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The AASLD NP/PA Clinical Hepatology Fellowship

The goal of the AASLD NP/PA Fellowship is to provide a 1-year postgraduate hepatology training program for nurse practitioners and physician assistants in a clinical outpatient setting so that participants can develop a specialization in clinical hepatology.

The training program has been designed to help each Fellow achieve the following objectives:
Establish a significant fund of knowledge about the basic biology and pathobiology of the liver and biliary systems.
Establish an understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of hepatobiliary disorders.

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Acquire necessary clinical skills to care for patients with infectious hepatitis, including those with chronic hepatitis infection.
Recognize the indications for liver transplantation.
Acquire sufficient understanding of experimental design, clinical biostatistics, and epidemiology to be able to critically appraise and interpret medical literature.
Encourage critical thinking and effective communication with all members of the healthcare team.
Fellows will be exposed to a number of clinical issues faced in the daily healthcare of patients with liver disease. By the end of the Fellowship year, the participant will be familiar with the main clinical manifestations, causes, and the differential diagnosis of the major types of liver diseases and their complications, to include:
Effects of systemic diseases on the liver
Viral hepatitis
Toxic and drug-induced hepatitis
Alcoholic hepatitis
Autoimmune hepatitis
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
Portal hypertension
Hepatic encephalopathy
Primary biliary cirrhosis (AMA + and AMA -)
Sclerosing cholangitis
Congenital disorders of bilirubin metabolism
Wilson’s disease
Liver neoplasms and management of hepatocellular carcinoma

The training program includes a 1-year curriculum consisting of self-study learning activities that complement the daily clinical experiences of the Fellow. The curriculum will provide the Fellow with the background information necessary to successfully diagnose and treat patients at various stages of the liver and biliary disease. The learning activities have been organized throughout the four quarters of the fellowship period

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