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Tips for Writing a Good Statement of Purpose

SOP is an important aspect of your application packet through which you can communicate with the admission committees.

Statement of purpose is the brief personal statement written by you that is focused on your career goals. Applicants are frequently asked for the SOP by the colleges, Universities, at the time of admission.

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It is used as a yardstick to assess the competence of a forthcoming student in terms of independent and critical thinking, analytical skills, interests, desire and aspirations.

You need to be very careful and focused while writing an SOP. You should properly describe about what you are, so far what has influenced your career path, professional decisions and where you plan to move further in your life.

Here are some tips for writing a good Statement of Purpose.

-Primary purpose of SOP is to come across you, know what you are. So, describe yourself through incidents from your life and brilliantly put across your strength by showing how you have overcome various obstacles in the past.

-Through your SOP, the reader should feel your sense of oneness that you have for your area of subject. Your passion for your subject is directly proportional to your success in your future endeavors. Elucidate why you choose to work in the particular area and explain too how you will fit well working in it.

– Mention your all past accomplishments i.e. – educational, extra curricular, social contributions, sports.

-Use simple but correct English. Avoid using new-found vocabulary from the GRE word lists.

-Mention about the projects you have done in the past as well, as it is the best way to depict your progressive proclivity. Specify about what research you have done, what you learned, what approaches you tried and what were the findings.

-Be yourself; in order to make the admission committee happy don’t tell what you think they want to hear want to hear, which actually doesn’t exist. Be truthful, look inside yourself and do your best.

Make sure your Statement of Purpose does not exceed the given word limit. The SOP should be fervent, friendly and confident in tone. Take help of others, if you think that  writing is not your strength. Please don’t hesitate in taking help of others.

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