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Stellenbosch University Postgraduate Bursaries South Africa

Postgraduate Bursaries in Ecological Genetics of Invasive Species
Several opportunities at Honours, MSc and PhD level at the Centre for
Invasion Biology, Stellenbosch University

Please note: these bursaries are only for South Africans

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The C*I*B is a dynamic, internationally leading agency which undertakes
research to reduce the rate and impacts of biological invasions. We are
looking for several postgraduate students interested in ecological
genetics and molecular ecology, to form part of a major 5 year
collaborative project with the Working for Water Programme and the
University of Adelaide / Herbarium of South Australia.

Project details: The projects form part of a broader project to improve
our understanding and management of alien plant invasions using
molecular techniques. Component 1 focuses on what is essentially a
phylogeographic study of Australian plants invasive in South Africa
(more than 20 species of wattles and hakeas). We want to understand
how, why, and from where exactly plants were introduced. This
information is of direct applied benefit to classical biological control
efforts. But, by also comparing levels of genetic diversity; analysing
species for admixture and hybridization; studying for evidence of local
adaptation; and potentially exploring epigenetic differences; we will
address one of the most exciting and topical questions in biology: how
quickly can species evolve under new selection pressures? In the second
component we will extend the analysis to include insect and fungi
introduced for classical biological control. Finally, in component 3,
we want to combine mathematical models and ecological studies with
analyses of gene flow to understand dispersal distances and invasion
pathways of major invasive alien species in South Africa. We have a
quite a bit of flexibility in the projects, and expect that the students
would focus on issues or groups that interested them and, after
preliminary analysis, would identify additional research questions.

Hons: excellent marks at undergraduate level * a keen interest in
molecular ecology * excellent communication skills (speaking, reading,
writing) in English and sound mathematical literacy * ability to work
independently and take initiative * an interest of some of the main
issues in conservation * ability to work within a team * willingness to
work extended hours when required * knowledge of basic laboratory
etiquette * willingness to travel overseas for training.
MSc (in addition to the above): experience in working in a molecular lab
PhD (in addition to the above): evidence of producing work published or
publishable in international journals * presentations given at national
and/or international meetings.

Recommendations: Experience in working with micro-satellite markers *
experience of working with and analysing population genetic data *
experience of ecological field-work * papers published in international
journals * an interest in botany, ecology and/or social history.

Closing date: We are currently looking for students to start in the 2008
academic year, but enthusiastic candidates with out-standing academic
records may apply at any time of the year (except honours students who
must start beginning of February).

Enquiries: Dr John Wilson, [email protected]

More information about the DST-NRFCentre for Invasion Biology can be
found at http://www.sun.ac.za/cib


  1. thobai says:


  2. Leonard Mgallah says:

    I’m 29 Tanzanian. I’m a diploma holder in education majoring in Physics and Maths; Currently I’m pursuing first year Bachelor in science(Physics and Maths) at Mkwawa University.
    I’m suffering from financial problems.

  3. phathutshedzo given thabo says:

    im an 18 year old guy,who completed matric last year(2008).i am a first year at uj studing geology but i have a passion for studing environmental science.my dream is to get a scholarship/bursary to study environmental science as soon as possible.
    please help me get a bursary.

  4. Sylvester Jeffries says:

    To who it may concern,

    I am 22 years old and currently doing Third year BCom (Economics) at Rhodes University. I would like to pursue honours/postgrad studies in Economics at Stellenbosch University or University of the Western Cape. However, I need financial assistance for tuition, residence, meals and books. I am financially deprived and from a previously disadvantaged background. Your help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,


  5. maseli harry leche says:

    I am from a poor family from Gaudeng and I didnot get opportunity to study furtherly in South Africa due to political instabilities (liberation in 1984 – 1986/7). And my parents moved me to Lesotho where I completed mactric, Diloma in Agriculture and BSC (AGRIC)General at the National University of Lesotho. I send both qualifications to SAQA and it is considered to be comparable to a South African Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (evaluation).

    I went back home seeking employment since from 2000 up to now. And I am working on contracts in Lesotho because I am a foreigner. For now I am jobless and it will be better if I further my studies at SU for postgraduate programmes in Agriculture. I have formulated research proposals for MSC (Agric) Animal Science MSC (Agric) Grassland Science and MSC (Agric) Agric Economics.I do not have any means of scholarship from any where and I desperately need your help. If there could be any possibility, i would like to pursue my studies by 2010 after admissions (immediately).
    I do believe that this request will recieve your kind considerations.


  6. Freedom Shabangu says:

    I’m a 25yr male with a Biological Science degree attained @ the University of Zululand (2004). In need of a financial support to do my honours in Environmental Management or Biology discipline, currently employed by the National department of Agriculture. If the is a part-time bursary fund will appreciate if you can hook me up, would love to enrol next year 2009. Please help me in this regard.

  7. Patrick Thando Jonas says:

    Patrick Thando Jonas: A Personal Profile

    Although I come from a poor family in Eastern Cape, I’ve always viewed myself as an ambitious person, a self-starter and visionary. I am an absolute perfectionist and an unflinching disciplinarian.
    Currently I’m studying fulltime completing a PhD in Public and Development Management at the School of Public Management and Planning in Stellenbosch University. My research will be completed
    for a Doctorate degree in December 2010.

