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Why Study at Brown University?

Why Study at Brown University?

Brown University, also known as Rhode Island College from 1764 – the year it was founded – until 1804, is one of the members of the elite Ivy League of Universities in the US.

The university attracts students from all over the world and every potential student clamours to get a seat in its hallowed portals. Well, apart from its present fame and a low student acceptance rate for its courses, the university also has a rich cultural heritage and several firsts to its name.

When it was founded, Brown University was the first university in the US to offer admissions to students irrespective of their affiliation to any religion.

In the latter part of the 19th century, the university was among the first US institutions to grant a doctoral degree. It has a very selective undergraduate admissions process with a low acceptance rate of 6.6 per cent as of the year 2019, for the class of 2023.

With its rich heritage and modern curriculum, Brown University attracts the best students to its numerous courses. In spite of its selectivity in admissions, there are ample reasons to study at this university.

These include but are not limited to:

Quality of Academics

Brown University has adopted a unique academic curriculum which is referred to as “Brown Curriculum”. This is based on the philosophy that the student must have complete freedom while pursuing higher education so that he can choose whatever that catches his fancy.

This utilitarian approach made students the makers of their syllabus. The most popular majors at Brown University include economics, biological sciences, applied mathematics, engineering, and computer sciences.

The academic structure of the Brown Curriculum is centred on:

First-Year Seminars:

The University runs over 90 special seminars exclusively for first-year students. A maximum of 19 students in each seminar are taught across all areas of the curriculum, ranging from physics to anthropology to liberal arts.

Over the years, this first-year seminar has been like an entrée for all freshers, not only to explore the uniqueness of Brown’s academic culture but also as a gateway to college-level work.

Sophomore Seminars:

This was started in the year 2014 to make opportunities for second-year students with a special focus on connecting with a group of students and faculty to develop perspectives and ideas. Students ineligible for first-year seminars and still unable to enrol for advanced seminars by departments are the participants of sophomore seminars.

With 19 students each, these seminars help in the development of skills and knowledge needed for progressing towards specialized learning across any field.

Apart from this, the university has numerous academic options like Community-based Learning and Research; Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) courses – which examine issues of inequality, race and gender; Global Experiential Learning and Teaching – with a component of international travel for the promotion of experiential learning; Humanities Seminars for Juniors and Seniors; Independent Study; Summer Session and Winter Session.

Why Study at Brown University

Brilliant Students

Brown University has a diverse and vibrant community of students that consist of over 6500 undergraduates, over 2200 graduates and over 500 medical students. Brown’s status as an Ivy League University has attracted scores of students who are brilliant in their own unique way.

The SAT score average of all students who get admission into Brown is about 1470. This gives you an idea about the academic excellence needed to make it through to this University. With respect to the mindset developed among students during their tenure at Brown, it is more focused on safeguarding the community and the world at large.

Students and faculty at Brown are also collaborators in the mission to address the challenges of our complex world.

Outstanding Faculty

The faculty at Brown University are the principal pillars of its mission to address the world’s challenges with a collaborative and unique approach to research and teaching.

With over 1400 faculty members, the University places high demands on them by deep engagement in the shared governance system.

Faculty members teach mentor, advice and conduct research across all levels. They are also needed to take up at least two courses every academic year, apart from research.

Convenient Location

Brown is located in Providence, a city less than an hour’s drive from Boston and a three-hour drive from New York. This makes it one of the most accessible Universities from both major cities. Moreover, Providence gets rave reviews over its cultural attractions, quality of life and walkability.

Attractions like Boombox karaoke, Waterfire, Flea market, RISD Museum, Avon cinema and the Riverwalk Park make Providence a great city to live in the years leading up to your graduation from Brown University.

Industry Partnership Programmes

The University offers non-profit organizations and corporations immense opportunities for a collaborative network to further research and innovation. The university also strives to inform its students about the opportunities present in the industry to apply their learning and progress in research.

The Industry Partnership Programme is designed to give opportunities for interacting with organizations and corporates. These partners are given an introduction about the numerous research programs across the University’s departments and also an opportunity to partner with students and faculty for attaining common research goals.


Brown University is one of the pioneers in providing various scholarships and financial aid to its potential students on a “need basis”. It has eliminated all kinds of loans from its undergraduate financial help since 2018-19, under the “Brown Promise” Campaign.

The university also gave away need-based scholarships of around $120.5 million in the academic year 2016-17 and has budgeted a grant of $135 million for the year 2018-19.

Brown does not offer scholarships on the basis of academic excellence, athletic abilities or any other merit-based criterion. The eligibility for financial aid is solely based on financial need. The philosophy that no student who belongs to the University must feel cost as the barrier is embedded in the ethos at Brown.

The University is fully committed to meet complete requirements of a student when it comes to financial aid, be it in the tuition, material, meals and lodging. So much so, 43% of the class of 2022 at Brown received a need-based scholarship, with an average award of $50,108.

Why Study at Brown University

Bond University Scholarships

Diversity in Medicine Visiting Student Scholarship

The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University is offering Diversity in Medicine Visiting Student Scholarship in the USA. The program is open for the qualified underrepresented (URM) students to participate in clinical electives at the university. The studentship will be awarded worth up to $1,000.00 for travel, housing and/or personal expenses.

Application Deadline: Open
Apply Now

Research at Brown Grants

High achieving candidates from the US are invited to apply for the Research at Brown Grants at the Brown University. The grants are available to support the student-initiated research projects and travel to present their research at conferences. The successful scholar will get the amount worth up to $400 and other benefits.

Application Deadline: Applications are on a rolling basis
Apply Now

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is providing Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship at the Brown University. The call is open for those sophomores who identify as African American, Latinx, and American Indian, as well as other students. The program will provide a stipend for two summers ($3900 per summer) and four semesters ($1800 per term) and additional funding for research, travel, and preparation for the GRE.

Application Deadline: March 2, 2020
Apply Now

Churchill Scholarship Campus Deadline

The Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States is now accepting applications for the Churchill Scholarship at Brown University. This studentship is open to US citizens. The award will provide payment of all university and college tuition and fees at Cambridge, a maintenance allowance from $14,000 to $19,000 and up to a $1,500 travel allowance.

Application Deadline: October 31, 2019
$14,000 – $19,000
Apply Now

Luce Scholars Program

The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc is awarding Luce Scholarship for students who are open to and deeply curious about Asia and Asian culture. The fund is available for US citizens. The studentship will provide the educational fund for students.

Application Deadline: October 11, 2019
Award: Varies
Apply Now

Why Study at Brown University?

Brown University not only sits among the Ivy League of Colleges in the US but also offers a specialized curriculum, proactive faculty, excellent peers, great location and scholarships for everyone who is in need of financial aid. These features make it among the most coveted Universities for every student.

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