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Norway- PhD Positionsfor developing country students – Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund

Call for Applications
PhD Stipend Provided by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund

The Department of International Environment & Development Studies, Noragric, invites applications from eligible candidates employed at its partner institutions in developing countries for a three-year PhD quota stipend provided by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. The selected candidate will carry out interdisciplinary research for the doctoral degree in one of the following thematic areas: Health and Development, Environmental Governance, or Adaptation to Climate Change.
The closing date for applications is 15 March 2009.



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The applicant must have a research-based Master’s degree with a GPA of B (or its equivalent) or above in a field relevant to environment and development studies, and preferably be below 35 years of age. Ability to use English as a working language and in daily communication is a prerequisite. Previous research and working experience will also be considered in the evaluation of the applicants.

Applicants must use a prescribed application form and attach certified copies of the educational qualifications and transcripts, a letter of recommendation from the head of the partner institution in which the applicant is employed, a letter guaranteeing that if selected the applicant will have extra financial support to pay the bench fee of NOK74000, and a preliminary research proposal not exceeding 4000 words. The applicant should choose one of the three thematic areas for the preliminary research proposal.

The Quota Scheme covers living expenses while studying in Norway, travel allowances according to fixed national rates at minimum student costs and support to cover field work in the student’s home country as part of the study in Norway. Approximately 70% of the Quota award is provided as loan and 30% as a scholarship; total amount of NOK 85.000 pr. year (2008/ 2009). If the student makes satisfactory progress, the financial support will normally be renewed every year. If the student permanently settles in his/her home country after completing the degree, the loan will be waived after one year. If the student settles in another country, he/she has to repay the loan on the same conditions as Norwegian citizens. The Quota Scholarship also includes family support for living with the student in Norway. The monthly support is based on the number of children as follows: one child: NOK 1320/ months, 2 children: NOK 2640/ month, each additional child: NOK 850/ month. No support is provided for spouses solely, and no support is available to cover travel expenses for family members.

The applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their academic qualifications, the quality of the preliminary research proposal and previous research and other relevant experience. The selected candidate will be admitted to Noragric’s PhD programme, assigned to a senior scientist who will be the main supervisor, and attached to the Scientific Group to which the main supervisor belongs. There are two Scientific Groups at Noragric: Livelihoods, Environmental Change and Globalisation, and Governance, Rights and Conflict.

Applications must be addressed to Head of Research, Noragric and sent electronically to Research Coordinator Rebekka Øvstegård [email protected] before the closing date. The application must be signed and scanned before electronic transmission.
For further information, contact: Prof. N. Shanmugaratnam, Head of Research, phone +47 64965508, email: [email protected] or Research Coordinator Rebekka Øvstegård, phone +47 64965334
Please contact us for the electronic version of the application form.


  1. Abawey Yohannes says:

    I am an Ethiopian with Bachelor degree in Mathematics from Dilla University and M.A.degree in Educational Policy and Planning from Addis Ababa Univerity. I need to pursue my studies at PHD level if I am offered financial assistance. Would you please cooperate me in finding scholarship opportunity as it is said, ‘Never too old to learn. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

    With best regards


  2. Berhanu Eskezia says:

    Daer Sir/Madam
    I am Berhanu from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in Geography and environmental Studies(AAU; A couple of MAs in Geography (Addis Ababa University)and in Urban Management(Ethiopian Civil Service College). Now I am very much interested to study Phd in one of the following disciplines;Environment & development, GIS and Remote Sensing, Urban development planning and other related ones in Norwy or The Netherlands or any other country where those disciplines are available.

  3. Yibrah says:

    Dear sir/Madam
    I am Yibrah. I am Ehiopian, 27 years old. I have MSc in Biomedical sciences. I am interested to have my PhD in Norway (if not in any other european country) so could you please help me how to get free schoolar ship in Norway.
    Thank you!

  4. chandra kiran kawan says:

    i have finished my master degree in Earthquake engineering from Purbanchal University which is one of the re-known University in Nepal.
    I am looking for the oppertutinity for the opportunity for Ph.D in related field. So, I humbly requist you if you to give information and funding for this field. I have finished master degree scoring more than 3GPA.
    Earthquake Engineering is one of the most important field for this world regarding seismological effect in infrastructure as well as for the design of the infrastructures against seismic forces.

  5. kennedy lobulu says:

    Iam a second year student in institute of finance Arusha, Tanzania. i just face serious problem of fee

  6. Tariku Lmbiyo says:

    Hi. I am Tariku, an Ethiopian. I have the great honor and pleasure to contact you for the first time. I am working at Hawassa University as a lecturer in the department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Ethiopia. I had an MSc degree in Medical Parasitology from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. So with this information I am seeking to pursue my PHD in one of the relevant courses (preferably on Parasitology or Immunology areas). Hopping all the best

    Tariku Lambiyo

  7. Dear sir/madam
    I have given GRE (General). I brought 910 (220 in verbal and 690 in quantitative). This score is eligible or not for your university to join teaching assistantship for Ph.D. Please suggest me. After sometime I will going to give toefl iBT exam. I want also to know minimum score of toefl iBT of your university to apply for your university.
    Ram Chandra Dhakal
    Kathmandu, Nepal
    P.O.Box 26496
    [email protected]

  8. cherinet says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am Cherenet from Ethiopia having an age of 27. I have masters degree in geography and environmental studies. I have conducted my final research on the challeges and realities of environmental education in addressing issues of climate change in Ethiopia. So, I have deep knowledge on environmental issues and related field of study. I am looking for free PhD scholarship. I am very happy if I get the opprtunity. Thank you for recognizing my apllication.

