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The Importance of International Education

Education converts ignorance into knowledge. According to a great scholar ‘The more we study the more we discover our ignorance’.

Education always unveils the lack of knowledge and fulfil the gap. In fact, everything is now based on the simple principle of science i.e. ‘cause and effect relationship’. This is the reason why education always remains a major issue for a country and why it plays a significant role in the development of the country. In brief, it is one of the pillars on which any country’s growth stand.

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In this global era, everything has become global from natural products to various types of services, culture, tradition, language and even education. This introduces a new term what we call today International Education.

While on one hand it has broaden the knowledge of individuals on the other hand it gives an opportunity to have an experience and understanding of diverse cultures, traditions and languages. It leads to strengthen that thread which is adjoining the people in one string from all over the world.

The word International Education consist of two words first is Inter-national which means across the boundary of nation and second is education which means seeking knowledge through study in any field. By combining these two words we can define it as studying abroad in the sake of seeking more diverse knowledge for exploring the existing potential.

Just over the past few years studying abroad become trendy and a symbol of fashion. There are several reasons like the development of the country, improving international relations with other countries, enriching the student’s career, providing an opportunity to have an experience of more diverse education behind why universities and colleges boost more International education.

If we think from the students’ point of view it seems that having a craze of gathering diversified knowledge among teenagers which would help them in exploring their potential is one of the significant factors which affect their decision of studying overseas. Besides this they also have a passion of doing something new and different which would be recognized globally with more prestige.

In other words it is an opportunity for those students to explore themselves who are campus bound. ‘Nothing can bind you in the boundary unless you want’. Sharing and imparting education at global level has become a distinguishable part of modern education.

The other factor which attracts students towards international education is their open thinking towards adapting different cultures and languages.

Today, public as well as private institutions provide opportunities to students to get benefit from the International education. Australia, USA, South Africa, UK, New Zealand, Russia, China, Germany, Japan are the various countries which is regarded as international education hub having an evidence in increasing the number of enrolling international students.

As the number of students are more than in comparison of available preferred universities and colleges.The various entrance exams for different programs are held at international level in order to short list the applicants and get admission according to the seats available in the colleges and universities. It became highly competitive and creates a cut throat competition among the students. Now, it seems that every student is running in this competitive race of getting a chance to study in foreign countries. Furthermore, studying overseas is not as easy as it appears. One has to spend a lot of money besides satisfying the eligibility criteria and rules set by the university as well by its respective country law. In this competitive race, many financially weak students left behind even clearing their exams successfully and met out all the eligible criteria. But as I told earlier ‘Nothing can bind you in the boundary unless you want’.

Now financial hurdle does not matter or it cannot stop you in getting international education.Thanks to the several available financial assistance. This financial assistance is provided mainly in the form of scholarship, grants, awards and loans. Among these no doubt the scholarship plays a prominent role. It assist student in getting education especially higher education whose costs are touching heights. It is regarded as a prestigious tool as it gives an opportunity to the students to fulfill their dreams.

The Rhodes Scholarships, Russian Government Scholarships for International Students and Russians Living Abroad, The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholar Awards, Commonwealth Scholarship, Fulbright Scholarship, Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program at undergraduate level for international students to study at Japanese universities, Australian Government Endeavour Research Awards, Chinese Government Scholarship and so on are encouraging the spirits of international education among students.

Scholarship not only financially assists the students but act as bliss for them by giving them a chance to prove them and to fulfill their dreams too. To conclude we can say that proliferating knowledge is the key factor of expanding the international education.

As the knowledge never ends itself therefore the significance of international education is ever ending and increasing day per day. In nutshell the growing importance and necessity of international education cannot be comprised in few words.

Priyanka Gupta

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