    I have fifteen years teaching experience, ten of which were at schools of children with special needs. I was an educator at Nompumelelo School in Guguletu, Cape Town, specializing in Literacy, Numeracy and Technical Training, and also taught at Eureka Youth Care Centre. I went on to lecture Public Management in the Business Faculty at Cape Peninsular University of Technology for two years. I started studying part-time at Stellenbosch University and obtained my ADPA in 2000 and MPA in Public and Development Management in 2005. My master’s thesis was: “The Governance of Public Special Schools in the Western Cape” I went further to publish a peer-review article in an accredited academic journal, the Africanus and presented a paper at NALSED conference on the same topic at an invitation by the Department of Education. In 2007 I registered for PhD and I am currently conducting research project on “A Balanced Score-card for Monitoring and Evaluation of Governance of Public Schools”. My other interest is studying a “Multi-dimensional Approach to Training and Development of ‘Troubled’ and Disadvantaged Youth”.

    In order to improve the education situation and as my immediate contribution to community, I intend to pursue three projects. One, complete the current research study to design ‘VUSSA’,(Vijon-Umzingisi Scorecard for School Assessment), an instrument to measure and enhance quality and standards of public education through improving school governance. Two, initiate ‘PEN’ (Professional Educators Network), an NGO and a voluntary network for all professionally inclined educators. It will apply open evaluations and reward merits on performance. And three, establishment of ‘Excella-20’ centres in towns and rural communities to assist Grade 12 learners in high performance learning.

    Since I’m currently study full-time and do not have income and the bursary I get at the University so limited, I’m experiencing a serious problem. I am struggling to cater for my daily lunch while I’m working at Bellville Park Campus, Stellenbosch University. Often I work on an empty stomach, and I need to work from 8’oclock to 8’oclock, day after day, Monday to Friday. I really require assistance for daily meal, a daily food voucher or stipend of R 30 or R7500 for a year would definitely help.
    Thank you & Great Regards

    Patrick Thando Jonas (13260588)
    Full-Time PhD Student – Public and Development Management
    School of Public Management and Planning
    Bellville Park Campus
    University of Stellenbosch
    P.O. Box 610
    Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa
    Cell: 073 6216563 or (082 2221572
    E-mail: [email protected]

  8. nonkuthalo says:

    hai i am a 18 year old busy doing matric. my dream is own an agents company or dp sales and marketing management if not land surverying.it looks like in the future i could be experiencing financial problems which could stop me from my dreams. if any help could be available please do contact me email: [email protected]

  9. phodisho says:

    i am a third year student at the university of pretoria,currently doing a BA majoring in Psychology and Sociology and intending to do an honours in Pyschology…..please inform me where to go for a bursary

  10. Amanda says:

    I’m a 18 year old South African and i finished my matric in 2007.I’d really appreciate a bursary on production or sound engeering.

  11. i completed my BSc biological sciences in 2007 at the midlands state university,zimbabwe.im currently employed as a lab scientist in the dept of biological sciences.i am looking for an MSc scholarship in Conservation Biology or natural resource management disciplines

  12. Jannie Viljoen says:

    I am currently in Matric @ Danielskuil School in the Northern Cape. I have played Griquas Acadamy rugby this year as well as in primary school. I am the DUX student of the school for 2008, with 2 normal achievers certificates, 5 golden achievers certificates, 4 bookprices (maths and ATKV were 2 of them). I have achieved an average of 77.3% in the record exams in September. I am looking for a bursary in maybe,the financial sector.
    Can you please help.
    Jannie Viljoen

  13. Nametso Gae says:

    Hi! I’m a niniteen year old female looking for a bursary or kind of donation for my studies.I would like to study Bcom in Accountion at the unuversity of johannesburg but i really cant to pay for my own studies because my mother is on pension and my father died five years ago.

  14. Boitshoko R says:

    Hey, I’m a twenty year old male looking for a scholarship, bursary or donations of any kind to help with my Tuition fees.

    I’d love to study at ASE in Auckland Park (Johannesburg, South Africa), but I really can’t afford it.

    Should there be any help please send me details on the following;
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Fax : 086 5630 110

  15. ALfred Nyero says:

    I am a male Ugandan seeking a scholarship in MSc Information Management in any University inSouth Africa, UK and USA.

  16. Amos Nyamoko says:

    I would like to take a course on environmental science but an orphan and lack financial muscle to commence the degree.Can u please, assist a fully paid scholarship and my dreams shall not be shattered?

  17. sibusiso khanyi says:

    Im Sibusiso, im a 21 yr old male complited my matric 2005 and persionate with music n the making of sounds and music so due to the financial crisis i have, I cant further my studies on wich I wanted to do Sound engineering,indoor and out door modules and practicals.Am looking forwad on working on da largest broadcasting companies because i have the love and confidence for sound but dont have finance to further my studies so if theres a person or a company out there that can finance and groom a persionate person on sound engeneering i am available. I can be reached on [email protected] or [email protected]. Will realy appreciate the help of a bursary or a scholership

  18. Masithembe Ntondo says:

    I am 19 years old South African busy with matric ,I need a full funded scholarship. can you help.

