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Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (IFP) 2009 for Indian Students

Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (IFP) 2009 for Indian Students:  The Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (IFP) seeks to build a new generation of social justice leaders worldwide. Ford Fellows come from groups and communities that have little access to higher education, and are selected on the strength of their academic achievement, leadership skills and social commitment. By building on Fellows’ familiarity with grass roots problems, IFP seeks to raise the Fellows’ capacity – through knowledge, skills and networks – to become effective leaders in the struggle to improve lives in their communities, countries and regions. (advt)

General Guidelines
• The Program is especially designed to support candidates from groups that have historically lacked access
to higher education. Eligible candidates who belong to marginalized and excluded groups and communities
such as scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes, religious minorities, women,
physically challenged and those with other kinds of socio-economic deprivation are encouraged to apply.
• Fellows will be chosen on the basis of their academic achievement as well as for their leadership potential
and commitment to community service.
• Fellows may enrol in a master’s level program and may pursue any academic discipline or field of study
consistent with the interests and goals of the Ford Foundation (see IFP Eligible Fields of Study).
• IFP will provide support for a maximum of two years of formal Master’s degree.
40 fellowships are available.
• Once selected, Fellows may enrol in universities in any part of the world, including universities in
India. IFP will provide university placement assistance.
• IFP will support Fellows to undertake appropriate short-term language study and training in research
and computer skills prior to enrolment. Fellows who wish to study overseas will have to take TOEFL or
IELTS language proficiency tests.
Eligibility Criteria
Applicants should:
• Be Indian nationals or permanent residents, currently residing in the states of Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh or Uttarakhand.
• Hold a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree from a recognized Indian university with at least 55% marks.
Applicants who already have two post-graduate degrees or equivalent will be given lower preference.
• Have at least three years’ full-time work experience relevant to their proposed area of study.
• Have experience in leadership and community service or development related activities.
Applicants are required to:
• Meet necessary admission requirements and language proficiency standards of the foreign or Indian
university. Selected candidates who need training in English language skills should be able to devote up to
6 to 9 months, if required, to pursue a residential language training program outside their state. This takes
place during the pre-fellowship phase after the announcement of the fellowship and prior to the
commencement of the academic program.
• Pursue a post-graduate degree that will directly enhance their capacity to excel in an academic, policymaking,
practical or artistic field corresponding to the Ford Foundation’s grant-making areas.
• Present a plan specifying how they will apply their studies to social problems or issues in their own countries.
• Demonstrate their commitment to working for these issues following the Fellowship period.

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(for academic programs beginning 2010)
IFP Eligible Fields of Study
The Ford Foundation works in 12 grant-making areas to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international co-operation and advance human achievement. These areas are not to be confused with subjects for post-graduate study. Candidates’ proposed subject must relate to one of the 12 grant-making areas listed below. Further information is available on the Ford Foundation website
1. Arts & Culture 2. Civil Society
3. Community Development 4. Development Finance & Economic Security
5. Education Reform & Scholarship 6. Environment & Development
7. Governance 8. Human Rights
9. Media 10. Religion, Society & Culture
11. Sexuality & Reproductive Health 12. Workforce Development

The Application Process
Stage 1: Interested candidates should complete an IFP Pre-Application Form to reach the IFP office in
New Delhi not later than 15 November 2008. Submit your completed Pre Application Form as
early as possible, preferably within a week of receiving the Form. Pre Application Forms
received after 15 November 2008 will not be considered.

Stage 2: Only eligible candidates will be sent an IFP Final Application Form. Candidates should
complete the Final Application Form and return to the IFP office in New Delhi not later than 15 January 2009.

Stage 3: Final Application Forms will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel of experts from academia,
the social development sector and other related disciplines. Short listed candidates will be invited
to attend regional interviews during April and May 2009.
Stage 4: A National Selection Committee will make the final selections and results will be declared by
August 2009. The fellowships (for academic programs beginning in 2010) will be subject
to the candidates being accepted by the foreign or Indian university, within a year from the
date of the communication of the IFP award, and as per the IFP placement guidelines.

• The Pre Application Form must be complete in all respects. Incomplete forms are ineligible, and will not be
considered. All applications must be completed on original IFP Forms. These must be submitted only to
the IFP New Delhi office.
• Applicants must furnish complete and correct information. While care is taken to ensure timely despatch
of Final Application Forms to the qualifying candidates, IFP will not be liable for any delay or loss of
documents in transit. Please fill correct address and contact details.
• All decisions of the Selection Committees will be final and will not be open to review. Any effort to influence
the decision will be deemed as a ground for disqualification.
• Ford Foundation staff and their family members may not serve on selection panels and are not eligible to
apply for IFP awards. Members of selection committees, staff of the organizations managing the Program
and their family members are also ineligible for IFP awards.
• Please note that this fellowship is offered for a post-graduate degree. It cannot be used for short-term
courses, study visits or post-doctoral programs.
• IFP selects Fellows on the strength of their clearly-stated intention to serve their community and
country of origin, and expects that they will honor this obligation.

