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What Interview Questions Should You Prepare for a First-time Job

What Interview Questions Should You Prepare for a First-time Job?

The first interview could be immensely nerve-wracking. Those appearing for a first-time job interview have little idea of questions that’ll come flooding. Though there is never a surety about what an interviewer might ask you.

But there are a few questions that every interviewee is almost certainly asked during an interview. If you appear for your first job interview, here are a few questions that you must prepare.

Tell Us Something About Yourself?

This is the first question that is asked at the interviews. Believe us; there is no easier way to leave a great first impression than having the freedom to talk about yourself. However, if you get this wrong, you’re off to a bad start.

You must sound confident, albeit not egoistic. Pay attention to the word “something” in the question. You must not keep talking for long. Keep a short and informative answer prepared that lets you talk about your skills and passion.

You must not talk about your hobbies, daily routine etc. All that the interviewer wants to hear is about your best skills and interests. Keep the answer relevant and short to keep the interviewer curious and entertained.

Why Do You Wish to Get this Job?

You interviewer wants to know what is pushing you for the job other than money. Keep in mind, the last thing an interviewer needs to know is that you’re looking for a job only to earn some money.

You must go on explaining why you need work experience to excel in your career. State out how you plan to use this platform as a stepping stone in your career. Your answer should sound something like this:

“This job is not about earning money for me. I wish to join a creative environment where I can learn and gain some experience. I want to gain experience before I go for higher studies.”

You must out why you need some working experience and how it will help your career in future.

Why Do You Want to Work for Our Company?

The best way to prepare for this question is to research about the company. Go to the company’s website and read their “About us” and “Career” pages. Thoroughly read about the vision and work culture of the company.

Once you have read the aforementioned, think how one such company is a suitable workplace for you. You do not need to flatter too much. Make a point about why the company is a nice fir for you. Your ideal answer must look like this:

“I wish to be a part of a creative environment where I can implement and improve my skills. The company has an ever-growing trajectory, and I wish to learn from the pioneers of the industry.”

Tell us about the hardest situation that you’ve faced and how you dealt with it? When you’re asked one such question, the interviewer is trying to know how you deal with a difficult situation. You must ensure not to bring any incident that is too disturbing, which might make the interviewer feel uncomfortable.

Your answer must address a problem that you’ve encountered in your life. Later, you must explain how you overcame that situation. The idea is to show the interviewer that you are mindful and courageous enough to deal with stress and pressure. You must share your personal story and not something made-up.

What Interview Questions Should You Prepare for a First-time Job?

Why Do You Think That You Are a Good Fit for the Role?

To prepare for this question, you must read about the company and the role they’re offering. Think about how your set of skills would fit nicely for the job. You must not oversell and for sure never undersell yourself. Stay true to your skills and capabilities to explain how you can handle the role.

You must also emphasize your determination and will to excel in this role. The interviewers are always looking for someone who has fire in the belly. Prepare the answer in a way that showcases your suitable skills and will to thrive.

Your ideal answer should sound like this: “This role fits well with the skills that I learned while studying Digital Marketing. I am eager to be part of a company and enhance my skills by learning from day-to-day.”

How Do You Deal with Criticism?

We all have faced criticism at some point in our life. This will be a part of your professional life. There will be days when you’ll be criticized for lousy work. The interviewer wants to learn how you deal with criticism and bad feedback.

You must answer in a positive manner. You must assert that you handle criticism positively. Your ideal answer must sound like this: “I had faced a situation when I was criticized. I tried to evaluate what I did wrong and how I could have done something better. I see criticism as an opportunity to learn and move on.”

Is There Any Extra-curricular Activity That You Participate In?

When you’re going for the first job interview, you do not have any work history. You interviewer judges you based on your degrees, said skills and past life. When asked about your extra-curricular activities, you must point out activities that are creative and/or boost team and time management.

This might include playing sports or playing instruments. You must understand that this question is not just about your hobbies; it is about your fields of interest that are significant. You must be honest with your answer.

What Should We Hire You?

This is probably the most awkward question that is asked to almost every interviewee who’s appearing for the first-time job interview. This question is your chance to explain in a nutshell how your skills and personality are suitable for the role.

You must sound confident and make a point to the interviewer about how you can contribute to the benefit of the company. You must avoid saying cliche things like “I am a determined and hard-working person”. All that your interviewer wants to know is how you believe that your skills and personality are suitable for the role. Therefore, answer accordingly.

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