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UAE Drones for Good Award for National and International Applicants, 2017

UAE Drones for Good is an annual international competition and award by the Government of the United Arab Emirates to encourage useful and positive applications for drone technology. The largest of its kind, the award currently stands at $1 million for the international competition and UAE Dhs1 million for the UAE competition.

The UAE Drones for Good Award is dedicated to transforming the innovative technologies behind civilian drones into practical, realizable solutions for improving people’s lives today.

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This Award is designed to offer the people of the world an opportunity to really make a difference. With a commitment underlined by the significant prize fund.


To enter the UAE Drones for Good Award entries must comply with the following criteria:

  • To attend and demonstrate a working prototype at the final stage of the competition
  • Entries must reflect a genuine service or present a solution to a real human need
  • Entries must suggest new ways of improving an existing service through the use of drones, or suggest new kinds of services that could be practically and economically implemented through drone technologies
  • Be semi or fully autonomous
  • Be innovative and use the most advanced civilian technology available
  • Be safe, effective and economical.


Entries must qualify under the following criteria to enter the UAE Drones for Good Award:

  • The national competition is open to all UAE citizens and residents, defined as anyone living, working or studying in the UAE during the period of the competition
  • UAE citizens and residents, individuals, teams, universities or companies may choose to participate in either the national competition or the international competition
  • All non-UAE citizens and residents are eligible to participate in the international competition. The international competition is open to everyone.


Points will be awarded based on the following assessments: Importance of the service Feasibility of the proposal Strength of the presentation Results of the live demonstration.

How to Submit:

Step 1: Register on the website at www.dronesforgood.ae/enter

Step 2: Create and upload your video

Step 3: Complete your online submission form


Manage your account, create your profile and submit up to three entries in to this year’s award. The closing date for submissions is October 31, 2016.

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