms and the SUISS brochure.
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  • E-mail:  suiss-at-ed.ac.uk



  1. Nandar Nwe Oo says:

    I am Nandar Nwe Oo; I was born on 19.08.1978 in Ayeyarwaddy Division, Myanmar. I was borned with seven months old and I has only 3lbs weight I am a physically handicapped person especially C.P. I have suffered from right sided hemipareris due to neonatal jaundice. My father is Director of Aung Shwe Pwint company .He was B.Ecom Degree holder at University of Yangon . My mother was a B.Sc degree holder majoring in Physics. I have one younger brother and he got B.E ( civil) and He is an Assistance Engineer in Department of Central Training School. My younger brother is married but I am single.

    My high school student life was in Ayeyarwaddy and Yangon Divisions in Myanmar. I passed the matriculation examination at Yangon in 1996 with two distinctions. I continued my education at Dagon University from 1999 to 2004 and at Yangon University from 2004 to 2006. I completed my B.Sc ( Hons:) majoring in Mathematics in 2004. I continued my education at the same University and I got my M.Sc ( Eng Maths ) degree in 2006. My University education was based on full time attendance. Anyway my M.Sc degree in Mathematics may be different in terms of qualification level. Provided that my M.Sc degree cannot be matched with M.Sc or Ph.D in your country. I would like to apply first M.Sc Degree in Mathematics as a research candidate. I am confident that it shall be the only possible way to successfully complete Ph.D degree. In this regard, I shall abide by the principles or instructions of Sponsorship Authorities.

    Actually I am ambitious to get Ph.D degree at Yangon University. But it is inconvenient for me as it is only possible for University teachers. On the other side, it is very difficult to be a tutor or demonstrator at University especially for person with disabilities like me. Therefore I am working at family company as a supervisor and executive member of NGO at Myanmar Physically Handicapped Association. This is meant for getting some family income and waiting for opportunity to continue my education. My present work is based on construction and community based rehabilitation and development of disable people in our country. You may see our association’s activities on our website: http://www.myanmarphysicallyhandicappedassociation,org
    I have never been applying for oversea awards as it is very inconvenient for private civilian like me. On the other side I was ignorant to seek some opportunities through internet websites. Now I find out this Scholarship Program and this is the first time to apply foreign scholarship award.
    Topic of research
    I set up my mathematical models of processes and systems that are affected by “chance“. In Mathematical Statistics, I find out these models against the reality, to determine whether they are faithful and accurate enough for practical purpose. Finally, this purpose is making conclusions about properties of the population. according to those conclusions, we can use those data as based for making predictions, decisions and actions, for instance, in whether forecast or market analysis or traffic planning, in developing economical plans, in buying raw materials or machines or equipment, in methods of advertising and selling products, in taking action against dangerous discuses, and so on.
    So I did my first approach in their teams and then I continued samples and their means. Secondly I tried to approach Statistical Methods with points and interval estimation of parameters and continue with hypothesis testing and application, goodness to fit (test for distribution functions), and some nonparametric tests. The last one or my recently works are deals with pairs of measurements and regression analysis, but I have not done well yet.
    Now I want to study in any Mathematical related field. Please give me an opportunity and make my dream true.
    I am looking forward to hear the good news from you.
    With regard;
    Nandar Nwe Oo

  2. Md. Safiqul Islam says:

    Dear, Sir/Madam
    My name is Md. Safiqul Islam. I’m from Bangladesh and I’ve completed Masters degree (M.Sc in Chemistry) from National University of
    Bangladesh in 2005 And B.Ed (Bachelor of Education ) in 2009. I’ve been teaching in an English Medium School & college for 5 years. Now I want to study in any chemistry related field. Please give me an opportunity and make my dream true.
    thanking you
    Sylhet, Bangladesh.
    Email- [email protected]

