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The Saab Systems Scholarship 2009 – Australia

The University of Adelaide is delighted to offer the Saab Systems Scholarship for the academic session 2009-10.

This Scholarship has been established by Saab Systems Pty Ltd to encourage and assist students in completing a degree in Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

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The Saab Systems Scholarship is available to Australian citizens who are undertaking a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic), Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems), Bachelor of Engineering  (Telecommunications), Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering), Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences program of study at the University of Adelaide. Students should be undertaking the second year of study on a full-time basis as a Commonwealth Supported student.

How to Apply: Once applications open the application form is downloadable from the University’s website at http://www.adelaide.edu.au/scholarships/undergrad/ or available from the Student Centre.


The value of the scholarship is $6,000 over the period of the scholarship. The scholarship shall be tenable for up to four years following confirmation of enrolment at the census dates (usually 31 March and 31 August) to assist with educational costs. The scholarship also includes access to a mentor who will be a Saab employee and the opportunity of paid work experience at the end of the third year of study.

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  1. m qaisar manzoor says:

    dear sir
    i have done DAE diploma of associate engineers in electronics technology with 80% marks
    from pakistan Sheikhupura
    now i am interested to study bsc engineering in electronics kindly send me free visa so that
    may complete my education with my good skills

    waiting for a favourable reply

    kind regards

    m qaisar manzoor

  2. samira says:

    hello,i studied civil eng. in iran and for my master i want to come to Australia would you please help me to know about scholarship systems.

  3. Enyogoi Isaac says:

    Enyogoi Isaac is my name. Am a 22 year old Ugandan living in Kampala Uganda. Am a student at Makerere University Kampala.I have finalised my second year and am going into my third and final year of my degree programme. I do a bachelor of science with education, a mathematics major and an econmics minor. I currentlt have a CPGA of 3.81. I did physics, mathematics, chemistry and economics as my forth principle. I was offered a government scorlarship on this current programme. It is my heartfelt cry and desire to be given an opportunity to do a Bachelor of mathematical and computer sciences degree. I am request ing to be given the chance and i promise noy to disappoint. Ypur positive response will be highly appreciated.

  4. sadegh haddadian says:

    dear sir,
    i would like to apply for a free scholarship in any possible fields of computer science-electrical engineering or mechanical engineering or related fields.
    i am twenty-four years old single male and i think i have got the right qualification for this scholarship. i have taken my diploma(licence) in the field of Electric from the State Professional Technical Institute in Iran and i speak English fluently.i hope i could continue my education in the best way and in the best country ,as this is one of the biggest dream of mine to work with a knowledgeable talented group of students and lectures who have a great enthusiasm.Although i am so eager to pursue my education and even pass the PhD,unfortunately i never have had such an opportunity because of some financial situation.however i would never give up because i think i have enough talent and perseverance(as my friends and teachers say) to become a successful person.

    thank you for considering my application.i hope to receive an e-mail from you soon.
    my e-mail address: [email protected]

  5. I am born from sub-Saharan Africa, my age is 22 years. I am a degree graduate of Mekelle University in Economics Department with CGPA of 3.75, I want to proceed with further studies in master of economics in Environmental and Natural Resource economics,Devekopment economics, Urban and regional planning, Industrial economics, Agricultural economics ,financial eccomics and other related fields. But I couldn’t stretch my hands farther to help myself. Therefore, I am passing my appeal for any country or organization willing to give a free scholarship .Please would you help me in realizing my dreams?

  6. fortuchang atabong thomas says:

    Hi my name is atabong i am a cameroonian and agraduate from the university of yaounde 2 and a holder of a barchelor degree in public law.the object of me writting you is to plead for your assistance in helping me find a schorlaship were i can further my education in legal studies.
    thank you

  7. vajeeha says:

    hi, my name is vajeeha and i am from pakistan. i ve done masters in gender studies and i want to get a scholarship which not only makes me equipped with best possible professional skills when ill enter into practical life but aslo FULLY FUNDED. since i can not afford to study abroad on self finance.
    i am more interested to get a schoalrship from australia, canada and america. however if there are scholarships from any first world country other then the ones i want to go and study ill be very pleased anyway.