What is the International Fellowships Program?
The International Fellowships Program (IFP) is a Ford Foundation-supported program of the New York Citybased International Fellowships Fund. IFP provides fellowships for postgraduate study to individuals from groups or communities that have little access to higher education. Through IFP, the Ford Foundation supports Fellows from twenty-two countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, as well as in Russia.

What is the program’s principal goal?
The program’s goal is to enable a diverse group of exceptional men and women from many parts of the world, who would otherwise lack opportunities for advanced study, to pursue post-graduate degrees. This education will help prepare the Fellows to become leaders in fields that further the Ford Foundation’s goals of strengthening democratic values, reducing poverty and injustice, promoting international cooperation, and advancing human achievement. IFP aims to build an enduring cohort of IFP Fellows who can gain from each other’s learning and experience.

Why is the Ford Foundation making this investment in international higher education at this time?
The Ford Foundation has long believed that providing educational opportunities to talented people who use
their knowledge to improve their societies is one of the best possible philanthropic investments. Since the
1950s, the Foundation has granted an estimated $365 million to enable some 30,000 individuals from more
than 70 countries to pursue graduate education. Over the years, Ford fellowship recipients have helped advance knowledge in the natural and social sciences, the humanities, and the arts. Many former Ford fellows have advanced to leadership roles in institutions around the world. Now it is important to help prepare a more diverse generation of future leaders to meet the global challenges of the 21st century. IFP aims to broaden the talent pool of future leaders in selected developing countries by making a special effort to recruit men and women from social groups and communities that have been historically underrepresented in higher education.

Why is there a compelling need for this program in India?
Although both governmental and private sources support different types of fellowship programs, the rapidly increasing need for higher education far exceeds available funding. Opportunities are especially limited for individuals who come from groups or communities that historically have had little access to advanced education.

In the India context, these include scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes, religious minorities, women, physically challenged and those with other forms of socio-economic deprivation. It also includes those who live outside major cities or in areas of conflict or post-conflict situations.

When did the India program begin ?
The India IFP program began in 2001. To date there have been 7 selections and 240 fellows have been selected and placed in universities around the world. Several alumni have returned to India and are doing committed work in their respective fields. They have also established the IFP India Alumni Network (IFPIAN).

How are India IFP Fellows selected?
Pre-Applications and Final Applications are submitted to IFP New Delhi. IFP New Delhi convenes regional and national selection panels to ensure that selected candidates meet the highest academic and professional
standards, and that IFP selection criteria are applied in a consistent manner. These panels of scholars, practitioners and other experts assess written applications, interview candidates and make the final selections.

Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program
12, Hailey Road, New Delhi 110 001, India
Tel: (11) 2335 8893, 2335 8894 Fax: (11) 2335 8893
E-mail: [email protected] Website: http://www.ifpsa.org

What are the selection criteria for India IFP fellows?
Fellows are chosen on the basis of their leadership potential and commitment to community or national development, as well as for their academic promise and achievement. Successful candidates must hold a BA or an MA degree and have demonstrated excellence in their undergraduate studies; have experience in community service or development-related activities; intend to pursue formal training that will enhance their leadership skills in fields related to the Foundation’s program interests; present a plan specifying how they will apply their studies to social problems in their own countries; and commit themselves to working on these issues following the fellowship period.

How does IFP assess leadership potential and social commitment?
Many of the most promising applicants identified by IFP selection panels are individuals who have demonstrated a high level of civic engagement in their communities or countries, founded civil society organizations dedicated to social action; and have become positive role models in their societies.

How does the university placement process work?
Fellows may choose to study in a relevant high-quality graduate degree program at a university located anywhere in the world including in India. IFP will offer university placement assistance to Fellows.

What types of support are provided for IFP Fellows?
In addition to financial assistance for travel, living expenses, tuition and related costs for the actual degree program, IFP will offer Fellows short-term pre-fellowship training, including language study and courses in research and computer skills. This is offered over a period of 6 to 9 months, after selection and prior to joining the academic program. The program will also facilitate informal networks through which Fellows may share information and experiences.

How does IFP encourage Fellows who study abroad to return to India?
IFP selects Fellows on the strength of their commitment to serve their communities and countries of origin,
among other key selection criteria, and expects that they will honor this obligation. In addition, IFP support
allows Fellows to pursue professional activities in their home countries during the fellowship period. IFP assists Fellows after they have returned home to stay connected to various IFP networks and to remain current in their respective fields. A robust IFP India Alumni Network (IFPIAN) has been established.

