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UNESCO/China – The Great Wall Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme

The Ministry of Education of China is offering UNESCO/China – The Great Wall co-sponsored fellowships Programme for developing member States in Africa, Asia and the Pacific and certain countries in the Arab States. The fellowships are offered to senior advanced students wishing to pursue higher studies or intending to undertake individual research at Chinese HEIs designated by MOE. Closing date for receipt of applications is 10 April 2013.

Study Subject(s): The fellowship is offered to pursue any course offered by the Chinese HEIs designated by MOE.
Course Level: These fellowships, which are in most cases to be conducted in English, are offered to senior advanced students wishing to pursue higher studies or intending to undertake individual research with periodic guidance from the assigned supervisor. In exceptional cases, candidates may be required to study the Chinese language before taking up research/study in their fields of interest.
Scholarship Provider: Ministry of Education of China
Scholarship can be taken at: China

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(i.) Hold at least the equivalent of the Master’s Degree/above or the Bachelor’s Degree;
(ii.) English proficiency is required;
(iii.) Be not more than 45 years of age; and
(iv.) Be in good health, both physically and mentally.

Scholarship Open for International Students: These fellowships are for the benefit of developing Member States in Africa, Asia and the Pacific and certain countries in the Arab States.

Scholarship Description:With a view to promoting international exchanges in the field of education, culture, communication, science and technology, and to enhancing friendship among peoples of the world, the Government of the People’s Republic of China has placed at the disposal of UNESCO for the academic year 2013-2014, under the co-sponsorship of UNESCO, twenty five (25) fellowships for advanced studies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These fellowships are for the benefit of developing Member States in Africa, Asia and the Pacific and certain countries in the Arab States.

Number of award(s): Twenty five (25) fellowships are offered.

Duration of award(s): The fellowships tenable at a selected number of Chinese universities, are of one year duration.

What does it cover?
Facilities offered by the government of the people’s republic of China:
 (i.)A monthly living allowance of CNY 1,700 Yuan for general scholars or CNY 2.000 Yuan for senior scholars will be granted covering meals and pocket expenses; 
(ii.) A one-time settlement subsidy of CNY 1,000 Yuan will be granted to those who will study in China less than one academic year, and CNY 1,500 Yuan to those who will study in China for one academic year and above, upon their arrival in China;
(iii.) Registration and tuition fees, fee for laboratory experiment, fee for internship, fee for basic/necessary learning materials*;
(iv.) Accommodation facilities (one dormitory room for two students);
(v.) Fee for outpatient medical service for expenses generated in the institution’s hospital;
(vi.) Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for International Students in China against hospitalizing for serious diseases and accidental injuries; and
(vii.) A one-time inter-city travel ticket (each for coming in and leaving China).
A hard – seat train ticket (hard-berth train ticket for overnight trip) will be provided for new scholarship students traveling from the port of entry upon registration to the city where the admitting institution of Chinese language institution or preparatory education institution is located; students traveling from the Chinese language institution or preparatory education institution to the city where the university for major study is located; and students traveling from the city where the institution is located to the nearest port of departure upon graduation.
Costs beyond the university’s arrangements should be self-afforded.
The students are to cover a certain percentage of expenses.Claim for compensation with the relevant payment receipts may be asked from the insurance company according to the stipulated insurance articles. The individual claim will not be accepted by the insurance company.
Facilities offered by UNESCO:
(i.) International travel to and from China; and
(ii.) Monthly allowance of US $150 to be paid in local currency (Chinese RMB) during their stay in China, in addition to the living allowance granted by the Government of the People’s Republic of China.
Important: No allowance to finance or lodge married couples or family members will be granted.

Notification: Candidates not informed of their selection by 31 August 2013 should consider that their applications have not been approved.