  19. Aschalew says:

    I am 22 years old Ethiopian graduated with psychology and working on hiv which is most public problem and currently i want to pursue my post graduate on public health.thus due to high educational fees expected to pay i am unable to afford in my country thus would you allow me to learn anywhere outside or sponsor me the fees to continue in my country?

  20. thabile says:

    i’m thabile and i want to study in uk for sound engeneering but i dont have money to pay for my fees anyone who would like to help pls came at reitz in free state at south africa i have already found school in uk called sae instutetion pls help i’m 19

  21. Sibongile says:

    My name is Sibongile Bovana i am a student at the university of the westrn cape, i am curently doing my third year in BA my majors are pychology and sociology. i am intending to do hourners in psychology but i do not have the financial means to continue after finishing my degree. if there are anyways that you can help, please.

  22. Am looking for a scholarship in ENTOMOLOGY. Am currently a TEACHING ASSISTANT at the UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE. also have experience in MUSEUM ENTOMOLOGY. AM finishing my Msc in TROPICAL ENTOMOLOGY and woul like to go for a Phd. Am 28. Any research going on? Scholarships?

  23. I am a 28 year old young man finishing my Msc in TROPICAL ENTOMOLOGY at THE UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE, am also a teaching ASSISTANT, also have experience in MUSEUM ENTOMOLOGY. I wish to pursue an ENTOMOLOGY related Phd. Anything of interest?

  24. Abram Maake says:

    from a young age i have been struck by the evolution of species and their relationship with each other and their environment. from then my interests in molecular evolution grew to a higher state where i heard my self one day saying “i want to be an evolutionist and molecular biologist”.

    Presently i am writting my MSC thesis based on population genetics and phylogeny of flat heat gobies in south africa.For some time now, i have been on the hunt for a scholarship to persue my studies. My e-mail is [email protected]

    if you can help, iam looking for a scholarship or fellowship to persue a PHD with the above mentioned fields.

  25. baloyi matlharhi martin says:

    i’m baloyi matlharhi martin at the age of 21(male).i’m currently enrolling for an Bsc(honours) in Enironmental Management with the University of Venda(S.A).I will appreciate your help in securing a 100% schoolarship to enrol a Msc in Enironmental Management|Engineering with Wits or UCT.I’m interested in wetlands,waterfall and other Natural Ecosystem.

  26. baloyi matlharhi martin says:

    i’m baloyi matlharhi martin at the age of 21(male).i’m currently enrolling for an Bsc(honours) in Enironmental Management with the University of Venda(S.A).I will appreciate your help in securing a 100% schoolarship to enrol a Msc in Enironmental Management|Engineering with Wits or UCT.I’m

  27. faben says:

    I am looking for a full scholarship in any related field (specially Environmental science and natural resource management) in Europe and The United States. I’m a 24 year old female with an undergraduate degree in Biology. In additoin I would like to have any kind of info on the financial help I can get if I decide to continue my postgraduate studies in Ethiopia.

  28. Prince says:


    I am currently enrolled at ase,for a two year diploma with which i was supporsed to study this year,due to accomodation and financial problems i had to stop going to school,before i even started.Please anyone help me.I am a hard worker,i even got an examination on my matric,last year.

  29. maryam omrani says:

    I am ms student in microbiology .my thrsis is test some new drugs on h.pylori .i am iranian and looking for scholarship for phd.

  30. I am a grl of 28 years of age, currently now I am in Africa University doing Batchelor of Divinity in Zimbabwe.I would greatly appreciate financial help or even if you could refer me to somewhere else.After finishing the Degree I would like to do Masters in Peace Conflict.

  31. Thabiso says:

    Hi I am a 20 year old currently studying at the Academy Of Sound Engineering… I am currently doing my two year diploma and may not seem to pay for my second year fees cause im already in a finincial crisis as is… I would greatly appreciate finincial help or even if you could refer me somewhere else it would be very helpfull

  32. Solomon Mamo says:

    I am searching for scolarship which is fully funded.
    I am a 24 years old Ethiopian, stayding MA in social psychology in Addis Ababa universities. Next september I want to conduct a research on the sexual script of boys and femels.
    I would like to get scolarship in the feild of sexuality and related area.

    Could you offer something up to my interest?

  33. Jacqueline Abbo says:

    I have always searched for scholarships on different websites but not got an appropriate one.
    Is it possible for me to get a scholarship that is fully funded?

    I am a 28 years old female Ugandan,having a B.Sc Agricultural Engineering. I graduated on Octoer 22nd, 2004. I have a total industrial internship of 30 weeks and a relevant work experience of 6 months (Coffee processing). I am interested in venturing into another area of Agricultural Engineering like Renewable enrgy(Bioenergy), or any other opportunity in my field.

    Do you have anything that can help me?

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