  3. Yonas Gebreslassie says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Greetings from Ethiopia!
    My name is Yonas. I’m 24 years old. I was graduated with first degree in English language from Jimma University in July, 2006. After that I taught English for high school students for abut one year and seven months. I taught some different English courses in College for about three months.
    Now, since June, 2008, I’ working for UNHCR in sub-office Shire, one of main offices in UNHCR’s Ethiopia’s operations. I’m working as an interpreter. I go to the camps where refugees are located to interpret and help them in their protection and resettlement issues.
    I’m applying to you for the David Daiches Scholarship.
    Dear sir or madam, really, I would like to learn more, to gain knowledge more and more, so I would be so happy if you give a chance to get this opportunity. Would you help, please?
    I’m also interested in the nation. Being it’s Scotland, I’m really so eager and wanted it so much. Also because I’ve a veteran pen friend, with whom I correspond since 1999,from there. His name is Dr. Russell Forrest. If you give me this opportunity, I’m sure that he will help me there.
    Above all, because I want to help refugees with all possible I can, I would be happy if I get this chance.
    Thank you very much, in advance.
    For your convenience, I’ve attached my CV here.
    With best regards,
    Yours, Sincerely,

    Curriculum vitae (CV)

    1. Personal Data
    Full Name- Yonas Gebreslassie Kiros
    Date of Birth- Feb.02, 1984
    Place of Birth- Mekelle, Tigray
    Sex- Male
    Martial status- Single

    Contact Address- UNHCR Sub-office Shire
    P.O.Box 164, Shire Ethiopia
    Tel. +251 344- 44 08-66(Ext. 34)
    Mobile +251 912 87 54 87
    E-mail [email protected]
    2. Educational Background

    ? I completed my high school diploma and got my certificate from Abi Adi Senior Secondary School, located in Tigray province (1999-2002).
    ? I got my first degree (B.Ed) in English language in July 2006 from Jimma University, 346 Kms South Westeren of Addis Ababa.
    3. Work Experiences
    ? I’ve undertaken community based trainings in Jimma University.
    ? I worked as a data collector for Harza international in Tekeze hydro electric power project for two solid months.
    ? I taught English language in Shire General Secondary school for one year and seven months, here in Shire town.
    ? I lectured many and different courses of English language for diploma level learners in Hashenge college Shire campus for over three (3) months.
    ? However now, starting from May, 2008, I’m working with UNHCR Sub-office Shire being an interpreter.
    Major duties and Responsibilities
    ? Being an interpreter, I go to and back from the two camps; Shimelba and Mai Ayni, the Eritrean refugee camps, to interpret issues related to protection and resettlement.
    ? I visit and make follow-up asylum seekers in Endabaguna (Screening center for Eritrean asylum seekers) children’s compound under my direct supervisor.
    ? I help interpret the Best Interests Determination of a child (who are unaccompanied and separated ones).
    ? I can interview asylum seekers and refugees so as to find temporary and durable solutions for their problems.
    ? I’ve participated in the Revalidation exercise of Shimelba camp which was conducted in between the end of July and early August, 2008

    4. Participations
    ? I took interpreters’ training course which was given in early OCTOBER, 2009
    ? I’ve taken a short Progress Training which was conducted this year in sub-office Shire
    ? I’ve also taken Radio communications training in the same place and year.

    5. Publications
    ? A senior essay on the title: “Communication Barriers between a teacher and learners: a case study in Bedele high school.”

    6. Language Ability

    Languages Understanding Writing Speaking



    7. Skills

    ? I have a profound knowledge of basic computer application(MS word, Excel and others)
    ? I’m familiar with UNHCR ProGress database and can do finger print and also photo taking very well.
    8. Personal interests
    ? Reading different kinds of books and enrich in doing research and compilation.
    ? Always interested in problem solving through a deliberate discussion.
    ? Willing to work in remote and challenging field areas.
    9. References
    ? Ms. Yvette Muhimpundu, UNHCR Protection officer of sub-office Shire
    Mobile- 0913 43 67 80
    ? Mr. Sofonyas Nigussie, UNHCR EDP Clerk of sub-office Shire
    Mobile- 0911 65 71 28
    ? Mr. Assegid Kibret, UNHCR field Assistant of sub-office Shire.
    Mobile- 0911 18 43 76

  4. Berhanu W/yohannes says:


    my name Berhanu w/yohannes am an Ethiopian
    Upgrading the Mind in education is the big investment and have high Return then I need to invest in my mind to if I get some one to support me to learn MA OR MBA I have BA in accounting .
    may i get this schollar ship , am very happy by getting some one to support.

