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2009 National MS Society Scholarship Program-USA

Applications for 2009 MS scholarships now available online : Delaware Applications for the 2009 National Multiple Sclerosis Society Scholarship Program are now available at http://www.nationalMSsociety.org. Students who may qualify include high school seniors, high school graduates, or GED-earners of any age who either have MS or have a parent who has MS and who want to enroll for the first time in a college or a vocational-technical school.

Established in 2003, the National MS Society Scholarship Program continues to grow in terms of support and the number of awarded scholarships. Whereas 36 scholarships totaling $68,000 were given out that first year, 518 deserving scholars received awards totaling $1.14 million in 2008.

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According to instructions on the Web site, the applications will be accepted between October 15, 2008, and the deadline on January 15, 2009, at Scholarship America, a national nonprofit educational support and student aid service organization that receives and evaluates all of the applications. Scholarship America then sends the top candidates’ applications to the National MS Society for final review and final award decisions. Scholarship America also sends out notice of scholarship awards in May, handles the distribution of award checks, and monitors student enrollment.

About the Delaware Chapter’s program
The Delaware Chapter’s program also continues to grow with the generous support of the Eolyne K. Tunnell Scholarship and the Arthur J. Stapler Memorial Foundations. Combined, the donations from the Tunnell and Stapler families create a pool of money that specifically supports the higher education of Delaware students whose home life has been affected by MS. In 2008, six students received more than $11,000 for their freshman year of higher education. They were Josh T. Billy, Glasgow High School; Michael H. Custer, Dover High School; Torey L. Hewett, Caesar Rodney High School; Anthony J. McGuire, St. Mark’s High School; Alex R. Hahn, Caesar Rodney High School; and Jacob A. Markiewitz, The Charter School of Wilmington.

“In the First State,” says Kate Cowperthwait, the chapter president, “more than 1,500 Delawareans have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and many of these individuals struggle daily to meet their families’ needs. Sometimes, the children have to grow up fast. As the children of people with MS, these kids know firsthand about the havoc this disease can wreak on a family. Each understands what it means to work hard towards a goal, and each deserves as much support as we can muster.

“For the Delaware Chapter’s scholars,” adds Cowperthwait, “we are grateful for financial support from the Eolyne K. Tunnell Scholarship and the Arthur J. Stapler Memorial Foundations. Quite simply, we could not do this work without these donations.”

About multiple sclerosis
Every hour in the United States, someone is newly diagnosed with MS. Most are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50—during life’s most productive years—and more than twice as many women are diagnosed as men. MS affects more than 400,000 Americans.

Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that interrupts the flow of information from the brain to the body. Symptoms range from tingling and numbness in the limbs to blindness and paralysis. In other words, MS stops people from moving.

Although the progress, severity, and specific symptoms of MS cannot be predicted, advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS. Studies show that early and ongoing treatment with an FDA-approved therapy can reduce future disease activity and improve the quality of life for many people with MS.

About the National Multiple Sclerosis Society
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is a collective of passionate individuals who are

•     moving together to create a world free of MS.

•     moving research forward by relentlessly pursuing prevention, treatment, and a cure.

•     moving to reach out and respond to individuals, families, and communities living with MS.

•     moving politicians and legislation to champion the needs of people with MS through activism, advocacy, and influence.

•     moving to raise $1.25 billion by 2010 to help create a world free of MS.

•     moving to mobilize the millions of people who want to do something about MS now.

To this end, the National MS Society funds more MS research, provides more services to people with MS, offers more professional education, and furthers more advocacy efforts than any other MS organization in the world. Through a 50-state network of chapters—including the Delaware Chapter—the Society addresses the challenges of living with the disease. To learn more, call (302) 655-5610, or visit http://www.MSdelaware.org.