How to Apply: All applications should be endorsed by the relevant Government body (the National Commission or Permanent Delegation) and must be made in English with the following attachments: 
Application form for UNESCO/China (The Great Wall) Fellowship in triplicate;
(ii.) 3 photographs;
(iii.) Notarized photocopies of diplomas and certificates, and school-certified transcripts of complete academic records (translated in English when applicable), in triplicate;
(iv.) Copy of the university’s invitation letter, for those students who have been admitted in advance by a Chinese university, in triplicate;
(v.) Two letters of recommendation (in English) by professors or associate professors familiar with the work of the candidate, in triplicate;
(vi.) A study or research proposal containing no less than 400 words (in English) of the post-graduate study to be undertaken during the candidate’s stay in China, in triplicate;
(vii.) Foreigner Physical Examination form to be completed and communicated to UNESCO by 15 March 2012 (copy attached), in triplicate; and
(viii.) English language proficiency certificate, in triplicate.
When completing the form, each candidate is requested to specify 3 possible host institutions in China indicating one field of study as personal preference. Applicants may wish to visit the web page of China Scholarship Council, www.csc.ed.cn ; sellect “Study in China” tab on the above menu; and refer to “Chinese Higher Education Institutions Admitting International Students under CGSP” hyperlink listed for details regarding the selected host institutions. Applicants are also invited to make their selection through the link:

Scholarship Application Deadline: Closing date for receipt of applications is 10 April 2013.

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application


  1. hangtra.com says:

    I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I’ll learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  2. Muhammad waqas ul hassan says:

    Aslamoalikum dear madam/Sir
    I m a 22 years old Pakistani.i have degree of BSc(Hons)Agriculture with speclisation in entomology and my percentage is 83.I belong to poor family .I cant afford my higher study and i want to learn modern techniques to manage the insect pests and thereby to increase agriculture production and to support the people which are suffering from hunger.\To get my mission i need the scholarship for MSc(Hons)in related field of entomology by ur scholarship program .If u will help me.
    I wiil be grateful to u .

  3. Admasu Abebe says:

    i have first degree in history and now studying my second degree in cultural studies in Addis Ababa University. i am too eager to study abroad on field of heritage managment, cultural studies,anthropology and tourism if your institution give me a chance of sholarship. my age is 24. my first degree GPA is3.19 and my second degree GPA is 3.88 and also i have three years of work experience in teaching bonga collage of teacheers education. but i have more interest in managing and conserving the cultural heritages in the country to promote the interconnectness of the world society
    please help me to get the chance of scholarship
    thank you
    E-mail [email protected]

  4. Seada Abdela says:

    I am an Ethiopian girl Seada Abdela and I have BSC.Degree in applied chemistry.So, I want to upgrade my education.Please help me to continue my education!


  5. Yousub says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    I completed B.Sc in Agricultural Engineering and Master of Science in Food Technology from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. At present, I am working with the Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation and Before work with the Barind Multipurpose Development Authority. I need a suitable Scholarship for higher education. I am very poor family. I want to take higher education with your scholarship proggrame. Please, help me sir.

    your most obediently

    Mr. Yousub Hossain
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Mobile : +8801718343418

  6. serawit lakew says:

    am young Ethiopian.have BSC in Health Science(Nursing). I want to study in china for MSC with any health related field. I hope you will grant me the opportunity.10qs
    e.mail; [email protected]

  7. Md. Rakibur Rahman says:

    Dear sir, I am a Veterinarian from Bangladesh. I want to get a scholarship for higher study.
    Regards, Rakib

  8. Vincent Mulwila says:

    I am a Zambian young man,seeking looking for a scholar ship in china as a doctor in DENTIST OR ANY RELATED FIELD.

    I ve been Accounts, since have been working in hospitals, I ve development interest in medicine.