  5. Salum Ali Omar says:

    Im zanzibaris i would like to request scholarship for master program and im holding degree of managment.

  6. Eskadmas Ayenew says:

    I am with the age of 24 and seeking for a scholarship delivery in any fields of study related to ICT and computer science. I have BSc dgree in Information Technology from a recognized university here in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University. I am very much eager to exploit all of my potential through upgrading myself. please make my dreams real. It is impossible for me to have masters through myself. I am currently teaching in the department of ICT to a recognized College at the capital city of Ethiopia.

  7. Amir Ali says:

    Sir I am from Pakistan and have completed graduate in Social Anthropology from University of Peshawar. Sir if there is any chance of Higher studies for me in foriegn country, please inform me and give support to me in this connection.
    I will be thankful to you.

    Amir Ali


    Please sir,my name is Jeremiah from Ghana.I am a high school graduate with the determination to study medicine in a good university.I hope you will offer me a scholarship to make my dream come true.Thank you very much.

  9. Nooshin Roostaee says:

    hello. my name is nooshin and I am persion. I have a associate degree in medical tecnalogy but I deeply love to be an artist and I do not have a chance to do that in iran. I am planing to travel to uk to falow my dreem but the fees are too much to pay for me

  10. nana elvis says:

    please,i just wish to inquire when is the application starting.i will be very happy to get it so soon.

  11. IBINGIRA Emmanuel says:

    I am verz grateful to write this message to you and furthermore I am a Rwandese by nationality.I have a diploma in social science and I would like to proceed university and I continue to need scholarship.

    I thank to you for your positive response.

    Yours truly,

  12. kolawole ibrahim adetunji says:

    my name is kolawole ibrahim adetunji,i have HND in INSURANCE and i have 2years post graduate experience working in the nigerian insurance industry my wish is to get a scholarhip to further my studies in the area of business management or risk management at either MBA or PGD level.i will be glad if through your kind effort i can acualise my dream.

  13. Bilal Abdulkader says:

    I am Bilal Abdulkader,24 years old adult from Lovely Country Ethiopia .I have BSc. degree in Computer Science and Information Technology three years ago. I am working at governmental organization in my country. I have 2 years of experience working in Information Technology and other related fields in Information Technology Units of the Organization. I want to continue my study in any related fields in Computer Science and Information Technology. I am hard working man if I got the opportunity I will do my best.
    With best regard.
    Thank you

  14. BEYENE TEKLU says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    I am from Ethiopia, east africa. by now i an an instructer at Hawassa university of Wondo Genet college of forestry and natural resources. I need training on natural resource conservation to develop a conservation methods in my country

    Please help me just by giving me a chance of short term traing in your country.

    With kind regards,

  15. wondwosen yeshineh says:

    Please change my life!
    Dear sir/madam
    I am Ethiopian BSc holder by applied chemistry. Sir/madam with your good willing, I wont to learn my MSc by chemistry or related field. Dear sir/madam if you have a vacancy in my position please give me the chance and make my dream true.
    Thank you

  16. Alemseged mesfin says:

    alemseged mesfin from ethiopia .I have Bsc in pharmacy I want to upgrade my career.since I cannot afford the fee please give me the chance.scholarship

  17. Meron says:

    This is Meron from Ethiopia i have BA.degree in Cooperative Under Business Management Stream from recognized University in Ethiopia i would be very happy i get an internship opportunity in any business related field.
    Best regards,

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