  1. imran memon says:

    plz i m very poor man give me scholarship for any country

    Imran memon
    Adress: E-53 flate,doctor’s mess96,
    Jinnah post graduate medical center, karachi.
    Email: [email protected]
    Cell No: +92(345) 3670878

    To utilize my knowledge and skills for an organization, which offers opportunities for personal growth and career development

    Academic Records:

    Degree Institutions Year division /grade

    B.S Electronics from sindh university jamshoro sindh Pakistan 2008 “1st
    HSC Govt: qasimabad Science College, Hyderabad, Sindh. 2004 “B”
    SSC Hyderabad School of Academic Excellence, Hyderabad, Sindh. 2002 “B”

    Thesis & Project:
    Safe movement of rolley in factory plant (sensor robot)

    Field Experience:
    • Internship in PTCL switch Karachi
    • 1 month experience of Airtel call center agent
    • 6 days training program in EFU life insurance company
    • 1 moth experience sales officer EFU company

    Shot courses:
    • C language, c++
    • Java, advance java
    • Assembly language
    • 4 month short course of Ms office
    • 2nd level English Pakistan American cultural center (PACC)

    Computer skills:
    Internet browsing, Ms office,

    Skills and abilities:
    • Proficient in English, Urdu & Sindhi
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills
    • Good in team as well as individual work

    Personal information:
    Father’s Name : M.yusif memon
    C.N.I.C. No. : 41306-7179813-5
    Date of Birth : 30th July 1987
    Nationality : Pakistani
    Marital status : Single
    Domicile : Dadu

  2. JOHNSON N. says:

    I am a Graduate Student In Computer Science of Anambra State University (ANSU) Uli, Anambra State, Nigeria, A good GPA 3.37. My next dream will be to have master in relative to Business Administration aspect. As i think may i have the chance in continuing my master program in economic and financial direction in 2009 National MS Society Scholarship Program-USA
    . So that my dream will be a success, i need your support too Please Sir. unless it is difficult for me to achieve or to make my dream to be successful due to adequate financial problem.
    2009 National MS Society Scholarship Program-USA
    is the best in the world and it will be a dream come true for me to do my Masters Degree there.
    I strongly believe that some day the world will hear the name: JOHNSON as the Great Administrator from AFRICA.
    Thanks for anticipatory positive response.

  3. imran says:

    i m imran memon passed bs elctronics i want to get m.s scholarship.B.S Electronics from sindh university jamshoro sindh Pakistan 2008
    Thesis & Project:
    Safe movement of rolley in factory plant (sensor robot)
    Shot courses:
    · C language, c++
    · Java, advance java
    · Assembly language
    · 4 month short course of Ms office

    Skills and abilities:
    · Proficient in English, Urdu & Sindhi
    · Good communication and interpersonal skills
    · Good in team as well as individual work

    Personal information:
    Father’s Name : M.yusif memon
    C.N.I.C. No. : 41306-7179813-5
    Date of Birth : 30th July 1987
    Nationality : Pakistani
    Marital status : Single
    Domicile : Dadu

    Imran memon
    Adress: E-53 flate,doctor’s mess96,
    Jinnah post graduate medical center, karachi sindh pakistan
    Email: [email protected]
    Cell No: +92(345) 3670878

  4. Eshetie Tesfaye says:

    Hi, my name Eshetie Tesfaye. I am from Ethiopia. I have graduted from Bahirdar University with a field of water resources managemente in a ievel of Bsc degree.Becouse of fainancial problems i couldn’t continue my Msc programe, So if you could help me, i need free full scholarship in the Following fields;
    Irrigation Engineering
    water resources Enineering
    Hydraulic Engineering
    Hydrology Engineering
    Thank you Very much,

    With regardes,
    Eshetie Tesfaye,
    Bahirdar TVET,
    P.O.Box 189,
    E-mail: [email protected]

  5. I am Rev. Josephat Sahani Kaboya aged 39 years, an employee with National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) at Tabora Research Centre in Tanzania.

