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10 Master Scholarships at PPM School of Management, Indonesia

10 Master Scholarships at PPM School of Management, Indonesia

PPM School of Management has stood for 43 years, very experienced in management, and has managed to print its prominent leaders, both local and multinational companies.

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PPM School of Management “The Future Leader” , program Indonesia. PPM School of Management held “The Future Leader”, a talent search program to become future leaders in the field of management & business in Indonesia. Prof. Through this program PPM School of Management provides scholarships “The Future Leader”. Kadarman AM to 10 local children who have the talent, passion, and incredible motivation to become “The Future Leader.”

And this year, PPM School of Management back will hold “The Future Leader” Series 3, which will provide full scholarships to ten best participants to follow the course of MM Wijawiyata Management PPM School of Management and pocket money during the 15 months that is worth USD 85 million.

Through this program, PPM School of Management hope that more Indonesian children who can enjoy better education, so that the PPM School of Management can contribute to improve education, build and develop our nation.

Participant Requirements:

  1. S1 has been completed.
  2. Minimum GPA 3.00 from scale of 4.00.
  3. Maximum age 25 years on November 28, 2010.
  4. Status was not married.
  5. Meet the administrative requirements:
  • Completing a candidate data form ( download here )
  • Include the necessary documents as supporting data
    1. Photocopy of diploma and academic transcript which has been legalized
      • Dari PT NEGERI / SWASTA : oleh PT terkait From PT STATE / PRIVATE: the PT-related
      • DIKTI From Page abroad: by DIKTI or certificate of graduation and final transcripts that have not graduated.
    1. Photocopy of the appointment documents as an administrator or a member of an organization or committee,
    2. Photocopy of the award documents for specific achievements,
    3. (Preparation TOEFL diperbolehkan) document test results of English TOEFL 500 (450 for computer based) / IELTS 6 (TOEFL Preparation allowed)
    4. PAM copy of electricity bill / telephone / piped
    5. Photocopy of identity card
    6. Family Card photocopy
    7. Postcard size photograph the entire body
  • Include a letter of recommendation from the Higher Education Leader or Supervisor using prescribed format ( download here ).
  • Including medical waiver ( download here ).
  • Terms and conditions include a letter ( download here )
  • Submit a brief essay, type 1 ½ spaced, two pages of A4, with reference to the following five questions.

Choose a new situation occurs where you play as a leader. Describe the situation clearly in the summary, describe your leadership role in such situations, and explain how the effectiveness of your leadership and change what happened at that time or thereafter.
– Describe the three most important accomplishments you have achieved in life and explain why you see these achievements as something very important.
– Draw a disappointment or failure that you’ve ever experienced. How do you handle the situation and what can you learn from it?
– What are your career plans in the future and why?
– “The Future Leader”? – Are there any other information you think might benefit the Committee for PPM “The Future Leader” in the know and consider you to be one of the PPM “The Future Leader”?. Please put it succinctly and clearly.

The registration process:

  1. Prospective participants in the registration file sent in one envelope to the following address:

“The Future Leader” Committee

PPM School of Management PPM School of Management
Menteng Raya No.. 9 9
Jakarta 10 340
Image registration must be received by the committee no later than the date of October 22, 2010.

  1. Participants who pass the selection will be announced on the website administration PPM on November 6, 2010 16:00. Participants will be asked to download a letter of confirmation and for selection of cases to about 30 large.
  1. Participants include the answers to about the case to the committee of “The Future Leader” via email with a confirmation letter no later than November 8, 2010 16:00 PM pk.
  2. 30 finalists will be announced on the website PPM dated November 12, 2010 16:00 PM pk.
  3. The Future Leader”. 30 finalists will be sent a summons to attend “The Future Leader.”
  4. “The Future Leader” will be held on 29 November to 3 December 2010.


Email: [email protected] ; [email protected] [email protected]

tel: 021-2302025, 2300313 ext. 1104

Further scholarship details:

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