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Study At Wisconsin Business School

The Wisconsin Business School, with an excess of 35,000 alumni, was founded in 1990 and is based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. It’s a vibrant community and prepares its students for lucrative careers in business. The school offers various student services like Undergraduate Advising Services, International Programs and The Business Career Center. Advisors assist you to find the resources for exploring, defining and accomplishing your career and academic objectives. They also give you the right support to make choices with respect to course enrollment and comprehension.

Departments And Courses

The Wisconsin School of Business offers the following departments and concentrations: -Administration -Arts -Human resources management -Finance -Marketing -Insurance -Production/operations management -Real estate -Portfolio management -Supply chain Instead of offering a general MBA program, the University has designed it around career specializations. It’s of the view that greater expertise in a given area will give more value to the companies joined by the students. Students enrolled in the full-time MBA program can opt specializations like Marketing Research, Brand and Product Management, Operations and Technology Management etc. Besides a full-time program, the school also offers graduate programs in the following:

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Actuarial Science

Acturial Science involves the application of statistics, mathematics and finance principles to the construction and management of pension and insurance systems.

Quantitative Finance

The Quantitative Master in Finance or QMF is offered to students who are interested in taking up careers in finance, mathematical, financial modeling and financial engineering.

Real Estate

The MBA program in real estate which lasts for two years offers comprehensive real estate education which you’ll not get in any other university.


Accountancy graduates at the University of Wisconsin demonstrate great attention to detail and improved capabilities to solve problems.

Part time MBA

The evening part time MBA program is meant for working professionals and lasts for 30 months.

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA program gives high-potential, experienced professionals a chance to earn an advanced degree in only 20 months.

PhD program

The PhD programs are associated to a rich tradition of equipping scholars to face business challenges of any kind.

Customizable executive MBA program, also referred to as The Manager’s Program

This program is offered exclusively to a particular group of employees which has been created in partnership with an organization or other company. The school offers an excess of 30 graduate students organizations, which includes the International Business Student Association and the Business Action for Sustainable Enterprise. It boasts of having the most notable alumni including the likes of Donald Goerke, inventor of SpaghettiOs, Richard Notebaert, former CEO of Qwest Communications and David Lesar, CEO of Halliburton Energy Services.

Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA) From Wisconsin

The Wisconsin School of Business has energetic, talented and creative students who enroll in its BBA program. Students have to undergo innovative coursework and have ample opportunities to reach out to outstanding alumni for mentoring, applied-learning and other lessons related to general life experiences. The admission for its BBA program is held once a year following submission of all application materials by the students, which is generally before spring. As part of the application process, students have to submit their resume in pdf format and write an essay of 500 words on particular topics.

Full-Time MBA

Students who are geared to take up a full-time MBA program in Wisconsin can have personalized career services with ten designated areas of study. The school provides them with a great experience besides equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to stand out in today’s highly competitive business environment. Students are required to study the application procedure before applying to study in this world class institution. The school’s strong network of alumni, and student clubs and organizations put its MBA program right at the forefront.

Scholarships And Financial Aid

The Wisconsin School of Business has a wide variety of scholarships and financial aid programs.  It has around 45 different scholarships for its BBA program. These scholarships can be of immense help to anyone wanting to study in this institution.

Global Business Program (GBP) To Be Launched In 2015

The Global Business Program (GBP) will be launched in 2015 and will be a partnership between the Wisconsin School of Business and the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina. GBP is a graduate-level degree that brings together groups of 5-7 MBA students to solve actual problems faced by companies who wish to enhance their competitiveness across the globe. In addition, the Wisconsin School of Business offers some other great programs which students would vouch to get themselves enrolled. The University, which was ranked 11th by Best Colleges in its 2014 edition, has a strong faculty recognized for their cutting-edge research, innovative teaching and expertise. Join the Wisconsin School of Business now and take your career on the next level.