    I have been working with this Research Institution since 1993 to date as a Senior Laboratory Technologist. In 2001, I completed a two year course of Advanced Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences (specialized in Parasitology and Medical Entomology) at the Muhimbili University of health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) by then was known as Muhimbili University College of health Sciences (MUCHS)

    Last year i.e 2008, I was offered a place to pursue MSc -Research/PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Biology of Cancer) in the school of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Liverpool, UK.

    I tried to look for scholarship/sponsorships but I didn’t get any assistance financially. This year (during this academic year 2009/2010) the Liverpool school authority has nominated me again to pursue the same course.

    I therefore, ask you to assist me financially to meet the school required tuition fee (pounds 12,000), bench fee (pounds 3,000.
    Bench fee in years 2-4 will be ponds 6,000 = pounds 18,000.

    The course is of 4 years and this offer is a conditional one (i.e. it depends on the availability of funds) Also, the course commences on 21st September,2009

    I hope that, my financial request will be considered as this course is very important not only to me but also to my institute (NIMR), country and the World at large.

    Thanks and God bless you forever.

    Yours truly,

    Rev. Josephat Sahani Kaboya,
    National Institute for Medical Research,
    P.O.Box 482,
    Fax: +255262604943
    Tabora – Tanzania.
    E-mail: [email protected]

  6. zeleke amena hundie says:

    I am Zeleke Amena Hundie from Ethiopia a graduate of Medical Radiologic Technology from Addis Ababa university .I currently working in Adama referal Hospital.I desire to pursue a master degree in any medical related program to help actualise my deam as a well qualified medical profetional.I need your help to achieve that.
    You can reach me on [email protected]
    Thank you.

  7. ALI says:

    First of all I would like to thank all of you and your institution for providing the scholarship information. The Ethiopian economy remains heavily dependent on agriculture, which accounts for about more than 50 percent of the GDP. An estimated 85% of the population gains its livelihood directly or indirectly from agricultural production. Coffee exports accounts for more than 65 percent of foreign exchange earnings, while processed and semi-processed hides and skins are the second important foreign exchange earners.

    The level of development of the manufacturing sector in Ethiopia is at its infancy; and the country’s industrial base is very low. The share of intermediate and capital goods industry is very insignificant. The industrial sector is heavily dependent on imports of semi-processed goods, raw materials, spare -parts and fuel. In addition to imported inputs, the factories depend upon backward and subsistence agriculture for their raw material demand.

    It is only fourteen years since Ethiopia began moving from a state run economy to the market economy. The country is in the process of taking various reform measures.
    The industries include food processing and beverages, automotive industries which include production of components and parts, textile and textile products and garments, leather and leather products, fertilizers (mini-Plant) and chemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals are some among others.

    The “service” sector which consists of Trade, Transport and Communications, Banking, Insurance and Real State, Public Administration and Defense, Education, Health and Domestic and other personal services has increased
    The government has initiated a privatization program since 1995/96. Since this period of time, 85% of 909 factories have been privatized. However the number of manufacturing industries at the verge of the EPRDF led government was 283 operating only 20% of their manufacturing capacity compared with 70% currently.
    The government uses different mechanisms to guide the economy on the right track which lead it to the way of development. Among the others, helping the private sector to be the leader in the free market economy is the crucial one. The Development Bank of Ethiopia provides long, medium & short term loan with technical supports for privet sector on behalf of the government

    My name is Ali Ebrahim. I am from Ethiopia which is part of East Africa. I have Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Haramaya University in economics at 2008.Now I am working in one project which is owned by different Germen Ngos and the Ethiopian government under the ministry of capacity building. The project focuses on four areas which are private sector development, university reform, TVET system development and quality infrastructure.

