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Undergraduate Courses in Canada for International Students

Undergraduate Courses in Canada for International Students

Today, international students, who want to pursue study course in foreign countries, have too many options to pick from. It’s easier to get overwhelmed. However, a little research on your favored study destination and what study courses are being offered by it can make it easier for you to decide.

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One of the options is Canada, a country that has a rich and diverse culture along with people from different backgrounds living there in harmony. Also, Canada’s world-renowned reputation to offer quality education makes it a perfect choice for international students. Another factor that goes in its favor is, it’s ranked among top study destinations in the world.

Approximately thousands of international students choose Canada. With each passing year Canadian colleges/universities notices increase in number of international students.

Below Are Mentioned Some Of The Reason That Makes Canada Favorite Study Destination Among International Students:

  1. As mentioned earlier, Canada offers quality education; degrees are recognized world-wide. Also Canadian colleges and universities offer a wide range of study options to pick from.
  2. Canada also offers opportunity to obtain permanent immigration to international students, who have obtained degrees from Canadian institutes.
  3. The tuition fee is lower as compared to other study destinations.
  4. Also Canada has been ranked as one of the best places to reside in the world, making it safe and secure option for international students.
  5. International students can also work while studying that too without work-permit for a year or in accordance with rules of the land.

Now Let’s Explore Some Undergraduate Programs Offered By Canada For International Students:

  1. Royal Roads University: At Royal Roads University in Canada, international students get opportunity to complete their 4-year bachelor’ degree in 3 years time. Despite cutting down on one year, quality of education imparted on Royal Roads University campus not affected in any manner. As university cuts down on long conventional breaks during most undergraduate degree programs, allowing students to complete years’ worth of your study course in 12 months time.  http://www.royalroads.ca
  2. University of Alberta: University of Alberta is another option available to international students, who wants to pursue undergraduate course in Canada. Over 200, major, minor and specialization, undergraduate programs are offered by the university. So picking a right course shouldn’t be a problem. Duration of the undergraduate program would be our year, however, some program could take longer to complete.  http://www.ualberta.ca/
  3.  University of Toronto: University of Toronto is another good option if you are considering pursuing undergraduate course in Canada. There are more than 600+ study undergraduate courses to pick from at the University of Toronto.Also, to lessen the financial burden of foreign students university offers scholarships, grants and awards. To apply for these scholarship/awards no separate application needs to be filled. And outstanding candidates are automatically considered for the entrance awards. For more information check this link
  4. University of Waterloo: University of Waterloo is another reputed and recognized option for pursing undergraduate course in Canada. Apparently, one third of graduate students at the university are international, making its campus perfect for foreign nationals studying there. Also, just like other Canadian educational institutes, Waterloo too offers various undergraduate courses for its students to pick from. Need more in-depth information, visit the official website of the university

What Else You Should Know:

  • Colleges or universities offering bachelors are governed by the Federal or State government of Canada. Also, it’s possible that different educational institutes have varied eligibility criteria as per that college or university.
  • It’s mandatory for international students applying for undergraduate course in Canada to submit attested copies of secondary school certificates with TOEFL/IELTS scores.
  • Also Tuition fee is mandatory and varies from college to college and undergraduate course selected. However, if you have managed to secure a scholarship with a Canadian educational institute in that case you could get a tuition waiver. Many colleges and universities in Canada are offering tuition waiver to lessen the financial burden of international students.

Wishing You Luck!

Priyanka Sharma