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Call for Applications
PhD Stipend Provided by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund

The Department of International Environment & Development Studies, Noragric, invites applications from eligible candidates employed at its partner institutions in developing countries for a three-year PhD quota stipend provided by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. The selected candidate will carry out interdisciplinary research for the doctoral degree in one of the following thematic areas: Health and Development, Environmental Governance, or Adaptation to Climate Change.
The closing date for applications is 15 March 2009.

The applicant must have a research-based Master’s degree with a GPA of B (or its equivalent) or above in a field relevant to environment and development studies, and preferably be below 35 years of age. Ability to use English as a working language and in daily communication is a prerequisite. Previous research and working experience will also be considered in the evaluation of the applicants.

Applicants must use a prescribed application form and attach certified copies of the educational qualifications and transcripts, a letter of recommendation from the head of the partner institution in which the applicant is employed, a letter guaranteeing that if selected the applicant will have extra financial support to pay the bench fee of NOK74000, and a preliminary research proposal not exceeding 4000 words. The applicant should choose one of the three thematic areas for the preliminary research proposal.

The Quota Scheme covers living expenses while studying in Norway, travel allowances according to fixed national rates at minimum student costs and support to cover field work in the student’s home country as part of the study in Norway. Approximately 70% of the Quota Scholarship is provided as loan and 30% as a scholarship; total amount of NOK 85.000 pr. year (2008/ 2009). If the student makes satisfactory progress, the financial support will normally be renewed every year. If the student permanently settles in his/her home country after completing the degree, the loan will be waived after one year. If the student settles in another country, he/she has to repay the loan on the same conditions as Norwegian citizens. The Quota Scholarship also includes family support for living with the student in Norway. The monthly support is based on the number of children as follows: one child: NOK 1320/ months, 2 children: NOK 2640/ month, each additional child: NOK 850/ month. No support is provided for spouses solely, and no support is available to cover travel expenses for family members.

The applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their academic qualifications, the quality of the preliminary research proposal and previous research and other relevant experience. The selected candidate will be admitted to Noragric’s PhD programme, assigned to a senior scientist who will be the main supervisor, and attached to the Scientific Group to which the main supervisor belongs. There are two Scientific Groups at Noragric: Livelihoods, Environmental Change and Globalisation, and Governance, Rights and Conflict.

Applications must be addressed to Head of Research, Noragric and sent electronically to Research Coordinator Rebekka Øvstegård [email protected] before the closing date. The application must be signed and scanned before electronic transmission.
For further information, contact: Prof. N. Shanmugaratnam, Head of Research, phone +47 64965508, email: [email protected] or Research Coordinator Rebekka Øvstegård, phone +47 64965334
Please contact us for the electronic version of the application form.

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