  8. name Habitamu Asifawu
    nationality Ethiopian
    sex male
    age 21
    occupation student

    I am geraduating class student at Hawassa university with economics fild of study in 2009 accadamic year. And in tthe future I would like to upgread my knowlage with the same fild of study. Because of this I want to have scholarship in any university which provide training for students who study his/her masters degree program in economics. Besibe this, the majior and most important thing which is responsible for infulencing my interst to up gread my knowlage with economics fild of study is that: the currentily financial crises of the world which leads millions of peoples in many country jobless( unemployed) and reduction for the capacity of many industries in different part of the world. Apart from these the financial criss creat great political,economic and social instabilty in many developing countries. For example, the financial criss leads the south east African countries ( specially in Zimbabwe) creat great economic problem. This leads to political shock in the specifide country. The problem of financial criss is also significant in my home land (Ethiopa), it makes the weak economy of the country to grow at very low rate than the pervious years. It affects also the performance of the banks and creat problem in the employment condtion.
    In line with this in the future with cooporatioon with other economists I am try to protect my country as well as the globe from this type of problem as per my capacity is allow. Inorder to make my current dream real in the future, first of all I have a good knowalge with concernd fild of study. Because of this I would like to upgread my knowlage of economics by learing more about montary economics in my MA program.
    The other thing which infulence me for masters program in economics is the continous problem that my world face due to graet industyralization and lack of knowlage about natural resource and environment positive conterbution for human life. The problem of global warming which spread and makes many part of the world to become desert during tthe past 20-28 years has great impact in many countries. Spercial the problem is severy in countries whose economy is highly depend up on the agricultural sector. Besaid this, the increase of world temperature by creating melting of the ice produce siginficant challege in many ice land countries and this problem will continue if effective measures are not taken at world level. As I am one of the member of the globe and one of the responsible body to protect the environment of ttis world in sustanabile and sutabile manner and to make it a place where ever humna beings as well as other animal speious to live in peace ful way I have to work hard to protect my environmentas per my knowlage. But to have a good knowlage with natural resouce and environment I have to upgread my knowlage with this course. Because of this I would like to make masters degree with natural resource and environmenatl economics. Inorder to do this I am intersted to have scholaship in abroad.
    Other tthan the above mentiond things which infulence me to have scholarship, the great attitude to have masters degree in development economics which study about the problem of developing countries. As I am from one of the developing country of the world I want to know about different factors which hinders the development process of my country as well as other developing countries and to provide them the best way in which development will be acclerated.
    Finally, my interst to apply for this scholarship postion is due to the lack of best opportunity in home country to get higher education. This is special in 2nd and 3rd degree due to shortage of higher educational institutions.
    By taking into account the factors which are mentiond above and the great interst of my to learn more about economics with any branch i.e( it may be macro economice, international economics, industeral economics, lobour economics, agricultural economics, mathimatical economics) or any other that concern economics I am going to apply in your institution as per the notice.
    Inconculsion, I want to refelect my best gratitude to your institution for providing this opportunity and have nice accadamic year.

    Habitamu Asifawu
    p.o.box 05 Hawassa University main campac
    e-mail http://[email protected]

  9. Seblewongel Abebe says:

    My name is seblewongel Abebe. I am from Ethiopia. I have been graduated from Addis Ababa university in 2008 by Applied science. I need to have my masters degree in the overseas if things are going as I planned. In changing my dream in to reality, i am searching for scholarship opportunities in any related fields.

    Thank you!

  10. NATNAEL says:

    my name is Nathanael mosisa i am electrical engineering student i am 18 years old if i got this chance i will up grade my knowlage so pleas offer me.
    tel +251913770830

  11. Aberra Jote says:

    I have Bsc in Electrical/Electronics Technology from Adama
    university in 2006 with GPA 3.18 & I am currently working in
    JimmaUniversity as an assistance lecturer in electrical & computer Engineering in technology faculty. However I would
    like to upgrade my creer to Msc in Electrical/Electroncis or computer Engineering fields. If you can provide me any kind
    of related fields. I will soon keep up your programme in your Unversity. Thank you about your cooperation.
    with best regards
    Aberra Jote

  12. benyam girma says:

    Benyam Girma on may 7, 2009 11:10 am

    Hi My Name is Benyam Girma from Ethiopia. I Am 21 Years Old Will Be 22 Soon. I Have Diploma in Electronics Technology and I want to learn Engenering Fields especially Electrical Engineering If I got a chance I Am Interesting to Learn Further in My Education .Currently I Am Working in Governmental Agency. Finally I would like to Say Thanks for Your Chance and I am waiting your response hopefully.