  9. Shree Prasad Bhattarai says:

    Dear Sir.

    I have the great honor and pleasure to write to you for the first time.
    Please let me introduce myself. I am shree prasad bhattarai from nepal.I have done M.ed. in mathematics education from Tribhuvan University Nepal securing 70.60%.I want to have P.hd in Norway in fully-funded position.Please, if any suggest the way.
    shree prasad

  10. Teferi Deyuu Alemi says:

    I am working as an Accountant in One public Organization and learing MSc in Accounting and Finanace Here in Ethiopia-East Africa. Now I want to get an opportunity for PhD In Countries like Canada.USA, and any countries in Europe.

  11. Abdu Mohamed says:

    Thank you for accepting my application recently i am Msc holder in tropical veterinary public health graduate from Addis Ababa university thesis defence surveillance of avian influenza virus in rift valley lakes on wild birds i want to continue my PHD on influenza virus now i work in Jimma university as Assistant professor thank you for your attention.

    May God bless you

    Dr Abdu Mohamed

  12. ahmad jamal amshreqy says:

    dear reader,

    hello, my name is AHMAD JAMAL MASHREQY iam a 22 years old male , i have a bachelor degree in physiotherapy from JORDAN UNIVESITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (JUST) with adegree of 73.2, and iam looking for continue my study in youre univesity .

    And iam request about youre international schoolarships, and what can i do to get youre acceptance in the international schooolarships in phd , and what can i study in youre univesity ?

    SO, i would be grateful if you could send me back the answers as soon as you can .
    please , do not hesitate to contact me on this email.
    [email protected]
    best regards
    ahmad mashreqy

  13. Jesmy says:

    Dear sir, Madam
    I’m jesmy from Sri Lanka. I’m a lecturer at South Eastern University of Sri Lanka.
    My educational Qualoifications:
    1. B.A.Special Degree in Economics – Srti Lanka
    2. M.Sc. in Statistics -Sri Lanka
    3. Reading M.Phil in Economics (Hope to finished at the end of 2009) – Sri Lanka
    I would like to follow my Ph.D degree programme in Applied Econometrics in Australia. Here in Sri Lanka we dont have a degree programme in Econometrics. To bridge the gap of our university I would like to continue my study in this field.
    therefore sir, please help me to find the schllorship in this field at any Austarlian University.
    Thanking You
    Hoping best

  14. Abraham kebede wolde says:

    Dear Sir
    i am abraham and a graduate of psychology (M.A) in measurement and evaluation amd am looking for PHD schoolarships in social psychology or measurement and evaluation i have a comulative GPA of 3.56 and very good of my thesis
    piease inform me how to apply to PHD schoolarships in your countries
    thank you for your prompt response
    sincerly yours

  15. Urbashi Basnet says:

    I have done my Masters in Medical Microbiology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. I have done dissertation work as research program entitled as” study of vaginitis among pregnant women visiting an antenatal clinic.” Before that i have been in microbiology for three years in my graduate course and your area seems to be interesting and connect me to research in a different way, where i can explore more knowledge. All fields are interlacing in some way in biology so it would be interesting , so i am desprate to get PHD position at your place. Please provide me details about the application procedure and dates…
    thank you

  16. Ramakrishna says:

    Dear Sirs/ Madams

    This is Ramakrishna Munaga, i have M.Tech Degree in Mineral Exploration( Geophysics). I am interesting do my research work (PhD) in Norway, on the topic of Hydrocarbons (Gas & Oil) Exploration. Presently i am working on Hydrocarbons as for my project. can you give me details about my phd program and also which universities are offering me as for Hydrocarbon exploration.

    Anticipating a positive reply

    Thanks & Regards

  17. ? Hello,my name is kamila I have a BSc degree in computer science . I believe that involving in different up to date research keen challenges & specializing in subject matter (Further studies in Master & PhD Program) is important for my career. Accordingly, I kindly request you assistance to consider me to get a possibility for a Master (Msc) degree in computer science or related fields full time scholarship, may be sponsored through you Institution. I thank you in advance for your consideration
    Thank you
    Kamila Hussen

  18. Tariq Hamdon says:

    Dear sir / madam ,

    i am dr. tariq hamdon from Sudan , i was graduated from Bahr El-Ghazal University in WAO ( south of Sudan ) – faculty of medicine – at october 2007 . I had experience of 2 years , one year in public health field ( NGO,s ) with Epidemiological Laboratory ( Epi-Lab ) and one year in clinical field . I am so interested in public health field due to the real demand for health development in my country specially in ( South of Sudan ) in which post-war rehabilitation is going on .
    So , i would like to know if there is any opportinities to get a award in your program in Public Health Master or any master courses related to public health .
    Please send me a feedback .

