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MBA In Hospitality Management

Among career options in the management, hospitality management is gaining momentum among students. The Hotel industry demands new pro-active students who could handle front offices, food and beverage departments, housekeeping departments and much more aspects related to the variegated Hospitality industry.

Degree Overview

Around the globe, various schools of management offer MBA in Hospitality Management to students who want to take up leadership roles in hotels, resorts, cruises, and businesses that cater to travelers both on a national, as well as international level. By the end of the course, the students gather enough knowledge as per their communication skills, leadership skills, and also get a taste of real industry by their internship programs.

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Prerequisites: Educational Necessities

The basic requirement that most universities ask in the post-graduation level is a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average). Some universities may ask for personal references. Those going into specializations may need prior knowledge in specified topics. The duration of the course is three years for undergraduate students and the candidate must have passed secondary school certificate (10+2) with the minimum marks required.

As per the topics that are included in the curriculum, it offers comprehensive knowledge about economics and accounting. Apart from this, ethical management, research methods are some of the areas that are covered. Here are some of the areas included in most of the Hospitality Management programs-
-Leadership and decision making
-Managerial finance in the corporate sector
-Event management
-Tourism and strategies
-Event marketing analysis and concepts

Job Prospects & Salary

Various business concerns, even apart from the hospitality industry opens their doors to fresh graduates with MBA, Hospitality Management. Job title that they may look for are-

-Event Producer
-Event Coordinator
-Lodging Manager
-Conventional and Meeting Director
-Special Event Director

In US, Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that a 1% growth may be expected in the coming decade for the lodging managers. The annual pay on average for the same class is the bygone year is $46,830. Even the other job titles have been expected to get an increase of 33% for the coming decade. The planners earned a wage of $46,260 in average in the bygone year. There is a big scope for those who want to teach at the collegiate level and private government agencies. On the whole Hospitality Management degrees, paves a bright future prospect.

Top Hospitality Management Schools Worldwide

Here are some of the top Hospitality Management schools from the different corners of the world-

Essec Business Schools

Essec business Schools, France offers two years and one year programs that are recognized all across the globe. The location in France, this management school offers comprehensive knowledge that gives the right acumen for students to shine in a multicultural and multilingual world outside.

Scholarships-Serge Bellanger French-American Scholarship is given to the American students who are taking up their MBA courses in France. The amount of $10,000 is given as a scholarship to the deserving students; however, the financially weak students are also considered.

The University of Findlay

At the University of Findlay, Ohio, USA offers a major program in Hospitality Management by giving a lot of exposure in the hospitality business. The program links the classroom studies with the real-world experiences for giving comprehensive knowledge in the Master of Hospitality Management Programs. This program after completion helps in grabbing the positions in event management, restaurants, hotels, catering business and many more.

Scholarships– On the basis of GPA and high school grades scholarship is given to the students. Up to four years of duration Merit scholarships are renewable.

Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Business School, Singapore, creates “leaders for a sustainable world.” As their slogan goes, they cater to the tourism and hospitality industry with molded talents from their School. The course has two structures- core and broadening where the core components give you requires skill set with practical knowledge and Broadening component broadens your horizon of knowledge.

Scholarships– Various scholarships are given to the Masters Degree programs which vary from program to program. Visit the website for more information.

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

The Les Roches International School of Hotel management, Switzerland offers its students the global platform that helps them to attain unattainable zeniths in the Hospitality Industry. Complying with the Swiss Educational methods, the course offers internships, training and theoretical classes. The School offers Bachelors, Masters and Post Graduate degrees in durations of one year to 3.5 years.

Scholarships– Les Roches is a private institute and limits the number of scholarships to new students. A case-by-case approach is applied for granting the scholarships based on the specific criteria and eligibility.

The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland, Australia offers the Masters of Tourism, Hotel and Even Management course for postgraduate students who aspire to top positions in the hospitality industry. They offer foundation and core courses using state of the art technology, and those who do not have prior knowledge of the Hospitality industry can opt for the course. The course has three specializations- Travel and Tourism management, Hotel management and Event Management. The duration of a full-time course is 1.5 years.

Scholarships– For future and current student’s scholarships are given to various programs of undergraduate, postgraduate and research high degree.

Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu, Korea is a culinary school that has been creating some of the top-notch business experts in the Hospitality Industry. The system of education is such that it not only gives a comprehensive knowledge about the concepts and theories, but also provides the keen acumen to solve business problems. Technical understanding and practical knowledge can raise the students to the top management positions in the hospitality industry.

Scholarships– Le Cordon Bleu students are eligible for the students on the basis of competition and Alumni Referral scholarships; National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation are also provided to the desired candidates.

EADA Business School

EADA Business School, Barcelona, Spain, offers a full time International Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management. The minimum age requirement id 24 years, and it invites only University students. Prior work experience is an added advantage even though not mandatory. It has a record of 89% students bagging a job in the Hospitality industry within three months of completion of course.

Scholarships– For the professional development of the deserving student EADA offers an array of scholarships. Apart from “Master Scholarship for Excellence” for outstanding students and “Elite Sport Scholarship Masters” for athletes the other scholarships covers  the deserving students for mostly all the major countries of the world.


MBA-ESG University, Paris offers the MBA Tourism Management and Hospitality that has been recognized by RNCP’s State level I and trains students for the global hospitality industry including marketing, technicality, the financial aspect and human resource.

Funding– For supporting the students financially different funding options are available at MBA-ESG. Student can either avail bank loans or take up part-time paid work for funding their studies.

Lynn University

Lynn University, Florida, USA offers the Master of Business Administration, with Hospitality management as a specialization that opens doors for graduates in this discipline. More than 25% of Lynn University’s students are international students, and this multiracial community adds to the global perspective that is so important for working cross borders.

Scholarships– Most of the scholarships, loans and grants are given to support the students financially. The specific criterion for granting scholarships is high academic performance; however, financial need is also considered.

London School of Business and Finance

Based in London, the London school of Business and Finance offers strategic knowledge and understanding if the hospitality, tourism and sports industry. The students are imparted advanced insight with case studies and seminars, real life scenarios to acquire leadership and marketing skills.

Scholarships– LSBF scholarships are applicable for the students of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. One of the postgraduate scholarships-Springboard Scholarship guarantees no tuition fees from the students of the countries-European Union, UK, India, China, Brazil, and Russia.

The hospitality industry is fast growing as the globe shrinks the chances keep improving. The students just need to know the core information and imbibe leadership skills to excel in this vocation.