    I hope my application will be considered.

    yours vincent

  9. Enrianto.HM says:

    My Name is Enrianto.HM, but you can call me Erik. I am from Indonesia and looking scholarship in Australia. would you like to help me please. you can call me in this number 085242059197.
    I was graduated from LP3I Business College at Makassar Province in Indonesia

    Best regards


  10. Nandar Nwe Oo says:

    Dear Sir/Madam;
    I am Nandar Nwe Oo; I was born on 19.08.1978 in Ayeyarwaddy Division,
    Myanmar. I was borned with seven months old and I have only 3lbs
    weight. I am a physically handicapped person especially C.P. I have
    suffered from right sided hemipareris due to neonatal jaundice. My
    father is Director of Aung Shwe Pwint company .He was B.Ecom Degree
    holder at University of Yangon . My mother was a B.Sc degree holder
    majoring in Physics. I have one younger brother and he got B.E (
    civil) and He is an Assistance Director in Department of Central
    Training School. My younger brother is married but I am single.

    My high school student life was in Ayeyarwaddy and Yangon
    Divisions in Myanmar. I passed the matriculation examination at Yangon
    in 1996 with two distinctions. I continued my education at Dagon
    University from 1999 to 2004 and at Yangon University from 2004 to
    2006. I completed my B.Sc ( Hons:) majoring in Mathematics in 2004. I
    continued my education at the same University and I got my M.Sc (
    Engineering Mathematics ) degree in 2006.
    Actually I am ambitious to get Ph.D degree at Yangon University.
    But it is inconvenient for me as it is only possible for University
    teachers. On the other side, it is very difficult to be a tutor or
    demonstrator at University especially for person with disabilities
    like me. Therefore I am working at family company as a supervisor and
    executive member of NGO at Myanmar Physically Handicapped Association.
    This is meant for getting some family income and waiting for
    opportunity to continue my education. My present work is based on
    construction and community based rehabilitation and development of
    disable people in our country. You may see our association’s
    activities on our website:
    http://www.myanmarphysicallyhandicappedassociation,org .

    I have never been applying for oversea training or awards as it
    is very inconvenient for private civilian like me. On the other side I
    was ignorant to seek some opportunities through internet websites. Now
    I get the entrance from the University of Birmingham with Application
    submitted of University ID no. : 1100827. On the other side I was
    ignorant to seek some opportunities through internet websites to get
    some sponsorship from appropriate group or association. Now I find out
    this Scholarship Program and this is the first time to apply foreign
    scholarship award.

    Topic of research
    I set up my mathematical models of processes and systems that are
    affected by “chance”. In
    Mathematical Statistics, I find out these models against the reality,
    to determine whether they are
    faithful and accurate enough for practical purpose. Finally, this
    purpose is making conclusions about properties of the population.
    according to those conclusions, we can use those data as based for
    making predictions, decisions and actions, for instance, in whether
    forecast or market analysis or traffic planning, in developing
    economical plans, in buying raw materials or machines or equipment, in
    methods of advertising and selling products, in taking action against
    dangerous discuses, and so on. So I did my first approach in their
    teams and then I continued samples
    and their means. Secondly I tried to approach Statistical Methods with
    points and interval
    estimation of parameters and continue with hypothesis testing and
    application, goodness to fit (test
    for distribution functions), and some nonparametric tests. The last
    one or my recently works are deals with pairs of measurements and
    regression analysis, but I have not done well yet.

    Lattices and Boolean Algebras
    I also set up my mathematical models of processes and systems that are
    affected by making
    inroads into diverse mathematical disciplines and has already made its
    presence felt in the fields of
    Topology, Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Logic. I
    engaged in research is finding it a
    useful tool in my respective fields. And I believe that Boolean
    algebra is a mathematical foundation
    of switching algebra and its application to computer is no secret. At
    the period of my Master Degree, I studied Set Theory and Number Theory
    at first, next the ordered sets and lattices, and then we discussed
    modular and distributive lattices (which have played a significant
    role in the development of this fields). Finally, I deal with the
    results pertaining to Boolean algebras and applications especially to
    switching algebras with an eye on simplification and design of
    circuits. This is thee last one or my recently works and I have not
    done well yet.