    Worm Wishes ,

  19. vishal sharma says:

    dear sirs/madam

    this is vishal sharma.
    i m pursuing M TECH in FOOD technology from INDIA.

    i wants to do PhD .
    plz guide me

  20. Tewodros Demeke says:

    My name is Tewodros Demeke from Ethiopia looking for scholarship or financial fund for my paper of master of rural developement in national open university of India,IGNU,. I was graduated from Alemaya university in BSC of agrculture in 2004 and Istarted learning my MSC this year. therefore,I want to finish my MSC or get scholarship to acheive good result on my work and to solve my country’s assignment on developement by upgrading my qualification.
    Thank u

  21. tasleem says:

    I have done MS-CS from Internatioal islamic university with CGPA 3.70/4.00. And now want to do Ph.D in CS and need scholarship

  22. Rajesh Kumar Shah says:

    I am rajesh Kumar shah From Nepal.I completed master in Food Technology from Neapl.I want to continue the PH.D. in food science & Technology in Nepal or asian Countries with getting the full scholorship.Pls do the needful.

    Thanks & Reagrds

    Rajesh Kumar Shah

  23. Rajesh Kumar Shah says:

    I have M.Tech in Food Technology and was completed from Neapl. I want to continue my PhD in Food science & technology in Nepla or Asian Countries with getting the full scholorship.Pls do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards

    Rajesh Kumar shah

  24. wajahat ahmed says:

    Respected Sir,
    i am wajahat ahmed chemical engineer from punjab university lahore pakistan.Sir i want to do MS in chemical engineering and i need scholarship .
    i shall be very thank full to you.
    wajahat ahmed

  25. Md. Aminul Islam says:

    Dear Sir,
    It is pleasure to introduce myself as a Bangladeshi student. I am statistical officer, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Planning since 1995.

    Academic Record:

    . MSc in Health Economics (1999), University of Dhaka.
    . Post-Graduate diploma in Health Economics (1997), University of Dhaka.
    . Diploma in Computer Science and Application (DCSA, 1999), Bangladesh Open University
    . Master of Demography (1989), University of Dhaka.
    . BSc in (Mathematics, Physics, Industrial Arts) 1986, University of Dhaka.

    Areas of Interest:

    . Demography and Health policy, Health Economics, Public Health, l
    Maternal and Child Health.

    I have a great desire to pursue my research degrees in Netherlands. The degrees you confer to the students not only help the students to build their career but also create an efficient manpower, so that they can contribute in the development of their nation. You are an outstanding professor of Netherlands. So I feel that my further research work could be find appropriate direction under expertise of your supervision, guidance and cooperation. In the connection a copy of my curriculum Vitae attached here with for your kind perusal.

    It would must appreciated if you would supervise my research work at PhD level and let me know the application procedure and information regarding enrollment in your Graduate School Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen with financial assistance.

    I keenly await your positive response as soon as possible.

    Thanking you in anticipation of your valuable cooperation.

    Sincerely yours.

    Md. Aminul Islam.
    Statistical Officer
    Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
    Ministry of Planning
    E-mail:[email protected]

    Curriculum Vitae

    Parishankhan Bhaban 6th Floor, Block-2
    E-27/A, Agargaon, Dhaka-1207
    Contact phone: 8802- 9114910(Office) 9137385(Home)
    Contact Mobiles: +8801711055100
    E-Mail: aminul [email protected]

    1. Professional Affiliations

    Statistical officer, Finance Administrations Management Information System and Demography and Health Wing, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Planning Division, Ministry of Planning (April 1995 till date)

    Responsibilities include:

    i) Work as the leader or a team member in various Development/research Project
    ii) Involvement in various stage of research work include: develop Project Proposal, Study designing, develop instrument, develop training Materials, training of Survey staff, conducting pre-test, desk research(based on secondary data) analysis of survey data and report writing.

    iii) Contribute/Share in Planning Monitoring activities and other administrative work of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.



    No. Name of Institution Board/University Year Degree Obtained Result
    1 Institute of Statistical Research and Training University of Dhaka 1989 Master of Demography 2nd Class
    2 Institute of Health Economics University of Dhaka 1997 PGD in Health Economics CGPA 2.65
    3 Institute of Health Economics University of Dhaka 1999 M.Sc. in Health Economics CGPA 2.65
    4 School of Science & Technology Bangladesh Open University 1999 Diploma in Computer Science and Application CGPA 2.94
    5 Zahurul Haque Hall University of Dhaka 1986 B.Sc.in Industrial Arts 2nd Class
    6 Rajshahi College Rajshahi Board 1983 Higher Secondary Certificate. 1st Division
    7 Lakshmanpara High School Rajshahi Board 1980 Secondary School Certificate. 1st Division

    B) Master of Demography with Special Training on basic Mathematics & Statistics for Demographer, Reproductive Biology, Principles of demography, Methods of Demography, Materials of Demography, Population And Development, Population Analysis, Quality Checking & Adjustment of population Data, Population in Bangladesh, Population Survey Methods, Evaluation of Population & Family Planning Program.

    C) Master of Science in Health Economics with special training in Health Economics, Principle of Economics, Health Science & Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Service Management, Policy & Planning for Health Sector, Financing & Economic Evaluation for Health Sector, Applied Econometrics.

    D) Diploma in Computer Application with Major in Computer Basic, Operating Systems, Office Automation, Computer Programming, Database Management Systems, Digital System and Computer Organization, Microcomputer and Microprocessors, Microcomputer Troubleshooting Computer Networks.

    My research interests are focused on population health and poverty alleviation in the contest of developing Country. My academic training is in demography with specialization in health economics. I have over 13 years of research experience that spans. Poverty analysis, health, population and sample vital registration System development.

