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Sitaram Jindal Research Fellowship Scheme in India

Sitaram Jindal Foundation is offering research fellowship for all Indian students living in India or abroadThe number of candidates to be selected for the fellowship may vary from year to year. Up to Rs. 10 lakhs per year will be awarded. In addition, the Research Fellow will also get a Contingency grant of a maximum of Rs. 10 lakhs per year. Applicants should have PhD or MD/ MS in Medicine or M Tech or equivalent, in the relevant field, to be eligible for this fellowship scheme. The applications for fellowship can be sent any time of the year. There is no last date.

Study Subject(s): The proposed area of research/work of the candidate could be in any of the following fields:
– Any field of Science in its broadest terms including (but not limited to) Engineering and Technology, Medicine including Indian Systems of Medicine with special emphasis on Naturopathy, Agriculture, Vet. Sc., Environment etc.
-Innovative solutions to the problems faced by the country and the people of India in any field.
-Towards poverty alleviation – innovations to benefit the poor in a big way.
Course Level: Fellowships are available for research program.
Scholarship Provider: Sitaram Jindal Foundation
Scholarship can be taken at: India

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Eligibility: The eligibility criteria for fellowship are-
– Open to all Indians living in India or abroad. The Research work should be conducted in India. Persons of Indian origin who have acquired foreign nationality are not eligible.
-Should have PhD or MD/ MS in Medicine or M Tech or equivalent, in the relevant field.
-The subject of research should be absolutely non-controversial having no alignment towards or against a particular sect or religion or with any intent to propagate a particular ideology or concept directed to develop any religious, caste or communal feelings in the society.
– The topic of study/research should be beneficial to the general populace of the country particularly to the under privileged and vulnerable groups.
– The candidate should have proven high calibre academic and research track record as evident from the quality of publications, recognitions and intellectual property rights obtained.
– The research fellows, who are employed by the Host Institution, should devote at least 50% of their time on research under this fellowship scheme.
All the other research fellows who are not employed by the Host Institution should carry out research continuously on full time basis under this fellowship scheme.
The candidate should not accept any other fellowship/scholarship or stipend except with the prior permission of SJ Foundation. The candidate may continue to get the salary, as permitted by SJ Foundation, from the institution where he is employed and where the research is being conducted.
The research fellow who is employed by the Host institution and is drawing salary from it, should get a “No Objection” letter from the institution stating that the institution has no objection to their employee undertaking research under this Fellowship Scheme.
The proposed research work should be original. JAL/SJF will be immune and will stand indemnified in case of any legal infringement of copyright, patent and trademark and/or any other legal infringement committed by the candidate.
Preference will be given to ‘Innovative Research’ leading to tangible outcomes.

Scholarship Open for International Students: All Indians living in India or abroad can apply for these scholarships.

Scholarship Description: Jindal Aluminium Ltd, Jindal Nagar, Tumkur Road, Bangalore-560073 (hereafter called JAL) and Sitaram Jindal Foundation, 11 Green Avenue, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110 070 (hereinafter called SJ Foundation) which are consistently engaged in the field of Charitable and philanthropic activities in India since 1969, in furtherance to their said endeavour and sublime approach for the benefit of the general masses, have instituted the ‘Sitaram Jindal Research Fellowship Scheme’ to encourage and inspire the talent and recognize excellence in innovation and research. SJ Foundation would manage the Research Fellowship Scheme on behalf of JAL.

Number of award(s): The number of candidates to be selected for the fellowship may vary from year to year. The number in the first year would be 20. The number of fellowships can be revised by JAL/SJ Foundation at any time depending upon the availability of funds.

 Duration of award(s): Initially for 3 years which can be extended up to a maximum total of 6 years depending upon the quality and the quantity of the research work done so far, need for extension and the likely outcome of further research work. SJ Foundation will take a decision on extension on the basis of the recommendations of the Head of Department and the Host Institution after evaluation by the experts, if considered necessary.

What does it cover? Up to Rs. 10 lakhs per year will be awarded. In addition, the Research Fellow will also get a Contingency grant of a maximum of Rs. 10 lakhs per year, the quantum of which will also depend upon the need of such contingency funding. The contingency grant will take care of the actual contingent expenditure incurred in pursuance of the ‘Research and Innovation’ work. This amount can be used for the following:
-For acquisition of Books, Documents of relevance to the project as approved by the Head of Department/Host Institution.
-To meet petty expenses for the purchase of chemicals, reagents, stationery, postage, Registration fee for attending workshops/conferences.
-For travel expenses including one foreign travel/foreign attachment during the entire research project period. The approval for foreign travel/foreign attachment will be given by SJ Foundation on the recommendation of the Host Institution.
-Contingent grant cannot be used on furniture, office equipments including Computers, laptops etc. The use of contingency grant will be governed by detailed guidelines from SJ Foundation.
The Host Institution will get Rs. 4 lakhs per year per Research Fellow as overhead expenditure and for monitoring, supervising and controlling the fellow and the expenditure of funds to ensure that the funds are properly utilised and are not misused and to avoid extravagance.

Selection Criteria: The selection will be based on the scrutiny of academic/research achievements and documentary evidence and the importance/relevance of the research work to be carried out, the expected outcomes and the performance of the candidate in the interview, if conducted. Proven track record of high calibre as revealed by the academic performance and publications/recognitions and the relevance of the research topic would broadly guide the Selection Committee in taking their decision. The selection criteria for Sitaram Jindal fellowship are:
-The quality of candidate’s work and the extent of creativity and promise shown.
-The sense that the fellowship would make a difference.
-The importance of the Research work for the benefit of the society.

Notification: Not Known

How to Apply: The applicant will register himself and submit his application for research fellowship on the website of the Fellowship Scheme in the prescribed form (Annexure ‘A’) after getting the consent of the Host Institution. He will also submit the signed hard copy of his application in the prescribed form along with attested copies of certificates/recommendations to the Host Institution.The Host Institution will forward the hard copy of the application (Annexure ‘A’) received from the candidate after filling up Part-2 of the application form along with supporting documents duly signed by the Head of Dept. with their recommendation on their official letterhead to The Secy. General, Sitaram Jindal Foundation by post.

Scholarship Application Deadline: The applications for fellowship can be sent any time of the year. There is no last date.

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