Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (SPK) Scholarships

The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (SPK) with its unique museums, libraries and archives, is one of the largest and most varied cultural and scholarly institutions in Germany and the world. The sources of the tradition entrusted to it are preserved, added to, made accessible and researched in the Berlin State Museums (SMB), the Berlin State Library (SBB), the Privy State Archives (GStA PK), the Ibero-American Institute (IAI) and the State Institute of Music Research (SIM).

The scholarship programme of the SPK enables scholars from all over the world to undertake one-month to three-month research and work residencies at the institutions of the SPK in Berlin. The scholarships are primarily intended to enable foreign scholars to work at the museums, libraries and archives of the SPK, to participate in scholarly and cultural life with the SPK and in Berlin, and to make professional contacts with employees of the SPK and of other institutions in Germany.

The application for a scholarship must be made for the first half-year of a year by 30 September of the previous year, and for the second half year, by 30 March of the same year. The application is made directly to the director of the institution where a residency is sought: the Director General of the State Museums or the State Library, or to the Director of the GStA PK, the IAI or the SIM.

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