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Study At Best Universities For French And English Languages

There is nothing quite like the joy of seeing the treasures of  language unfolding before your eyes. In English and French, we have two of the richest languages in the world.

Taken together, these languages have shaped the literature of the entire world. Countless generations of poets, authors, philosophers and dramatists have used these languages to put forward their thoughts and emotions.

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Importance Of Universities For French and English Languages?

In order to truly understand the intricacies of these complex languages, the best universities for French and English can be of help. These universities can provide the necessary resources to help the student understand the development of the languages. Languages have not lost their importance as a career option either. There are still incredible opportunities for research in these two languages. Both English and French are languages with a rich history and they are two of the major languages in the world.

Studying either of the languages at the best universities for French and English can open up new career options apart from the important role of teacher.

Have compiled best universities for French and English and highlighted their ranks according the 2014-2015 Times Higher Education World University Rankings for Arts and Humanities.

The University Of Oxford (Rank 5)

Long considered to be among the best universities for French and English in the world, the University of Oxford offers both graduate and masters’ degree in English and French. In fact, this University is the best place to study English due to its association with English literature that stretches back centuries. It offers BA, M.St. M.Phil. and D.Phil. courses in English.

Scholarships: The Oxford-Robin Geffen Keble Graduate Scholarship in Early Modern English Literature is one of the many scholarships available in Oxford University. Other notable scholarships include the AHRC grant.

The University Of Cambridge (Rank 4)

The University of Cambridge is another historic university with an ancient relationship with English studies. The courses offered by this university include M.St, MPhil and Ph.D. in various aspects of English literature and language.

Scholarships: The Beit Cambridge Scholarship, the Cambridge International Scholarship and the Cambridge Trust Scholarship are just some the scholarship programs available to students in the university. Some of these pay only a part of the student’s expenses while the others offer more funds.

Harvard University (Rank 2)

The Harvard University consistently manages to be near top the list of universities in almost all subjects including English. This excellent center of higher learning offers one of the best PhD courses in the world for the budding professor of English. There are also undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the University.

Scholarships: A number of scholarships to students looking for financial help while studying at Harvard University. These include Frank Knox Memorial Scholarship, the Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship and the Michael Von Clemm Fellowship.

University of Toronto (Rank 15)

The University of Toronto is a popular destination for students across the world. It has a very MA program and there is a PhD course as well.

Scholarships: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC): Canada Graduate Scholarships is one of the few options that the student of English can apply for in the University of Toronto.

The University of Sydney (Rank 18)

This university offers courses at the undergraduate and the graduate level. Those interested can also try out the research courses available here.

Scholarships: The Postgraduate Research Support Scheme is one of the scholarships that the University of Sydney provides.

Stanford University (Rank 1)

The Stanford University offers many courses in world languages. French is one of them. The university has a graduate level course for students of this language.

Scholarships: The numbers of scholarships available directly from the university are low. It is possible to try for the University Scholarships and the Federal Grants.

Yale University (Rank 7)

This is another highly popular and prestigious university that offers courses in different languages including French. Undergraduate and graduate courses are offered along with a PhD course in French.

Scholarships: Yale University itself does not provide any scholarship programs to the students. However, it is possible to get scholarships from other organizations such as the Gates Millennium Scholars Program.

Princeton University (Rank 6)

The French department at the University is one of the best as expected from an Ivy League university. Undergraduate courses and a PhD course are offered here.

Scholarships: Some of the scholarships that the students can avail of are William and Ethel Funk Abbotts Scholarship and Davis United World Colleges Scholars Program.

Australian National University (Rank 16)

The Australian National University has a very good school in linguistics and literature. This Australian university offers BA, MPhil and PhD courses in French studies.

Scholarships: Numerous scholarships are available to the students of this university at all levels of study. One of them is the Elspeth Young Memorial Grant.

New York University (Rank 14)

The New York University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It offers undergraduate programs and MA courses in French. A PhD course is offered as well for students of French.

Scholarships: Numerous scholarship programs can be availed of here by students. Some of them include AnBryce Scholarships and Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarships.

English and French are two of the greatest languages the world has ever heard. Studying them can help a student lead an enriched life and enjoy an exciting career.