Where do I get further information?
For more information on IFP, log on the Ford Foundation’s website http://www.fordfound.org and on the IFP exclusive website http://www.fordifp.net The exclusive India IFP website is http://www.ifpsa.org


  1. Mohammad saeed says:

    Dear sir/madam
    Plz help me to choose the right path,as i am very much disturbed.
    I have recntly completed my M.sc in Biotechnology,but unfortunately being a citizen of most disturbed state of India i,e Jammu & kashmir,about which everybody is knowing.
    Since i have a dream of doing Ph.d aboard,so that i can persue my further education without any sort of disturbance.
    but i am not in a position to afford.
    So please suggest me .

    urs well wisher.
    Mohammad Saeed shah
    Mob.No 09858714344

  2. SHIKHA.K.T says:

    Sir,i got third rank B.Sc.chemistry from Mahatma Gandhi University ,Kottayum,Kerala state.Iam belongs to scheduled caste.I would like to know about the scholarships for i am elligible.Please mail me.thank you.

  3. priya says:

    I wanted to ask, that I have completed my M.Sc with environmental science , wanted to work for wildlife , wish to do MS with wildlife , can it work for me ?

  4. AWUDU ISSAKA says:

    Dear sir,

    I am persuing DIPLOMA IN INTEGRATED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT(DICD) at the UNIVERSITY FOR DEVELOPMENT STUDIES, GHANA. 2nd year . i wish to further my course abroad after graduation(2010)in other to gain international education exposure which will help me to have different perspective of viewing issUES.can you please tell me the steps to take.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    waiting 4 ur reply……………….


  5. Jacob Enemona says:

    I am a physically challenged Nigerian.I got an unconditional offer for a postgraduate studies(MSc Bioscience) in the university of Leeds, UK, with September 23,2009, as start date.I passionately appeal for a scholarship/sponsorship.
    Jacob Enemona.

  6. Jacob Enemona says:

    I am a physically challenged Nigerian in need of foreign scholarship.I was given an uncondition offer to study for MSc Bioscience in the University of Leeds by September,2009.I need a scholarship to foot my bills. I do not want to be diterred by my physical disability.Kindly help me out speedily.

  7. NAVEEN KUMAR says:

    MY CONTACT NUMBER:+919966722127
    EMAIL:[email protected]

  8. JAMES says:

    Im looking for a SCHOLARSHIP in computer Engineering Am a Malawian, i have an intenational deploma in computer engineering and i worked as a computer supot in Malawi Defence Force as well as in Democratic Republic of the Congo under United Nation Peace keeping mission (UN).

  9. Dear Sir/Mam’
    I am Pramod Maithil, have been working in the field of education. I started my career with Eklavya* (an Institute of Educational Research/ Innovative Action in Science Education). Initially I worked as a research associate in Eklavya for 6-7 years. Then I switched to a KFI school (Sahyadri School, Pune) for some time now I am back in Eklavya. I have attached a note on my experience in education along with this letter.
    I have been very keen to learn and understand education process & pedagogy and issues in education. I felt a strong need to rethink school structure & culture, in general. This is what leads me to go in Sahyadri School and spend some time as a teacher. Now as a next step I have applied for a doctorate research (Ed.D.) on the same from University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. I have chosen my topic “to Study the Summerhill School” (most famous & a pioneer school of free schooling system on the east coast of England. (http://www.summerhillschool.co.uk/). I have attached my research interest along with this letter.
    I hope the final thesis would be very much useful document for all those who are working in order to make progressive changes in education system & at all levels.
    Even I myself am not merely interested to bring this on paper (but on ground) and will initiate a model school which in long term can influence the mainstream school & education.
    As you all aware about the fact that to study in UK require huge money and very few can afford this in India. I particularly belong to lower middle class family can never study such unless I got some scholarship or funding support.
    I don’t know whether you have ever thought to fund such study till now but I am still writing to you with a hope that if you can help me in this regards.
    Pramod Maithil
    Research Associate
    (Institute of Educational Research / Innovative Action in Science Education)
    Madhya Pradesh, India
    Phone: (07574)-277267; 277268
    mobile: +919424419871

  10. Erana says:

    now iam working as junior researcher of aquatic livingthings

    And Iam very intersted to do my msc in liminology
    so please inform me if there is any grant application there
    thank you

  11. teferi beyene says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to you to apply for the Master’s Degree in social science in which I am particularly interested.

    I would like to gain a deeper theoretical knowledge in management and practical skills to evaluate public policy in a multicultural context. I believe a university with a high reputation like Bocconi is the best place to achieve my career objectives.