    Applied Mathematics
    Applied Mathematics Group – the main interests of the group are fluid
    mechanics, mathematical
    chemistry and reaction-diffusion systems and mathematical biology. In
    fluid mechanics, we study
    freesurfaceflows, bubble dynamics, biological fluid mechanics, moving
    contact lines and
    hydrodynamic stability. In the related areas of Mathematical Chemistry
    and reaction diffusion systems there is research into cement
    hydration, micelle formation, solid oxide fuel cells, chemical waves
    and clock reactions. Theoretical & Computational Optimization Group –
    the main focus of
    the research activity of the group is on mathematical theory and
    methods applicable to managerial
    decision-making, particularly non-linear, discrete, and multi-criteria
    optimization. Research is
    typically a mixture of theoretical investigation and practical
    application or industrial collaboration.
    Statistics Group – The main interests of this group are multivariate
    nonparametric statistics, nonparametric smoothing and wavelet based
    methods, time series analysis, mutual information,
    statistical computing, applications in bioinformatics and
    neuroscience. The group also has
    strong inter-disciplinary research links with other internationally
    acclaimed research groups.

    Pure Mathematics
    The Pure Mathematics group contributes to research in various parts of
    algebra, model theory,
    combinatorics, set theory and analysis. Birmingham is recognized,
    nationally and internationally, as
    one of the leading centers in the European Union for research in group
    theory, including pro-finite
    groups, groups acting on trees, construction and generation of
    sporadic simple groups, and
    representations of groups.
    So I want to not only attend this M.Sc. (Taught) Mathematical Finance
    Class also get a scholarship award to get my serious ambition.
    Please give me some advice for that if you can and which
    qualifications I have needed to get the scholarship award and attended
    this training.
    Please contact me freely if you have any question.
    I am looking forward to hear the good news from you.
    Yours sincerely:
    Nandar Nwe Oo

  11. Yonas Gebreslassie says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Here below, I have attached my CV and application for the scholarship.
    I hope you will consider me.
    Thank you, in advance.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Yonas. I’m 24 years old, young Ethiopian man. I was graduated with first degree in ENGLISH language from Jimma University, one of the biggest universities in Ethiopia. I work currently under UNHCR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) helping in interpretation and translation services for refugees. There are tens of thousands Eritrean refugees in few different camps in Ethiopia.

    My mission, however, is limited to two camps namely Shimelba and Mai Ayni camps, the biggest camps for Eritrean refugees residing in Ethiopia. Besides this, I go to the screening center for Eritrean asylum seekers called Endabaguna.

    So, my over all tasks is I go to those places and help in connecting (in communication) the interviewers (experts) and the refugees.

    To do this big responsibility, I always travel by car over 180 km every week (to and forth distance), as my base is Shire, the sub-office for my organization.

    Before I joined UNHCR, I used to be a school teacher. I used to teach English language in secondary school and colleges. I did this job for almost two years. Except for ordinary English (that includes grammatical structure); I taught some English courses for diploma level learners. E.g. I taught “language teaching” course, “English in use I, II, III and IV”, “Class room language” and other courses.

    Since my joining UNHCR, I have done my best in helping refugees in being a bridge between them and the experts/ officers.

    I have been doing this humanitarian profession since May, 2008, i.e. for one year and nine months now.

    In those times, I’ve developed not only my profession but also I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in giving a real protection to refugees. I’ve learnt all about resettlement issues. In general, I knew all about delivering assistances for refugees.

    So, dear Sir or Madam, I’ve always a keen interest to help and to give sympathy for human beings in general and refugees, in particular.

    I always enjoy helping refugees as they are the ones who fled their own country for the seek of asylum. So, I think I should be given that opportunity (your scholarship opportunity) as I always work for refugees.

    Moreover, I’ve an enthusiasm in knowing international law (especially refugee law). I would like to know more about it theoretically though I‘ve seen it in practice. I would like to know more about refugee laws so that I can again put it into action i.e. helping refugee as before.

    My future plan prospects are that getting some knowledge about international law with the help of you and use it to help refugees around the world. So, when I mean that I would help refugees; I would give all necessary protection to them, I would work along with concerned international organizations so as to bring support for refugees, I would strive all that I can to bring improvement in the lives of refugees. I.e. to get as durable solution to them besides the daily protections given regularly.