    Now I am very interested to continue my further education (masters) if I can get any scholarship that relates to my field.Eventhough, I have high interest to continue my further education I have not the financial strength to do so that. I am living in a third world or developing country. It is known that in such countries it is very difficult even to have good daily life. It is very difficult and impossible to continue further education in such countries. Since there is no such further education in these this creates shortage of skilled man power. There is enough and unutilized resource in these developing African countries but the main and chronic problem is that there is no skilled man power to mobilize and use such resource. Today we are living in a global system in which the change or failure in one continent or country affects the other one directly or indirectly. Our world is coming in to one village. For me it is good if I am specialized in my field which is very interesting for my country specifically and the world or globe in general. ECONOMICS, the back bone or necessary field for every country and I am also interested in any business field to specialize .So I am very happy if you provide me with a scholarship any where with any economics or business related field. It may be in the fields of business adminstration, development economics, public adminstration, international trade, policy analysis and designing, macro economics and others

    I am sure that you will provide me with any scholarship that related my interest

    With regards

  8. mesfin tsegaye says:

    i’m from Ethiopia i have bsc in statistics and cureantly i’m working as gratuate assistant instroctor in dire dawa university.i am seeking Msc in statistics specialized fieldes.
    i look forward to hear from you soon

    thank you!!

  9. Fahad Amin says:

    i am fahad amin from pakistan. i am in final year of electronics engineering from COMSATS abbottabad, pakistan.
    i have got 3.9/4 cgpa til now. i want scholarship for MS in control system and rebotics in USA, Australia or Germany.
    please help me about it

    thanks in advance

    email: [email protected]
    Mobile: +92 333 7374676

  10. Fahad Amin says:

    i am fahad amin from pakistan. i am in final year of electronics engineering from COMSATS abbottabad, pakistan.
    i have got 3.9/4 cgpa til now. i want scholarship for MS in control system and rebotics in USA, Australia or Germany.
    please help me about it

    thanks in advance

  11. senay gebreyesus says:

    Dear sir/madam
    MY name is senay a 24 years old male highly interested to
    to study the MS scholar ship.I have B.sc in public health in
    the year 2006 from Hawwasa university faculity of health
    science.since then, i have been working in a district hospital
    as clinical officer, dupty medical director and now medical director of the hospital.Due to the finacial constraints i am unable to study the programme.so, iam kindly asking you to give me the chance

    e [email protected]

  12. trupti patel says:

    I am from India & completed my B.E.(Computer Engineering) from India.I want to do M.S.(computer science) from USA.My GPA is 3.8. I got GRE score 1060.And planning for TOEFL.I would like to know about scholarship program offered for International students.What are the eligibility criteria and how I can apply for it?
    I would really thankful for your assistance.

    With regards,
    Trupti Patel

  13. Temesgen Abebe says:

    I’m Rural development & family sciences department BSc holder from Debub University Ethiopia. I have two years working experience as Programme health officer. So I need to have Msc in Nutrition, Rural Development, Sociology & related fields. Even if, my hobby is to have these but I can’t afford the expence to be these. I usually think of that money can help to change mind of others. So, I will be glad if I got the chance of scholarship in any Europian country.

    Best regards,

  14. NEEMA says:

    I am a female aged 27, i have a Bachelor degree on Health Service Management with a G.P.A of 3.9 upper second division. I graduated from Mzumbe University Tanzania in 2007. Currently i am working with the Ministry of Health Tanzania as Health Secretary at the zone level. I am looking foward to do Masters Degree in Health Economics. But due to high demand of Health workers in the health sector it has to difficult for the government to finance masters degree rather they do fight to train more bachelor degree for the sector. I will appreciate if i get scholarship in either United Kingdom or Australia or Netherlands. I do request for the help to make my dreams come true one day. Thank you

    With regard
    Neema Ringo
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Mobile: +255712223554
    P.O.Box 1060

  15. angesom tesfay says:

    I am angesom tesfay from ethiopia. i have BA degree in cooperative business managment from mekelle university with 3.85 GPA . i am a head of capacity building office at wereda level. i have 10 years work exprience in different area. now if you give me achance to study msc i am very happy because i will do my best for my country.
    with best regards
    angesom tesfay
    angesom [email protected]

  16. leul says:

    i am leul berhanu 22 years old from Ethiopia, graduated from Arbaminch university faculty of water technology in the department of water supply and environmental engineering and i am searching for my full scholarship to continue my masters degree in civil and environmental engineering or other water engineering related fields so i will be very glad if some body help.
    thanks a lot.

