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UK-Malaysia Collaborative Research Newton Fund, 2017

UK-Malaysia Collaborative Research Newton Fund, 2017

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) are delighted to offer its U K – Malaysia Collaborative Research Newton Fund.

The objective of the call is to deliver significant three-year funding for internationally competitive and innovative collaborative research projects between UK researchers within the STFC community and Malaysian researchers.

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The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is a UK government body that carries out civil research in science and engineering and funds UK research in areas including particle physics, nuclear physics, space science and astronomy.
The Ministry of Higher Education (Malay: Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi), abbreviated MOHE, is the ministry of the Government of Malaysia that is responsible for higher education, polytechnic, community college, student loan, accreditation, the student volunteer.

Course Level: Fund is available to pursue high-quality research projects.

Study Subject: Fund is awarded in the field of nuclear physics, particle physics & particle astrophysics, astronomy & space science, and accelerators & computing in support of these or from STFC Laboratories/Facilities.

Scholarship Award: Fund will cover the following:

  • This call funds partnership working between UK and Malaysia based researchers, and proposals must contribute to the economic development and welfare of Malaysia.
  • STFC have allocated up to £1.5 million over three years, with matched resources being provided by MoHE. The size of the grants will vary depending on the needs of each research project and must be fully justified. The grant components will be disbursed within the respective countries; STFC funding will be used to support the UK component of the partnership and MoHE funding will support the Malaysian component. MoHE-funded costs of each grant will be issued and managed by MoHE in accordance with its normal guidelines. MoHE has allocated MYR 1 million over three years with each of the project kept at a ceiling of MYR 250,000. Further details on the financial regulations can be referred to the MoHE Cost Proforma.

Number of Scholarships: Number of scholarships are not given.

Scholarship can be taken in UK, Malaysia

Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • UK eligible applicants-
  • The lead Research Organisation (RO) must be eligible to hold RCUK grants; i.e. be an approved UK Higher Education Institution (HEI), Research Council Institute (RCI) or Independent Research Organisation (IRO) eligible for RCUK funding. Full details of approved RCIs and IROs can be found on the RCUK website.
  • UK lead applicants must be employed within a Research Organisation group previously or currently funded by the STFC core Science Programme (nuclear physics, particle physics & particle astrophysics, astronomy & space science, and accelerators & computing in support of these) or employed within STFC Laboratories/Facilities.
  • UK applicants must be eligible to apply for funding from STFC and must abide by the STFC terms and conditions.
  • MoHE eligible applicants-
  • Organisations eligible to apply are Public Universities, Private Universities and Private University Colleges in Malaysia. Private institutions must be in the list of registered higher learning institutions in Malaysia and have fulfilled the Malaysia Research Assessment (MyRA) in the year 2016.
  • The Malaysian Principal Investigator (PI) must have been awarded a doctorate at the time of application. Applicants working towards a PhD, postdoctorate training, or awaiting the outcome of their viva/submission of corrections are not eligible to
  • Applicants must be Malaysian citizens and hold a permanent or fixed-term contract in an eligible university or higher learning institute in Malaysia. Applicants with fixed terms contracts finishing before their grant end-date must secure confirmation from their Head of Department, stating that their contract will be extended to cover the duration of the award if their application is successful.
  • Principal Investigators of UK campuses based in Malaysia are eligible to apply if the UK PI is not from the same institution.
  • Applicants (PIs) must be from an academic organisation. MoHE does not cover funding for commercial or industrial organisations.
  • Contact between the Malaysian PI and UK PI prior to the application is essential.This contact should lead to a clearly defined and mutually beneficial research project proposal. Please note that MoHE & STFC will not be able to assist in locating a Malaysian or UK collaborator.
  • Applicants must be competent in oral and written English.
  • The Malaysian applicant’s employing organisation must be willing to agree to administer the grant.
  • Malaysian applicants will need to adhere to MoHE progress and outcomes monitoring requirements.

Nationality: Applicants from UK and Malaysia are eligible to apply for the fund.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirements: Applicants must be a previous year degree.

Research Scholarship

.How to Apply: Applicants can apply via online:

  • This STFC-MoHE call will be managed through STFC systems on behalf of MoHE.
    STFC is hosting this call through the UK Research Councils’ grant submission system known as ‘Je-S’. The application deadline is 16:00 GMT on the 5 December 2017. Any proposal received after this deadline will not be considered for funding.
  • Researchers will be responsible for developing their own collaborations. Once a research proposal is developed, UK and Malaysian applicants must apply jointly for funding to the STFC Newton – Malaysia 2017 Call, via the STFC Je-S online application system (https://je-s.rcuk.ac.uk).
  • Applications must be submitted by the UK Principal Investigator on behalf of the UK-Malaysian research partnership. However, an identical application must be submitted by Malaysian PI for administrative purposes to the Malaysia Greater Research Network System (MyGRANTS) NAMESPACE=MYGRANT. The application must be submitted in English to the MyGRANTS within two weeks after application deadline.
  • To create a new proposal, on logging into Je-S, select:
  • Research Council – STFC
  • Select the Document type ‘Standard Proposal’
  • Select Scheme ‘Newton Fund’
  • Select call ‘Newton – Malaysia 2017’
  • The following documents must be included in the joint application: A completed JeS Form
  • Please include costs requested from the UK only. Malaysian costs must be included using the MoHE costs excel template which should be a separate attachment
  • Joint case for support
  • Please download and complete the attached joint case for support template (this includes a section on ODA compliance)
  • Justification of resources (maximum two A4 pages for UK costs)
  • Pathways to Impact (two A4 pages max)
  • CV (two A4 pages max for each named researcher)
  • List of publications – cited in proposal (one A4 page max)
  • Letters of support (only if applicable)
  • Letters of support are only needed from organisations entered on the Je-S form as ‘Project Partners’. A Project Partner is an organization which contributes in cash or in kind to the project but which is not requesting any money.

Online Application

Application Deadline: Closed

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