    I have substantial experience in formulating survey and census instrument Providing training to research staff (Particularly to field investigators and supervisors of different sample survey and census), Have experience as district census co-coordinator ( Population census-2001, Economic census-2003 and Agriculture census-1996&2008) and administrative work, conducting field tests, field visits for monitoring /quality control of data, and analysis of quantitative data using statistical Software.


    i) Training Received
    a) Attended a 4-week’s Training on ‘Method and Delivery Specific Cost of Family Planning in Bangladesh’ organized by Associates for Community and Population Research (ACPR), 10/3 Block A, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207.

    b) Participated in the training on Population and Development for Government Planning Officials. From 31 January to 06 February 2004. Organized by Ministry of Planning and JSI Bangladesh.

    c) Participated in the training as a master trainer Comprehensive training on Population Census -2001, Economic Census-2003 and Agriculture census-1996&2008

    d) Received Refresher training on Strengthening of Sample Vital Registration System-2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 organized by BBS.


    e) Participated Training course on” Production of Statistic on Information Economy” held in incheon, Republic of Korea from 18-22 February’2008.

    ii) Conducted Training

    a) Conducted Training for Upazilla Statistical officer and Zonal officer of different census and sample surveys of Bangladesh Bureau of statistics.
    b) Conducted Refresher training on Strengthening of Sample Vital Registration system at district level for the supervisors and register of SVRS.

    iii) Thesis Work
    a) ‘A Comparative Study of Population Program on Family Planning Performance of Four Divisions in Bangladesh’ (Master of Demography)
    b) Determinant of Morbidity in Bangladesh. A Critical Analysis of Health and Demographic Survey -2000 (MSc in Health Economics)

    iv.) Term Paper
    a) Income is an important determinant for health but not the whole things
    b) Health Care Utilization in Bangladesh
    c) Quality Treatment through Fee for Services and Maternity Care at Union Health & Family Welfare Canters

    v) Publications

    a) Analysis of Poverty through Basic Needs Dimension-I
    b) Analysis of Poverty through Basic Needs Dimension-II
    c) Household Remittance and Investment.
    d) Sample Vital Registration System Report-2001.
    e) Sample Vital Registration System Report-2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006&2007

    vi) Seminar/Workshop Attended
    a) Bangladesh Health Economics Conference, 4-5 July, 2001, Hotel Sheraton Organized by: Institute of Health Economics& MOHFW
    b) Workshop on Utilization of Resource Center 15th July 2001, Hotel Purbani, Dhaka Organized by: Institute of Health Economics
    c) Seminar on ‘Population and Challenge the Next Millennium’ organized by Population Association of Bangladesh. Venue: Planning Academy, Nilkhet, Dhaka.
    d) Seminar on ‘Institutionalizing Parliamentary Democracy of Bangladesh’ Organized Commonwealth Society of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Venue: Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS), Dhaka.
    e) Workshop on ‘Conducting Strategy of the Population Census of 2001’ Venue: NEC Planning Commission, Dhaka.
    f) Workshop on ‘Health Insurance Scheme in Bangladesh’ Venue: Institute of Health Economics, University of Dhaka
    g) Seminar on ‘Role of Statisticians in achieving the millennium Development Goals Organized by Bangladesh Statistical Association Collaboration with Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Venue: Parishankhan Bhaban.

    1. Statistical officer, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of planning.( 1995 to till date)
    2. Research officer, Associates for Community and population research (ACPR) Dhaka, (1993-95)
    3. Assistant research officers, Bangladesh Association for Voluntary sterilization (BAVS) Dhaka, (June 1988-December 1990)

    VI. Research Studies Participated

    a) Socio- Economic and Demographic Impact of NGO Credit Program, in Rural Bangladesh.
    b) Method and Delivery Specific Costs of Family Planning in Bangladesh.
    c) Rapid Assessment of the Child Labor Situation in Bangladesh.
    d) The Evaluation of the Project on Family Planning through Samovar Movement.
    e) Analysis of Poverty through Basic Needs Dimension
    f) Household Remittance and Investment
    g) Survey on Prevalence of Morbidity and Health Status
    h) The Evaluation Work of child Survival Development Program.
    i) Sample vital Registration System in Bangladesh.
    j) Baseline survey of Aids/STDs Prevention and Control

    Diploma in Computer Application. Word and Spreadsheets and PowerPoint that are user friendly
    1. Bangladesh Health Economics Association
    2. Bangladesh Demography Association
    3. Bangladesh Statistical Association


    Father’s Name : Md Abdus Sobhan Sarker.
    Date of Birth : 15th February 1965.
    Nationality : Bangladeshi by Birth.
    Marital Status : Married
    Language Proficiency : English, Bengali
    Village : Kazipur
    Post Office : Rahmanpur
    Police Station : Dhamoirhat
    District : Naogaon


    1. Dr. Humaun Kabir, Professor, Institute of Statistical Research and Training (ISRT), University of Dhaka. Phone: 9661920- 73 Ext-6223 (Off), 867568(Res)

    2. Dr.Shushil Ranjan Howlader, Professor, Institute of Health Economics, University of Dhaka. Phone: 9661920-73 Ext-4436 (Off), 8620952(Res)

    3. Dr. Azizur Rahman, Professor, Institute of Health Economics, University of Dhaka. Phone: 9661920 (Off), Ext-4605.
    4. Md . Shoheb , Associate Professor, Institute of Statistical Research and Training (ISRT), University of Dhaka. Phone: 9661920- 73 Ext-6223 (Off), Mobile No. 01199872254

    5. Khadija Khatun,Professor and former Director, Institute of Statistical Research and Trainning(ISRT), University of Dhaka. Phone:9661920-73 Ext-8288(Off), E-mail: [email protected]
    6. Dr. Azhar Alli Molla, Assistant Professor, Institute of Health Economics, University of Dhaka.Phone: 9661920-73 Ext-3438, +8801712062735(Cell ), E-mail: [email protected]

    Md Aminul Islam)

  26. James Akena says:

    I’m a Ugandan with Masters Degree in Business Administration. I’m currently working on my PhD proposal in Analysis of Transport in Government Ministries and Semi Autonomous Agencies in Uganda and I would like to apply for scholarship. How ca I get application form and Supervisor.