  17. sisay.lelisa says:

    Dear sir/madam my name is sisay lelisa i am living in ethiopia and now i am a university student at mekelle university ,department of natural resource economics and management.hopefully i will have my B.S.C in natural resource economics and management on july 2009 thus what i have to announce you is that i am very much interested to have my M.S.C program in agricultural science &fields related to resource management in 2010 academic year in your university . for your information 1.GPA(american standard)up to 2008 july(second year)=3.62(great distinction) 2.Age-19 3.sex-male4.program-BSC in natural resource economics and management under the faculty of agriculture.5. some of the major courses i have taken until now are- -microeconomics 1&2 -macroeconomics 1&2 -resource economics renewable and non renewable -farm management -mathematics for economics -stastics for economics -mathematical programming -econometrics and other agriculture related fields like soil and water management,soil science,fundamentals of crop production,animal science,ecology…thus i am inneed for full fund scholarship,can you help me? Thank you sisay lelisa

  18. Hailay Zeray says:

    Hi, my name Hailay. I am from Ethiopia. I have graduted from Arbaminch University with a field of water resources and Hydraulic Engineering in a ievel of Bsc degree.Becouse of fainancial problems i couldn’t continue my Msc programe, So if you could help me, i need free full scholarship in the Following fields;

    water resources Enineering
    Hydraulic Engineering
    Hydropower Engineerin
    Hydrology Engineering
    Thank you Very much,

    With regardes,

  19. Humaira Jamshed says:

    I am Humaira.I got my MBA Degree with 3.56 CGPA.Now I am in great interest to win the scholarship for MS or Phd in Mgt Sciences frm America.
    So plz help me in this regard.

    Your help will be highly appreciated.

  20. Olalekan says:

    Hello plis hi am an undergrate at the university of lagos nigeria.hi need scholarship to assist my education

  21. Haftu Woldu says:

    my name is Haftu Woldu from Ethiopia, Africa.I am searching for full fund scholarship to have MSc.in construction managment or highway engineering. I have BSc. in civil engineerin. And i am working as project manager for 200 million Eth. birr project with more than 10 years working exeprience

  22. SETH FRIMPONG says:

    sir, iam a young graduate in HNDCHEMICAL ENGINEERING.seeking scholarship to do my MS.I am a ghanaian.

  23. FURERE Wllars says:

    Dear Sir / Madam;
    I am a graduate from the National University of Rwanda in this acadamic year 20008 with BSc degree in economics. My ambition for the coming year is to study Masters Degree in economics(Banking or Finance). so would you please give me the scholarship opportunity as much as possible.If there is special consideration for students coming from underdevelopped countries my country is is Rwanda..
    Sincerely Your’s
    FURERE Wellars

  24. Agogo George says:

    I am George Agogo, a Kenyan
    I have a first degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and looking for scholarship to further my studies in Statistics.
    Please could you assist me
    Email:[email protected]

  25. emmanuel amponsah says:

    please sir i am shs graduate i want ti further my education in abroad please i will be grateful if you could offer me a schorlarship to sudy.

  26. Menbere Abebe says:

    Hello. My name is Menbere Abebe. I am an Ethiopian and I graduated from Haramaya University in law on July 2007.Currently I am looking for a scholarship to study for LLM in environmental law or any other related field. So, I would appreciate it if you help me to make my dream come true.

    Thank you!

