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Universities And Colleges For Students With Dyslexia

At times, things may become more challenging for students with dyslexia; however their disability should not hinder their way to get a college degree. Fortunately, it has become easier than ever before for students with dyslexia to find the help they deserve, as copious institutions across the world endeavor to understand their disabilities and assist them in their attempts to earn a degree.

There are many international universities and colleges that focus on offering better programs and courses to students with dyslexia, thus making the transition into college life much smoother and easier for special students.

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Why Dyslexia Students Must Study?

Today, students with a variety of special needs, ranging from hearing impairment to learning disabilities like dyslexia, will fortunately find colleges and universities offering exceptional programs for such special students. These colleges focus on offering expert assistance, support, tutoring and special programs designed to make everything less demanding and nerve-racking both for the special students and parents alike.

Importance of Colleges For Students with Dyslexia

Students with learning disabilities will providentially find several campuses and universities across the globe equipped with services and offices to address the accommodation, accessibility and assistive technology for a variety of needs. The colleges have distinct service offices along with disability coordinators to make the campuses comprehensive environments for students with dyslexia. They provide specialized support, advocacy and academic services to special students and show a great appreciation for students with dyslexia.

Assistance To Students With Dyslexia

All colleges and universities provide specialized accommodations to students with special needs. However, the students need to provide documentation of a diagnosed learning disability to avail the support services and special student assistance at colleges and universities.

The courses are specifically designed for dyslexia students to make their learning experience fun-filled and pleasurable. The students even get specialized accommodation facility within the college campus. They receive special assistance including, extended time on examinations, quite room for test taking, use of specialized computer for taking notes etc.

List Of Colleges And Universities

Here is the list of top ten colleges and universities that specialize in offering comprehensive and specialized courses to students with dyslexia.

University College London

University College London is the reputed university located in London, UK and has been serving a large number of dyslexia students from across the world with its comprehensive programs designed for students with intellectual, cognitive and learning disabilities, like dyslexia.

The enrollees get specialized assistance at the college, ranging from coursework to life on campus, thus allowing them to build their career skills and perform well throughout their academic career and learn to survive as independent individuals.

Rank : The University College London holds the 5th position in QS Top University Ranking 2014-15 and 22nd Rank in Times World University Ranking 2015.

The University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield is another popular university of United Kingdom. Located in South Yorkshire, The University of Sheffield focuses on offering college programs and degree courses to students with dyslexia.

The campus has its own office and student assistance coordinators that help special students to improve their time management, complete assignments and develop better social and living skills. It has specialized professors and other professionals to look after the specific needs of students with dyslexia.

Rank : The university takes the pride for holding the 69th Position at QS World University ranking 2015 and 121th Position in Times World University Ranking 2014-15.

University of Michigan

University of Michigan has its own Services for Students with Disability or SSD and considers dyslexia as an integral part of the rich diversity at University of Michigan and aims to work closely to serve over thousands of students with dyslexia.

The SSD department at the university aims to offer a wide variety of services to students with dyslexia including, extended time for exams, testing environments that are free of distractions, real time captioning and much more. The SSD office not only provides free services within the campus, but also extends their service beyond the boundary of the university.

Rank : University of Michigan proudly holds the 17th position in Times World University Ranking 2014-15 and 23rd rank in QS World University Ranking 2015.

University of Arizona

Holding the 86th position in Times World University Ranking, The University of Arizona serves a large of international students with dyslexia. The university comprises in-house SALT Center (Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques) that serve the students with learning disabilities. The center focuses on providing individualized educational planning for dyslexia students along with certified tutors who assist them in their coursework and workshops, helping them to achieve their individual academic needs. Dyslexia students are allowed to use the separate SALT computer lab along with other services.

University of Essex

University of Essex is one of the highly preferred universities of United Kingdom that provides educational support and assistance to students with dyslexia. The university has specialized disability advisors who focus on providing guidance and advice to special need students. The disability support service offered at the university campus is beyond one’s expectations. The disability advisors determine the specific needs of each dyslexia student and provide them disability assistance accordingly to suit their needs. The university even provides financial support to dyslexia students to finance their higher education in the university.

Rank : University of Essex holds the ranking of 301-350 in Times World University Ranking and apart from it the university is honored with several prestigious awards for serving the needs of special need students.

Kapiti College, NZ

Kapiti College is the renowned college of New Zealand that takes the pride for having over thousands of enrollees every year, of which major enrollees are international students with dyslexia. The college aims to serve the specific needs of international students with learning disabilities. The college has designed a wide variety of courses and programs targeting the students with dyslexia. Apart from specialized courses, the college focuses on offering full disability support to special need students in every walk of their academic career.

Highlights – The courses offered to dyslexia students at Kapiti College has been distinguished into three different categorizes – Year 9 Literacy Option, Small Group Tuition and Year 10 Course. The college also conducts Educational Psychologist Assessment to diagnose dyslexia in students along with other learning disabilities.

Izmir University of Economics, Turkey

Izmir University of Economics is one of the top universities of Turkey, owing to the fact that it serves the need of students with learning disability, apart from offering normal degree and undergraduate courses. The university has its own Disability Support center that supports the students with dyslexia. The dyslexia student receives the same treatment as other normal students to continue higher education in the university.

Rank : The university holds the 62th position in Turkey’s university ranking and 2844th rank in world university ranking.

National University of Ireland, Galway

Among the top universities of Ireland, NUI Galway has an eminent reputation across the nation for its unique teaching methodology and research excellence. The Disability Support Service Center at NUI Galway is dedicated towards serving the needs of dyslexia students. The DSS center focuses on offering specialized courses and educational opportunities to all students with dyslexia. Dyslexia students can either gain entry to the university by Merit Entry or via DARE, non-standard entry.

Rank : NUI Galway holds the ranking of 261th in Times World University Ranking 2015 and 280th rank at QS World Ranking 2014-15.

Canterbury Christ Church University

Canterbury Christ Church University is known for its academic excellence and exceptional research opportunities. It is the biggest part of Kent Community that focuses on offering specialized education to make a real and positive difference in lives of students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Every year the university accepts a large number of enrollees from different parts of world, who are declared to have dyslexia. The university has specialized courses and programs designed for such special need students.

Highlight – The disability support team at the university is highly dedicated towards making life of dyslexia students simpler and easier by offering them a care-free learning environment. They also provide financial advice and help them to attain scholarships and grants available for students with dyslexia.

Yale University

Being the oldest university of US, Yale University has been consistently serving international students from across the globe with its wide array of programs, centers, museums, libraries and support offices for students with dyslexia. All students with learning disabilities will get specialized attention and accommodation facility within the campus of the university. The university has distinct administrative support services for dyslexia students. The university has specialized graduate and undergraduate programs for students with learning disabilities. Owing to its dedication and commitment towards providing educational solutions to students with learning disabilities.

Rank : Yale University has confirmed its standing at 9th position in Times World University Ranking 2014-15 and 10th Rank at QS World University Ranking 2015.

Scholarships Available for Students with Dyslexia

Students with dyslexia now don’t need to hinder themselves from succeeding in colleges and universities and to grab a degree; instead it can turn out to be an asset as a wide array of scholarships and financial aid are available to pay the tuition fees. There are several scholarship programs for which international dyslexia students can become eligible. However, before applying for the grants and scholarships it is necessary to check for the eligibility criteria.

Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship
Ralph Norman Scholarship   
Elks Scholarship
P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship
Rise Scholarships & Awards
Gemm Learning’s Living With Dyslexia Scholarship
Robby Baker Memorial Scholarship
Incight Scholarship

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