    Dear Sir or Madam, I hope so far you‘ve understood all about my interest and why I’m telling you that I need your scholarship badly.

    To sum up, if you give me that opportunity I really will continue helping refugees in all my possible capacity I can. I would care and protect refugees around the world.
    I would go wherever to help and to give humanitarian assistance for refugees.

    “Refugees should be protected” that is my motto.

    I would like to thank you for giving due attention for my application hopefully you’ll accept and give the opportunity. I’m waiting so eagerly.

    Hoping to get a prompt reply from you!
    Thank you in advance.
    With best regards,
    Yours faithfully,
    Curriculum vitae (CV)

    1. Personal Data
    Full Name- Yonas Gebreslassie Kiros
    Date of Birth- Feb.02, 1985
    Place of Birth- Mekelle, Tigray
    Sex- Male
    Martial status- Single

    Contact Address- UNHCR Sub-office Shire
    P.O.Box 164, Shire Ethiopia
    Tel. +251 344- 44 08-66(Ext. 34)
    Mobile +251 912 87 54 87
    E-mail [email protected]
    2. Educational Background

    ? I completed my high school diploma and got my certificate from Abi Adi Senior Secondary School, located in Tigray province (1999-2002).
    ? I got my first degree (B.Ed) in English language in July 2006 from Jimma University, 346 Kms South Western of Addis Ababa.
    3. Work Experiences
    ? I’ve undertaken community based trainings in Jimma University.
    ? I worked as a data collector for Harza international in Tekeze hydro electric power project for two solid months.
    ? I taught English language in Shire General Secondary school for one year and seven months, here in Shire town.
    ? I lectured many and different courses of English language for diploma level learners in Hashenge college Shire campus for over three (3) months.
    ? However now, starting from May, 2008, I’m working with UNHCR Sub-office Shire being an interpreter.
    Major duties and Responsibilities
    ? Being an interpreter, I go to and back from the two camps; Shimelba and Mai Ayni, the Eritrean refugee camps, to interpret issues related to protection and resettlement.
    ? I visit and make follow-up asylum seekers in Endabaguna (Screening center for Eritrean asylum seekers) children’s compound under my direct supervisor.
    ? I help interpret the Best Interests Determination of a child (who are unaccompanied and separated ones).
    ? I can interview asylum seekers and refugees so as to find temporary and durable solutions for their problems.
    ? I’ve participated in the Revalidation exercise of Shimelba camp which was conducted in between the end of July and early August, 2008

    4. Participations
    ? I took interpreters’ training course which was given in early October,2009
    ? I’ve taken a short Progress Training which was conducted in August this year in sub-office Shire
    ? I’ve also taken Radio communications training in the same place and year.

    5. Publications
    ? A senior essay on the title: “Communication Barriers between a teacher and learners: a case study in Bedele high school.”

    6. Language Ability

    Languages Understanding Writing Speaking



    7. Skills

    ? I have a profound knowledge of basic computer application(MS word, Excel and others)
    ? I’m familiar with UNHCR ProGress database and can do finger print and also photo taking very well.
    8. Personal interests
    ? Reading different kinds of books and enrich in doing research and compilation.
    ? Always interested in problem solving through a deliberate discussion.
    ? Willing to work in remote and challenging field areas.
    9. References
    ? Mr.Ajit Fernando, Head of sub-office Shire, UNHCR 0911 25 53 73
    ? Mrs. Almaz Kassa, Admin/Finance Asst. UNHCR Sub-office Shire 0911 63 36 56
    ? Mr. Assegid Kibret, UNHCR field Assistant of sub-office Shire.
    Mobile- 0911 18 43 76
    ? Beakal Shenkute, DATA ENTRY, IOM Office in Shire 0911 15 71 01

  12. Hailemichael Shewa says:

    I have a BA degree in English, I have another BA degree in Management, and I have masters’ degree in curriculum, all from Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia. I also have 2nd grade driving license. If I get full scholarship I want to study your offer.

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