    I hope to hear from you soon

    James Akena

  27. Tilahun Tadesse says:

    I am an Ethiopian with B.Ed degree in Pedagogical scienece from the then Bahir Dar teachers college and the currenet Bahir dar University, Ethiopia, and M.A.degree in Special needs from Education University of Joensuu, Finland. Although, Iam at early 50s, I need to pursue my studies at PHD level if I am offered financial assistance. Would you please cooperate me in finding scholarship opportunity as it is said, ‘Never too old to learn. I would appreciate any help you can give me.
    With best regards,
    Tilahun from Ethiopia.

  28. samad aliagha says:

    dear sir/madam
    I’m 28, from Iran an have M.A in english language and literature.
    I did a kind of comparative literature about some themes in Holy quran and Romantic period. I’d like to get my further education in english literature an i’ll be thankfull for any help
    thanks in advance

  29. siraj says:

    I am siraj nurhssen . I hold my ma degree in urban management .I need to do my phd in abroad . Therefrore I am waiting for your response.

  30. Momina Aragaw says:

    I am a girl from Ethiopia. I have been graduated from Hawassa University in Plant scienc. Now I am working in Adet Agricultural Research Center. But now I started my Msc in Jimma Univerisity College of Agriculture and Veternary Medicine. I will finish in the coming year. As soon as I finishe dI want abraod to continue my Phd. Can you give me adress of Netherland University having schollarshipis for under graduate woman?

  31. bethelihem gebre says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Bethelihem Gebre from Ethiopia, Africa. I hold my BA and MA in in Geography and Environmental studies.I have also been involved in teaching geography and environmental studies in government higher institution of Ethiopia (Debre Birhan University.I am now 27 and have a great interest to continue my PhD in Geography and Environmental studies.I am looking forward to hear from you.

    with regards, Bethelihem Gebre

  32. Fekadu says:

    I am Fekadu Kassa from Ethiopia. I had both my B.A and Master in Geography and environmental studies. I am a lecturer at Arbaminich University in Ethiopia . I want to continue my PhD in environmental studies. I am lucky if I join your program.
    Thank you

  33. najmeh says:

    My name is Najmeh,I am from Iran.
    I hold a bacheloe degree in (Administration Management ) and also hold MA in( Energy Economic
    I am looking for PHD sholarship in economic major…….
    i thank you in advance in your program soon………

  34. Perpetua kilasi says:

    I would like to apply for PhD award in education Planning and Management. Currently I am Assistant Lectirer at Mzumbe University, Tanzania

  35. Tadesse Alemayehu says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Tadesse Alemayehu from Ethiopia. I had both my B.Sc and Master in Public Health. I have also been involved in different public health related projects, both in governmental and non-governmental organizations for the last six years. I have a special interst in Reproductive Health for which I want to persude my PhD in RH related field. I am now 28 and have a great zeal to continue my education (PhD in Public health). Ready to hear something from you.
    Thanks in advance,
    Tadesse Alemayehu

  36. Dawit Bedasa says:

    my name is Dawit Badasa native to Ethiopia , i have BA in biology & i want to continiou further study on environmental science . please ,how can i get a scholarship & make my draem true.

    thank you in advance , may GOD bleese you !

  37. Kitu Etienne says:

    My name is Kitu Etienne from Cameroon. In terms of education I have college diploma in Land Surveys, i will like to further my studies in your institution , I will be so glad If i get the opportunity to further my studies fully . Waiting for your kind reply.
    Thanks and regards

    Kitu Etienne

  38. I Would wish to do PhD Psychology in Norway. I have Msc in clinical psychology + many years experience working with the mentally ill.Currently I am a member of the academic staff at Moi university.

  39. abhishek dixit says:

    Dear Sir,
    i m a senior lecturer in department of computer science at a university in india http://www.lpu.in my research area is data mining and i hv teaching experience of 3 years in institues of engineering and university together..i m from india ..i m interested in phd in the field of knowledge discovery/data mining..kindly reply me in this regard
    have a nice time

  40. Mavis Akuffobea says:

    I am 34 years and have just completed an M.Phil Sociology course with specialisatin in Health and Environment at the University of Ghana, Legon.I would like to apply for the PhD Positionsin Health and Development. Can you help me get an application form? Thank you.

  41. Taye Gari says:

    Dear sir
    I am pleased to write for you on this occasion. I did my masters in public health at Addis Ababa University and now I am teaching health science students at Hawassa Health Science College, Ethiopia. So i am very happy if you give me chance for further study (Phd in public health fields)
    Thank you

  42. zerihun Belay says:

    I have MSc in applied Microbiology thesis based on soli microbiology( rhiziobiology) and currently lecturer at Hawassa univwersitry, Ethiopia. I am so glad If i get the opportunity to further PhD studfy on enviromental microbiology. Waiting for your kindly reply.

