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Upgrade Your Education At Accredited Online Colleges

‘Accreditation’, this term might be well-known to you, but do you know what it means and how this term applies to you. Well, if you are intending to pursue your further studies, either on campus or online, accreditation is quite essential because it indicates that the particular college or university meets the quality standard of education set by the government agency or board. It also ensures that the degree you achieve at the end of the program is genuine and recognized in all institutions globally. Remember, accreditation may affect your education significantly. Right from eligibility for financial assistance to the quality of instructors, accreditation plays a crucial role in institute’s functions.

When it comes to select the best online college for your higher education, it becomes crucial for you to verify whether the college is accredited or not. You may search the Department of Education’s database of a particular country to find the accredited postsecondary institutions and programs. In that database you will find deep information on all international, national and regional accrediting colleges that are recognized by the secretary of education as a reliable and unswerving authority on quality of education.

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Remember, accreditation is not only significant for reputation of online colleges and quality of education, but receiving degree from unaccredited online college may affect the transfer of your credits at large to other schools and sometime the employers also don’t accept such degrees, thus affecting your career also.

Ranking The Best Online Colleges

All online accredited colleges render accessibility and versatility, while maintain the supreme quality of learning experience. The students enrolled in online colleges actively participate in all rigorous course curriculums and achieve the similar credible degrees as those in on-campus colleges. Below is the list of few accredited online colleges from across the globe that are best in terms of affordability, accreditation, academic ranking, range of degree programs, faculty credentials and student support services.

U18 – Indian Universities, Online & Global

U18 is the best and reputed online colleges in India that was established in the year 2009 under the flagship of “University18”. The primary aim of the institute is to put Indian Universities Online for all national and international students. Within a year of its inception, the online degree programs at U18 started receiving applications from across the globe, especially Cameroon and Vietnam, owing to its quality of education and accreditation. Today, the degree programs at U18 have over thousands of international students across the globe, with presence in major 6 continents.

Xaviers International University

Xaviers International University is an autonomous university instigated in the year 1965 and it is the first online university of India. The university started its online program in the year 1994 and got international accreditation by the World Online Education Accrediting Commissions, USA. It also has accreditation from UNICEF International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities and Universal Council for Online Educational Accreditation. XAVIER Online University is the leading online institute today that is focused in catering to the educational requirements of students and working professionals from across the globe with its comprehensive Ph.D., M.Phil, Master, Bachelor, Diploma, and Certificate course.

Walden University

Over 46,000 students from more than 145 countries select Walden University for their online higher education. More than 80% of the students enrolled in the online programs are either working professionals or self employed. The university is known for offering flexible online programs for Doctoral, Master and Bachelor degree and even offers individual certificate courses and diploma. All international students are allowed to choose from over 75 online degree programs, ranging from social work to nursing and communications.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University is one of the top rated accredited online colleges that offer wide variety of online degree programs designed for students and professionals from diverse domains, including education, technology, business and management, and all backed by the reputation and standards of Colorado State University System.

International Career Institute

International Career Institute, UK, is the leading and accredited provider of distance and online education in wide variety of domains to all international students. The online programs offered include diploma, certificate and advanced diploma level in areas, including media, events, design, professional services, business, and PR and languages. The institute is known for offering a proven educational method. With successful completion of online degree programs at ICI, students can secure a better future ahead by advancing or establishing a career or by instigating their own business venture.

Few Other Accredited Online Colleges For International Students

Capella University, USA
Athabasca University, Canada
National University, USA
Open University, Australia
Ashford University, USA
The University of Newcastle, Australia
Corllins University, Singapore
Xiamen University, China