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ESA Foundation Computer & Video Game Scholarship Program

The Entertainment Software Association’s charitable arm, the ESA Foundation, is offering 30 scholarships to women and minorities who aspire to get a job in the games industry.

The amount of scholarships is double the 15 that were available in each of the past two years. The awards are worth $90K in total, and for the first time in the program’s three year history are available to high school students.

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Scholarships are also available to full-time students at accredited four-year colleges and universities. The scholarships apply to students pursuing videogame careers in the field of graphic design, computer science, animation, programming, digital entertainment or software engineering.

Students may apply online for one $3,000 scholarship for the 2009-2010 academic year until May 15.

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  1. Adeantiko Riza F says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    My name is Adeantiko Riza F from Indonesia, I holding mathematic bachelor degree and my specialization is computer science.
    i’m very interesting in game programming. My final project from my last study is game programming too.
    so I have a knowledge in it. In I want make it deeper in formal study. but in my country, ther isn’t college that the major is game programming.
    and if I want to study abroad, I was stuck in financial problem.
    so I would like to know the information about how to get this scholarship.

    thanks before.
    best regard,


    i kalicha from kenya, i had certificate in computer studies, i am alway having a dream to pursue computer science to very high level, however, i am stucked due to financial challege,

    how can i access to your scholarship.Thanks


  3. John says:

    I am a very interested student of Computers and it’s operations, Currently I am a computer technician having studied Information Communication Systems from Kenya College of communications Technology here in Nairobi and if given a Scholarship would love to advance my knowledge in computer Science , I dont have the finances to do so as of now.

  4. kenyatta says:


  5. REINY B. KOKU/MISS says:

    I have just sat for my Form VI Advanced Certificate Examination in Tanzania in February 2009. While Iam waiting for the Iresults I would like to look for a scholarship to study for a first degree in computer sciences. I majored in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for two years. I ‘ll be geatful for your support to look for a scholarship to pursue a full time study in this field. Thanking you.

  6. SAM vaagbae , is my name,actually will like to do studies
    abroad.I am’ a high school graduate, and very destituded,
    inother to cortail this hardship I will like to do studies abroad.
    Through my studied my country will benefit from what I have

  7. mary sandrah says:

    iam sandrah from uganda holding a bachelors degree in information technology i would like to further my studies if given the chance am looking forward to your response thanks

  8. abraham temesgen says:

    i have BSC in Electrical Engineering from ArbaMinch university. i am working on sofware development. i have working experience with C#, asp.net, php, sql server. i am seeking scholarship in the field of computer and electrical.If I get full scholarship I want to study your offer.

  9. Management ,
    please, i want a schoolarship in computer and video game to enable me get a good access to work.currently i have a certificate in national diploma computer studies from University of Benin.I wish to fruther studies or get a job where available.I am a Nigerian and there is less job opportunity for me because my parents are very poor.Thanks for your understanding.Godbless you.Amen.

  10. teshale workshoa says:

    I am Teshale Workshoa, From Ethiopia.I graduated From University of Gondar In Acountingin 2007.currently i am working in Ethiopian Tellecomunnication Corporation.I am Looking For Scholarship To continue Masters degree program In bussiness related fields abroad.Thank you.
    [email protected]

  11. I am a liberian I studied philosophy and others correspodant courses in St. Paul’s college-seminary for 3 years in Gbarnga Bong county central Liberia. Because of the hardhip and the lack of employment in our country I am unable to achived me goal therefore I am seeking scholarship for and individual or organizition. with this I will be able to contribute to thedevelopemnt of my country and the the world atlarge.

    I pray and hope that your organizition with be able to help to achive my goal.

  12. My major is Information System, I’m doing my thesis for June graduation. I’m planning to get master’s degree in multimedia web and game. I have made some website and simple games. I have read ESA Foundation Computer & Video Game Scholarship Program, and I’m so interested for applying it. I would like to know whether this program over full scholarship or not?


  13. Abeba says:

    hello dear sir/ madam
    Abeba Teklie from East Africa Ethiopia ,i hold my first Advance Diploma with Electronics Tecnolgy from college.
    i am highly interested to upgrade my educational level to Degree with Electrical Engineering feilds, especially Computer sience or any other Electronics related feilds, so when i am looking for universities your university is more qualified for me ,and i want you to give me free scholarship opportunity so as to realize me dreams.
    thank you for your good responce.

    [email protected]

  14. Lovelyn Mbeh says:

    i love this program and is my dream career. As such, i will be so proud if i am granted this scholarship.

  15. Sidrak Girma Wakjira says:

    I have a BSc degree in computer science and information Technology technology form Arba minch University of Ethiopa. If I get full scholarship I want to study your offer.

  16. Hailemichael Shewa says:

    I have a BA degree in English, I have another BA degree in Management, and I have a master’s degree in curriculum, all from Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia. If I get full scholarship I want to study your offer.

  17. Meles Teklemariam says:

    I have B.A.Degree In Bussines MAnagement from jimma Univerisity in year 2004 now i am working in the Banking sector .in my future carrier i want to acheive masters scholarship program in one of bussines field .so if there is a means want to show me or if there is any want to contact me.

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