  43. I have Msc in environmental chemistry. I am a lecturer at Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia . I want to continue my PhD in environmenta analytical chemistry. I am ucky if I join your program.
    Thank you

  44. Joel Leposo says:

    joel leposo holds a masters degree in business administration – marketing specialization and several years experience in the Kenyan civil service. I am interested in pursuing a PhD in business and mangement – in the area of project planning and management. Kindly assist secure a funding for this purpose.

  45. farid abbasi says:

    im farid abbasi. id like to continue my studies in the field of communication or media studies for phd.because of my economic condition please offer me fully-funded positions
    thanking you
    farid abbasi from iran

  46. Sajid Maqsood says:

    Dear Rebekka,
    This is Sajid Maqsood from Pakistan . I have completed my 4 years BS degree in Chemistry with Inorganic chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Applications of computer in Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry as majors in 2007 from Bahauddin Zakariya University .I have also completed as research thesis entitled ,” Synthesis and Kinetics studies of drug based Copolymer”. Now I am doing my MS/M.Phil. in Inorganic Chemistry from the same university I graduated, which is also one of the leading public universities in Pakistan .

    A lot of students from my university have already been accepted in International Universities around the world. Therefore I am also interested to improve myself to complete my higher education from some international university. At the moment I am doing research on the programmes and universities of my interest around the globe with better education and research facilities. I am interested in doing PhD Chemistry in the given field. Therefore I am writing you to get more information about the Norway PhD scheme for the students from developing countries. Hope you would guide and accept me as a student for PhD scheme.

    I thank you in anticipation.

    Sajid Maqsood
    Student M.Phil. Chemistry

  47. mohamed sh. abdu samed says:

    Dear sir/ madam, it.s my Great pleasure my name mohamed sh. from somalia ihave BCs (honor ) crop production and MCs degree in community studies &rural development, At the moment I am writing this thinking that your university is considerate enough to students from the developing countries. if you have any position. Thank you With best regards..

  48. Addisu Assefa says:

    My name is Addisu Assefa. I hold my M.Sc from Addis Ababa University in Applied microbiology. I did my thesis work on drug senstivity patterns of uropathogens isolated from pregnant women attending antenatal clinic of Tikur Anbessa specilaized Hospital. Our work was published on Ethiopian Medical journal issue 2008. I have a keen interst on research undertaking of bacterial pathogens of humans and also on fungal pathogens of tree. If I have given a scholarship opportunity in the aforementioned areas, I will assure to perform all my efforts to maxium level. I am lookforward to hearing from you.
    Addisu Assefa
    Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

  49. Yohannes M. says:

    I am yohannes M. from ethiopia graduated with MSc in chemistry. Want to do a Ph.D research if i get full sponsorship.

    With regards

  50. Solan aredo says:

    I’m MA degree graduate in linguistics. I have work experience more than seven years in social works with schools,hospitals and child based organizations.I want to pursue my MA degree in social works or social anthropology.
    I would like if you could help me search for possibility of fully-funded positions to continue my studies.
    Thank you!!

  51. charles says:


    My name is Charles Osojo a Ugandan citizen.

    I have learned of your programme and I have a Bachellors Degree in Education with aspeciality in economics. My interest is to take Msc studies in Development Economics. I would be very glad if your programme obsorb me in.


  52. Yohannes Mulugeta says:

    Dear Sir/ Maddam, It`s my great pleasure to write to you for the first time. My name is Yohannes Mulugeta from Ethiopia.I am from poor family.&have acollage Diploma and Universty Degree from Addis Ababa Universty Department of applied chemistry.I have a great dream to up gread my qualification in Organic Chemistry,pharmacueticals for my M.SC if you have any position. Thank you With best regards.

  53. Abebe desseye says:

    My name is Abebe Desseye from Ethiopia. In terms of education I have college diploma in accounting, Bsc degree in business education, M.A degree in public financial management. I am so glad If i get the opportunity to further studfy my PHD. Waiting for your kindly reply.

  54. hani ibrahim rabih abdoh says:

    Name: Hani Ibrahim Rabih Abdoh
    Date of birth: 13 – 3 – 1978
    Nathonality: Sudanese
    Civil status: single_incage
    Residence: alhaj yousif street-1
    Cellular:E mail – [email protected]
    Cellular phone: +249121068104 or +249911127863

    Education: university of Gezira
    1. Intermediate diploma in computer science faculty of engineering nanotechnology 9\2002 till 19\7\2005
    2. BSC(honors)in textile engineering technology faculty of science and technology 28\7\1998 till 16\3\2002
    3. Postgraduate diploma in business administration faculty of economic and rural development on 20\3\2005
    4. I finish the master of business administration (MBA) .

    1. Arabic writing reading speaking
    2. English writing reading speaking

    High analytical ability, faste learning patience working in multinational environment in a team and system development capacity

    WORK Experience:
    1. Textile engineer Elhuda textile CO LTD 3\1\2003 to 3\1\2004
    2. Textile engineer and textile management Elhuda textile CO LTD 1\9\2002 to 31\12\2002
    3. Industry safety engineer (labour Inspector) in Labour Work Office (I.L.O) Medani 9\3\2004 till now.