  27. mohammed abdul nasir says:

    i am a student in ghana of sunyani polytechnic offering accountancy as 2nd year student, but due to financial problem i am now at home, which i will not be able to complete to achiveve my dreams, so i am applying and pleading for scholaship from you to help me to have a good and queit education, when you are willing to help me as a poor student to achieve my aim.
    i know my application will be accepted. thank you.

    yours faithfully

  28. salami ibrahim says:

    please,i just wannt to find out out what scholarship best fit my kind of person.i graduated with lower credit in a polytechnic ogun state,nigeria..i studied electrical electronics engineering

    i really need a posgraduate program/masters program in the above field.

    please,how do i get a totally free scholarship on this.please i really want to further.

    would so much appreciate it if i could be of benefiet and am also looking forward to your assistance and a reply on this.

    salami ibrahim


  29. Tigist Assefa says:

    I am from Ethiopia, I graduated with soil and water engineering and management (Bsc),I need a scholarship to do masters degree in related fields, I have worked in organization for rehabilitation and development in amhara as site supervoiser for 2 years.

    e-mail- [email protected]
    mob.phone- +251913224503


  30. birhane kebede says:

    my name is birhane kebede graduated with geography &environmental study from mekelle university in 2006
    then I want to be learn MS in any field.
    thank you in advance

  31. Kidist Haile says:

    I’m Kidist Haile from Addis Ababa Ethiopia. I earned my BA Degree in Accounting from Haramaya University in July,2005. Currently I am working in my profession in Pepsi cola company in Ethiopia too. I have a great desire to persue my MA in any of international Business courses. But, the opportunity is very less to extend my education in my country due to several constraints, I AM SEEKING FOR A SCHOLARSHIP.

    I would like to know from you how can I make my dream come true and get this scholarship.Hope to hear from you sooner thank you inadvance

    With Regards!

  32. TIGIST says:

    Dear Sir / Madam;
    I am a graduate from Addis Ababa University in the acadamic year 2004/2005 with BSc degree in Applied Statstics. At this moment I am working at Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research in the Biometrics department as a Researcher (Biometrician). My ambition for the coming year is to study my Masters Degree in Biometry or Biostatstics so would you please give me the scholarship opportunity as much as possible.If there is special consideration for Female students my gender is Female.
    Sincerely Your’s

  33. David Edward says:

    am david edward from tanzania , i have bachelor degree in statistics(BSC)
    am looking forward to getting scholarship in master degree
    i’ll be so thankful for any help to expand my knowledge

  34. zeleke misgan says:

    my name is zeleke. i am living in ethiopia and i am second year RADIOGRAPHER IN ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY and i want to learn in other coutry my msc .


    p.o.box. 9086
    addis ababa university

  35. George.Gete says:

    I’m enquiring where should i get schorlarship for year 2009 in regards to my field of interest and where should i get application as well who should assist in tuition fees?

  36. George.Gete says:

    My name is George.Gete who hold a diploma in teaching secondaryEnglish/socialscience .currently teaching at Guguha c.h.s in solomon islands.I’m graduate at solomon island college of high education in 2007 and i’m of great interest seaching for scholar in bacholar in social science (commuintywork) or any related field to my interest.

    George Gete


    I am NWOKE EUNICE ABOSEDE who hold BTECH degree in AGRIC ECONOMICS AND EXTENSION 2004.But I have not got a financial access to advance my profession.Please i will you to sponser me to do my master degree
    Your applicant

  38. Begonet Dale says:

    I am Begonet Dale who hold BSC degree in soil and water engineering in 2006.But stiil I have not get financial access to advance my profession.Please sponsering me to do my master degree in water management or in related subject.
    Your applicant
    Begonet Dale
    E-mail [email protected]

  39. kibrete wolde says:

    I am Dr.kibrete wolde from ethiopia graduated in october 2005 from jimma university with doctor of medicine now working in a governement hospital as a medical director,ART pyhsician,as an instructor for health science students and general practioner and many more responsibilities. i am seeking post graduate masters in any field related to medicine and health. i need your assistance in searching scholarship for free.

    thank you in advance
    Dr.kibrete wolde

  40. chalachew tiruneh says:

    i’m working at HIV & AIDS prevention and control office in ethiopia in specific towon of dire dawa .I have graduated from Haramaya University in environmental health science (BSc) before two years .I’m now looking for scholarships as well as on job post graduation education programs .I wish i carry on my further education by master of health related fields or any of bussiness fields .

