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USA MBA Scholarship by JPMorgan

Launching Leaders MBA Scholarship –

As an MBA student, you have an enviable amount of career paths to choose from. Your skills are going to be in high demand. As are those of JPMorgan people.

The JPMorgan Launching Leaders MBA Scholarship gives talented Black, Hispanic and Native American students the chance to fulfill their career ambitions and carve out an outstanding reputation with one of the world’s leading innovators in banking and business.

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The immediate rewards are just as impressive. Scholarship winners will receive $40,000 towards first-year tuition fees – money which goes directly to you. And, if you accept a full-time position with us, the scholarship will continue into your second year.

The scholarships pertain to one of our three programs for MBAs in the Investment Bank: Investment Banking, Sales & Trading and Research. Whatever your chosen area, you’ll be assigned a mentor to support you throughout the year and during your summer with us. And not just anyone, either – your mentor will be a senior executive at the firm. He or she will guide you and monitor your progress. Work hard, make a good impression, and we’ll offer you a full-time position.

There’s no better way to launch a career in investment banking. If you’ve got the talent and ambition, we’ve got the programs and support networks to get the very best out of them.

Timeline and Application Process

By October 19, 2007:

1) Submit your résumé via the email application form in our careers website.
2) Complete a JobConnect online profile in full.
3) Answer the following questions; attach both essays to the “résumé” portion of your JobConnect profile.

Essay Question 1 – When you arrive at business school, you discover you have been chosen to head up an important task force of your MBA peers.  Your charge is to submit a proposal to a potential benefactor who will donate $50 million to the winning entry. The benefactor’s challenge is as follows: “How would you use $50 million so that each and every student at your school benefits?”

Essay Question 2 – The range of your academic interests, personal perspectives, and life experiences adds to the impact you can individually make on your school and work environments.  Describe what special background and attributes you would contribute to JPMorgan’s diversity agenda and your motivation for wanting to apply to the LL scholarship program.

By early November 2007:

You will receive an email notifying you of your status in the application process. If selected to move forward, we will provide you with detailed instructions regarding the next application steps.
By early December 2007:

Interviews will have concluded and Scholarship recipients will be notified of their status.

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  1. Richa says:

    I’m very much interested to go for MBA from US (preferably 1 year long). I’m an Indian, can I apply for this scholarship?

    Would you please suggest me the scholarships for Indian Students who want to earn MBA degree from US?



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