  55. Andualem Anteneh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am Andualem Anteneh from Ethiopia. It gives me a great pleasure and honor to contact you for the first time about PhD scholarship. I had Environmental health first degree and my second degree is MPH in Jimma and Addis Abeba University respectively. I just want to know how to get PhD award in health or Environmental health discipiline related to the community. I have been working for more than 10 years in the MOH and now I am 36 years old.
    I am very pleased to hear something from you.


    Andualem Anteneh

  56. Mudassar Manzoor says:

    i m Mudassar from Pakistan.i m an Electrical Engineer.i want to do Masters in Electrical Engineering.i have 2 years of work experience.now i want to get admission in ur institution.
    how can i apply for scholarship????????is it fully paid scholarship????????what is its elgibilty criteria????????

  57. Mengistu Russom Araya says:

    I am writing for my second time wishing to persue my PhD programe. I am an Eritrean, working in a new college of agriculture as a lecturer of Rangeland Management and Forage Crop Production. I have also worked in the ministry of Agriculture as director of Rangelands and Nutrition. I have got my MSc degree from the University of Nairobi, Kenya in 1997. At the moment I am writing this thinking that your university is considerate enough to students from the developing countries. Thank You.

  58. Tauheed Mahmud Hussain says:

    Dear Sir,

    I graduated in Civil Engg. (Major focus in Environment) from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) in 2003. My CGPA was 3.67 out of 4.

    For the last 5 years, I am working in Institute of Water Modelling (IWM – http://www.iwmbd.org) as a water resource engineer. IWM is a Trust of Govt. of Bangdesh & research institute that provides specialist service in the field of water modelling, computation hydraulics and allied science.

    Now I want to apply for Ph.D position in the field of Adaptation to Climate Change. I need to know whether I am eligible for applying for this position.

    With Regards,
    Tauheed Mahmud Hussain

  59. Karim Ayaana Umar says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I have Just finished my MPhil in Environmental Science from the University of Ghana but My thesis have not been published for me to graduate as required. I however, have the results of my course work. I will to know whether I can apply and be considered for a PHD in environmental science. Please give me the necessry assistance.

    thank you very much.

    Karim Ayaana Umar

  60. Tesfaye Belachew says:

    Dear Sir.

    I am very much pleased to write to you for the first time.
    Please let me introduce myself. I am Tesfaye Belachew working for Holt International Ethiopia Program as Project coordinator. I had M.A degree in development studies With GPA of 3.85 on August 2008. I am writing to you asking if you accept me for doing PhD work (proposal project). I’m looking forward to get a sholarship in the field of development studies,specifically rural livelihoods and development or any related interventions and research. . I will be happy to be involved with any running projects in your institute. I hope that you accept me as a Ph. D. student in your institute. I am hopefully asking what about fund? As i do not have fund at present time, minimal fund would be ok. I hope you could help me about that.
    Thank you very much and I am waiting for your kind reply.
    Many thanks in advance
    Faithfully: Tesfaye Belachew

  61. Gemechu Taye says:


    My name is Gemechu Taye, from Ethiopia , Africa. Currently, I am looking for undertaking my PhD. I graduated in History , BA and Social Anthropology, MA. Would you help me in giving me award in areas relevant to my experience and education. Please send me your response.

    With kind regards,

    Gemechui Taye

  62. syed mazhar ali shah says:

    as a student of social science i want to persue my carrier in education field

  63. thank you for providing this opportunity for me. i have first degree on development administration and second degree on organizational leadership, but still i want to have my phd . i am 33 so it is my pleasure if i can get this opportunity with GOD.

    best regards

    wollela mebrat

  64. Ali Taani says:

    I am a Jordanian citizen and I finished my master’s degree in Astronomy and Space Sciences at al Al-Bayt University, Jordan, in 2008. A new challenging master’s program which has distinctively been established few years ago. I am looking hopefully for potential areas of Ph.D.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Ali Taani,

  65. fikre zerfu says:

    my name is fikre zerfu and have the great honor and pleasure to write to you for the first time. i am working in somali region pastoral and Agro-pastoral research instituite, as range and forage researcher. I had M.Sc. in enviromental science With general grade 3,85 aqnd very good thesis in july, 2007/8, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. I am writing to you asking if you accept me for doing PhD work (proposal project). I’m looking forward to get a sholarship in the field enviromental governace or climate change. . I will be happy to be involved with any running projects in your institute. I hope that you accept me as a Ph. D. student in your institute. You are really supporting me to obtain a scholarship, and doing me and whole Ethiopia which suffer from drought, famine and poor condition of the people.
    Thank you very much and I am waiting for your kind reply.
    Many thanks in advance
    Faithfully: FIKRE ZERFU

  66. wasila says:

    I am an origin of Nigeria. 24 years udergradaute. I am serching for schorlarship intrenatioally from any angle. I will like to sutdy Business Admin or Scretarial Studies. NT. Please a want a fully-funded position sponse
    Thank You.

  67. Lelisa Sena Dadi says:

    Dear Sir/madam,

    I’m MPH holder & my first degree inBSc in environmnental health. currently, I’m a lecturer in Jimma University, Ethiopia. have also about 10 years experience public health services. Now I want persue PhD in the field of public health like epidemiology, health planning and management, or even DrPH. But I don’t have money to realize my dream. So please can you help get full schlarship for either PhD in public health fields or DrPH? I am looking forward hopefully to your positive response.