    I would like to thank in advance of your help .
    Email [email protected]

  41. Andnet Alemu says:

    My name is Andnet Alemu i am 22 years old and female . i have BA in geography and environmental studies and i have taken sociology and social antropology as a minor course. anyways i am searching for scholarship related with society or related with my felid of study. E mail [email protected]
    po box 32321 Addis Ababab Ethiopia

  42. Getinet Adugna says:

    My name is Getinet Adugna from Ethiopia.I have graduated from Haramaya university with BSc degree in plant Science in 2008.
    So I would like to up grade my knowledge by studing at your university.Therefore,if there are masters program in the field of agriculture ,I hope I will be your choice.
    Thank you for your time.

  43. Eyerus says:

    I am an ethiopian and I am a second year student for my MA in development studies at addis ababa university, college of development studies. I have a plan to continue my Ph.D right away in related fields and I dared to find full free scoholarship to continue my education. How can I make my dreams come true? I hope to hear from you so soon.


  44. Oyang Benard says:

    Dear sir/madam

    My name is Oyang Benard from Uganda. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree of Nursing Science which i attained from Makerere University, Uganda in 2007. I graduated with a CGPA of 4.12.
    I undertook part of my undergraduate training at Karolinska Hospital, Sweden.
    I have been working at the Uganda Heart Institute, Mulago Hospital Complex in Uganda since then. I am humbly seeking for a scholarship to help me pursue a Master’s Degree Program in any nursing field though i would be happy to get my Master’s Degree Training in the fields of Critical / Intensive Care Nursing, Theatre Nursing, Nursing Education or research in any medically related field. I hereby pledge to abide by any terms and conditions that a willing sponsor would attach to the sponsorship. I will be humbly grateful if your office could help me forward my request to any possible source of sponsorship.
    With thanks,

    Oyang Benard (BSN Nurse, Uganda.)

  45. Mohammad Muhebbullah Ibne Hoque says:

    This is Mohammad Muhebbullah Ibne Hoque, a Bangladeshi national searching a scholarship for doing Ph.D. I have completed B.Sc.Ag.(Hons.) and M.S. in Horticulture from Bangladesh Agricultural University. Please give me the opportunity.

    With best regards,
    Mohammad Muhebbullah Ibne Hoque
    Seed Production Officer
    Lal Teer Seed Limited
    Anchor Tower
    108 Bir Uttam C.R. Datta Road
    Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

  46. tariq says:

    am tariq from jordan ,30 yrs old , i have bachelor degree in electronics and communications engineer
    am looking forward to getting scholarship in master degree
    i’ll be sooo thankful for any help to expand my knowledge


  47. zewditu woldemariam says:

    Dear Sir /Madam.

    My name is Ms zewditu woldemariam, from Ethiopia Graduated from Bahirdar University(Ethiopia) in electrical Technology with Advanced diploma and continuing my education by serving Adama University as Technical assistant and have got a Bsc..in Electrical/Electronics technology with good result. I worked for the university for the last 7 years. Now I am working in Ethiopian Telecommunication Agency as Inspection Technician.
    I am a great ambition to continue the post graduate studies in the same or related field like Information Technology or Telecom Engineering .Please change my vision in to reality.

    hopefully waiting for your reply.

    Sincerely Yours.
    Zewditu Woldemariam
    Pobox 51012
    Mail [email protected] or [email protected]

  48. goodcolour says:

    I am an ethiopian and i have BSC with computer science from
    Addis Ababa University with regular program in 1998 and I am working in gevornmental organization as programmer and I have a plan to get my MSC with my Profession essipicially with programming and I want to get full scholarship b/c I have no potential to cover the expense for scholarship.In what condition I can get full free scholarship.I expect your answer eagerly.