    Your Regard

    Benyam girma siba

  13. kedir Tuna says:

    dear sir/maddam

    my name is kedir Tuna.I am an Ethiopian.
    Iam studing civil engineering at addis
    ababa university.I am much interested
    joining your scholars so ,please
    for those who give me these chance i
    no word to thanks .by the way really i
    have no any supportar on my education.
    so i need special assistance from you.
    I don’t want talk any more rather than
    these.good bye and good lucky for me .

    yours sincerly kedir


    E-MAIL:[email protected]


  14. kumlachew G. Asrie says:

    Hi there! I am from Ethiopia. I have been graduated from Addis Ababa university in 2003 in Business management. I need to have my masters degree in the overseas if things are going as I planned. In changing my drean in to reality ,i am searching for scholarship opportunities in any business related fields.
    Thank you

  15. Ricki Pratama Dijaya says:

    I really wanted to get a scholarship, because I want to continue my education to a higher level again ..
    I want to show to family and my friends, that I can …
    for this is too trivial in on it, I tired to face it all …
    I promise to myself, to become a better at this time of …
    I want to stand on its own without my parents incommode …
    later if I succeed, I will give my success to my parents …
    from them and for them, I will give everything for them …
    because happiness is their happiness, I also …

  16. Tadesse Fenta says:

    Tadesse Fenta on May 5th, 2009 6:13 pm I will have BSC next june , 2009 G.C in Food and Bio-chemical technology from Bahir Dar university Engineering faculty in Ethiopia.i can communicate in English and Amharic language. I have keen interest to learn. I want to do MSc and it is the sound of my heart but i have economical problems. I need a complete scholarship.

  17. hiyari n mbwana says:

    I`m hiyari n mbwana from Tanzania.i`m form six leaver and i`m looking for Full scholarships in USA for undergraduate studies in either BCs in Telecomunication Engineering or BCs in computer and informatoin technology.

  18. hiyari n mbwana says:

    I`m hiyari n mbwana from Tanzania.i`m form six leaver and i`m looking for Full scholarships in Austtralia for undergraduate studies in either BCs in Telecomunication Engineering or BCs in computer and informatoin technology.

  19. i hold;d a higher national diploma in electrical and electronics engineering, i hve also completed msc coursework. i could not complete my thesis due to financial difficulties and i am currently working as a technical inistitute teacher but would like to complete my research. I hereby request your institution to offer me a chance so as to realize my dream.

  20. ADNAN SHABBIR says:

    i m looking for the PhD Scholarship now a days, but the procedure and requirnments of the scholarships are so complex that it seems that getting a scholar ship is impossible, it looks like a complex task.
    but still i m comited to acquire scholarship, if you can grant me any kind of favour to do so, i shall be very thankful to you.

    yours’s Truely
    Adnan Shabbir

  21. CHARLES MWANGI says:

    I hold;d a bachelor of science degree in chemistry and i am currently working as a high school teacher but would like to further my studies. I hereby request your institution to offer me a chance so as to realize my dream.

  22. Yohannes says:

    I have Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering,i would like to lern for BSC If I get full scholarship.

  23. Daniel says:

    My name is Daniel Gebretsadik, 26yrs old Ethiopian citizen, have diploma in Pharmacy technician studded for 3yrs and I have 1and half year work experience. And know currently I’m working as interpreter with the UN… I would like to advance my knowledge, carrier and skills as a way of handling the dynamic of the modern rehabilitation process towards development…
    So I politely want to ask you to give me a chance to study in your university in any field. If you kindly consider my request and if you have a program that is eligible with my dream, please send word,
    I hope after you read this you will reveal light of my dream, which; I was seeking it for long time. And I would like to reassure you if you gave me the chance you will like me I’m an adept student with no chance here.
    Please, email or contact me for any scholarship opportunity: [email protected] or


  24. Nardos Assefa says:

    Dear, sir Madam

    I am from Ethiopia, have LLB Degree in Law from Unity University College also i am a good student and now i need to continue my Education so could you please help me.

  25. Marie kigen says:

    Iam a well qualified student who have never attended any university can i be able to get your scholarship.

  26. Yonathan Haileyesus says:

    I dont have any BA degree by my name but i am learning architecture in one of universities in addis ababa. If your offer is better for me and that i can handle why not.

  27. Hailemichael Shewa says:

    I have a BA degree in English, I have another BA degree in Management, and I have masters’ degree in curriculum, all from Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia. If I get full scholarship I want to study your offer.

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