    With regards,


  68. Lechissa Edossa says:


    I am Lechissa Edossa Dirba from Ethiopia. I have diploma from Arba Minch university in soil engineering, I have BA in Economics and MA degree in Environment and Development from Addis Ababa University,Ethiopia.I have attended various short term courses both local and international on water development. I have 19 years working experience in water sector.I wish to persue a PhD in Environment in the field of environmental governance

    Yours faith fully

  69. Omoding Samuel says:

    I am a Ugandan by birth. I hold a bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and mathemetics from makerere university, Kampala. I also hold M.A degree in ecnomic policy management from makerere university, Kampala. Right now I am 38 years old.

    I wish to persue a PHD in Economics in the field of environmental governance.

  70. Hailemichael Shewa says:

    I have a BA degree in English, I have another BA degree in Management, and I have a master’s degree in curriculum, all from Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia. If I get fully-funded position I want to study your offer.

  71. Gharibe says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I’m an Iranian nationality and looking for some opportunities to do my PhD in GIS (Geomatics Engineering or Geospatial Technologies) in Europe or Australi by getting a scholarship, but very very rarely I see announcements in this regard through youe site. I’ll be so greatfull if you kindly help me in in this regard somehow.

    Best Regards

  72. m iqbal says:

    me a pakistani student.
    now in 18th year of study
    my subject is chemistry
    can i apply now for this
    plz tell me my relevant fields/sites

  73. hussain muhammad says:

    dear sir i have done my Msc in orgnic chemistry i want to continue my study further sir if u you have any schalorship for poor student please grant me shall b vary thankfull to you.than you

  74. Dear sir/madam,

    am called Lubega Lazarus, a Ugandan, a professional teacher teaching language and Divinity subjects. am the president Tyro which an NGO for youth– http://www.tyroafrica.org, and am so much interested to up grade in my studies! can acquire a bursary?

    Thank you for your positive response.

    Lazarus Lubega
    +256 712529097

  75. Walelign Demisie says:

    Dir sir
    I am Walelign Demisie from Ethiopia. I got MSc in agronomy field of specialization in July, 2007. At present I am a lecturer in Jijiga University. I would like to pursue my PhD in seed science and technology.

    I thank you in advance hoping you reply me soon.



  77. Massoumeh Abbasi says:

    I am Massoumeh Abbasi, and would like very much do get a post doctoral position in your group. At present, I received my Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from Shiraz University Shiraz , Iran .
    I have worked on bio-inorganic aspects of porphyrin chemistry under the supervision of Prof. D. Mohajer.
    Based on my academic experiences, I have a very strong background in inorganic chemistry and also a wide range of practical and analytical skills ideally suitable for continuing my carrier as a researcher in research environments. I am looking for a position where my knowledge and experiences could be applied to provide innovative solutions.
    Please contact me should require further information.

    Massoumeh Abbasi
    [email protected]

  78. Dr.M.Perumalswamy says:

    I am Dr. M. perumalswamy and awarded Ph.D in zoology ( Vermiculture Bio tecnology) Let me know university or institute and reseach lab, to continue my post doctoral fellowship in Narway

  79. Manal Hamid Ahmed says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    My names Manal Hamid from Sudan- South Darfur state.
    I have M.Sc degree in Sustainable Rural Development- Ahfad University for women 2005, now Iam interested to do my PH.D study but I have abroblem of fund, It will be so nice if its possible to join your programme or not? If yes please let me no how is the procedure of application and method of payment.

    Thanks and best regards

    Manal hamid

  80. sonika sharma says:

    dear sir

    i m masters in clinical psychology and very much interested in studying abroad for phd with scholorship .hence kindly guide me for the above about how i can apply.


  81. osama ellayan says:


  82. Dear Sir.

    I have the great honor and pleasure to write to you for the first time.
    Please let me introduce myself. I am Mohamed Ghazaly working in Oncology Unit, General Surgery Department, Faculty of medicine, Tanta University, Egypt as Assistant lecturer in the field of general surgery. I had M.Sc. With general grade Excellent April 2007 Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt in general surgery. I am writing to you asking if you accept me for doing PhD work (proposal project). I’m looking forward to get a sholarship in the field of liver resection, transplant, laparoscopy,oncological surgery or any related interventions and research. My CV is involved here as an attachment. I will be happy to be involved with any running projects in your institute. I hope that you accept me as a Ph. D. student in your institute. You are really supporting me to obtain a scholarship, and doing me and whole Egypt which suffer from liver disease a great favour. If a Phd scholarship is not available, a research and clinical training for one or two years even without a resulting degree would be fine. I am hopefully asking what about fund? As i do not have fund at present time, minimal fund would be ok. I hope you could help me about that.
    Thank you very much and I am waiting for your kind reply.
    Many thanks in advance
    Faithfully: Mohamed Ghazaly

  83. Dear sir/Madam

    I am am MA holder in the teaching of English language as a foreign language. My first degreee is pedagigical sciences. Now I want to pursue my Phd in language education and cultural studie.

    I would appreciate if you tell me whether your institution afford full funding for my studies.

  84. Fekadu Tamiru says:

    I have MSC in Exploration Geophysics and I have an interest to your phD postions and I request your assistance and Support.

  85. rajesh pyakurel says:

    I would like to add more i have done Mater of Env. Sc and 19 yr. working exp. in governmental & INGOs concerning field various level . Thanks

  86. rajesh pyakurel says:

    Dear sir/ madam
    I want do Phd program in your country in mentioned field send more information.
    Thank you.

    Rajesh From Nepal

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