  49. Birhanu Desalegn Mihretie says:

    Let me introduce you myself first. My name is Birhanu Desalegn Mihretie who graduated from Jimma University Faculty of law, Ethiopia in LL.B (first degree in law) on 05 July 2007. Now I am working & giving the public service in the Ministry of Transport & Communications as a legal expert starting from December 11 2007 to date. My responsibilities among others is; drafting laws & contract documents, giving consultancy service to the ministry works, representing the ministry when it is sued & sues,& conducting various legal researches concerning the institution. To deliver & perform my responsibility fully to the rate that my country expected & to participate in the development endeavors of my country by making myself part of the solution I need further education. Hence it is my firm motive to study my LL.M (second degree in law)

    Though I am interested & able to learn I can’t do this because of my incapacity to pay for the program as I am from Ethiopia which is one from the least developed countries. As a result of this I am forced to turn my face to the international scholarship programs both for my learning as well as living expenses. So I want yours Scholarship Administrator consideration to that effect by stretching its hands to the question I posed. . So, please if you can, inform me the requirements or eligibility criteria’s for such scholarship that I have requested, dates when to be opened for application, and any tasks that I am expected to fulfill to be eligible for it. If you can again I want you to give me any constructive advice as a brother personally on how to proceed to get international scholarship on LL.M (second degree in law) program even by giving the website that I can proceed for.

    I have a great motive to up grade my self & to function well fully to the expected rate of my country.

    Applicant Birhanu Desalegn Mihretie
    Legal Expert in the Ministry of Transport & Communications
    P.O.Box 12006
    Addis Ababa
    E-Mail [email protected] or [email protected]
    Mobile +251-91-3055102
    Office tell no +251-11-5514739

  50. mekonnen muez says:

    My name is Mekonnen Muez Hadera and Iam Ethiopian and have been living in Ethiopia. I have BA degree in Management since july 18,2007 with 3.31 comulative average point. Iam graduated in Mekelle Univerisity in Tigray,Ethiopia,and iam employee of ethiopian telecominication corporation in the project of planning and analysis team. New iam eagar to up grade my education to masters degree in Business Management / Business Administration / in Research or any related area of study.Iam grateful for the opportunity, please contact me using:

    E-mail [email protected]


    Thank you in advance

    With best regards


  51. Ghion Shumetie Taye says:

    Ghion Shumetie
    Scholarship for international students to study European countries
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Ghion shumetie from Ethiopia /East Africa./
    This is my application for the graduate opportunity of master programme Scholarship in any of European countries.
    I have got a degree of Economics from Mekelle University and diploma in health from Gondar University in October 2007 and 97 respectively in Ethiopia. Currently, I am delivering in Organization for rehabilitation and development in Amhara (local NGO) in water resource and development department in Ethiopia.

    My main motivation for applying to the master program is that, Ethiopia is now a developing country in high demand of qualified man power in the field of development; like of Economics and Agriculture and in the social services like in health and others.

    Therefore, I have strong interest to upgrade my education in the field of developmental economics or in rural development and in health economics or public health. To do this in my country there is a shortage of Universities to fulfill my interest and of supporting my country. If I got a chance, it could help me to contribute to the development process of my country’s poverty and filling the gap of skilled man power in the area development and social service works. I believe that your institute can help me in realizing my dreams. I am looking forward to hearing your response soon.

    Lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude for you for giving this opportunity for such interested groups like me.

    Yours sincerely,
    Ghion Shumetie

  52. mekonnen Belaygibaw says:

    Iam natural resource expert in agricultural and rural development department in ethiopia. I have Bsc in natural resuorce managment. I Have two yaers expriance working in this area.
    Now I am interested to do master programme on environmental science or other related fields.


  53. zewdu gashu says:

    I am a physician practicing in ETHIOPIA with five years experience.
    For the last one and half years until now I have been working as HIV/AIDS clinical adviser.
    I am looking for a scholar in one of the following master programmes: public health, tropical medicine or HIV/AIDS.
    Thank you in advance for your support.
    With best regards.

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