    I hold a 4 year bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Bahir Dar and I am going to complete in July 2001 a 3 year specialization in history at the University of Bahir Dar Ethiopia. I am confident that the linguistic and educational profile that I acquired as well as a broad literary and artistic culture combined with my knowledge in communication and marketing will be an important asset for my realization in the field of social science . To further prepare myself for the program I completed a 2 month internship at high school Bahir Dar district, department of Education. Thus I gained a valuable practical experience in public policy and I got prepared to assume later a leadership position in public schools or play a district – wide administrative role. This strengthened my leadership skills and motivated me to serve as a catalyst for social and educational changes.

    I would finally like to add some activities which have developed in me a permanent taste of competitiveness and also emphasized my organization skills. For 7 years, I participate in a group for folkloric and modern dances. I have recently become responsible of the organization of the dance activities and the national contests.

    Of an exceptional motivation, I strongly imply myself in my academic and professional activities to carry out my objectives. My national experiences attest of my capacity of integration and adaptation. I had the pleasure to meet varied cultures and to affirm my intrapersonal ease. Opened to others, speaking one foreign languages in addition to my Amharic mother tongue (, English,I) I have a very strong desire to pursue a career in government institutions, thus allowing my blooming on the personal level as well as professional.

    The ambitions which I have just exposed to you wouldn’t be realized without a solid theoretical background and a strong real world experience specialized in the management of different public institutions. I am deeply convinced that the Ford foundation offers is the best way of concretizing this future because of its international orientation. A completion of this Master’s Degree in your school will be an excellent springboard for my future career and will provide me the knowledge, confidence, and contacts to realize my dreams. Furthermore, the courses this program combines match perfectly my professional projects and academic expectations.

    Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

    Sincerely yours,

    Thank you all

  12. Mizanur Rahman says:

    dear sir,
    I’m mizanur rahman zami, from Bangladesh. I’m an archaeologist and completed post graduation from the department of archaeology, jahangirnagar university, with almost 70% marks. I would like to take higher studies in abroad in field archaeology like palynology,archaeobotany etc. have there any opportunity for bangladeshi brilliant scholars? I would like to sake your cordial coo-peration.

    [email protected]

  13. Juri Konwar says:

    I am looking for a post doctoral fellowship in social sciences abroad. I did Ph D in Anthropology . Now I am doing one 5 yrs project.
    Please do inform me.

  14. d.j.veeramani says:

    i did my p. in food scince and nutrition i wish to apply p.hd at same
    if any oppertunity to me get the scholarship kindly informto my e mail jose_veera yahoo.co.in

  15. ahmad azhar says:

    i have taken addmission in BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MESRA RANCHI ,INDIA for MBA i have submitted 1st installment of the fees but .i am unable to pay further fees bocouse my famly financial condition is not very good thats why i need scholership.

  16. prachi patni says:

    respected sir,
    i am persuing in bsc biotech(integrated) 3rd year from rajasthan university,jaipur. i wanna go ou of india after my graduation for futher studies.cn u plz tell hw cn i apply for foriegn universities???????????
    reply as soon as possible
    waiting 4 ur reply……………….

  17. Hemlata Shedge says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I have done my M.Sc. in Anthropology from University of Pune. I am a 3rd rank holder of Pune University. Now, i want to do Ph.D. but I will not able to afford the money for Ph.D., so please give me the information about getting the scholaships from icmr or any other institute.

  18. I would like to write this letter in order to apply ford foundation scholarship.I am javid ahmad dar,30years old male from jammu and kashmir.I have MSc degree in environmental science (and persuing m.phil ).. I have done a lot of project works in various environmental problems of our country for the fulfillment of my masters and degree and for preparing various radio programs at Radio station.I want to upgrade my knowledge .can you help me ? Hoping to hear from you soon.

  19. yewalashet sime girmu says:

    I would like to write this letter in order to apply ford foundation scholarship.I am yewalashet sime,28 years old & female from ethiopia.I have MSc degree in demography (specially in population, development & enviroment ).I have over seven years experience as a journalist and Part time teaching experience in various schools. I have done a lot of research in various current social problems of our country for the fulfillment of my masters and bachelors’ degree and for preparing various radio programs at Radio station.I want to upgrade my knowledge .can you help me ? Hoping to hear from you soon.

  20. My name is Sintayehu Asrat and I am from Ethiopia.I am looking for a full scholarship to study in your University.At present I am doing my medical degree at Mekele University.Please help with any information that I need to win.Thank you.

  21. Sonia Jasrotia says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am looking for and an ideal opportunity for me to use my knowledge,education background and experience.
    I am research scholar from Jammu University, India. I have submitted my PhD thesis on topic “The Buddhist art and Architecture of Kashmir-Gandhara Regions with special reference to Innovations in Images”. I have finished my Museum Internship in Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge University in the department of Coins and Medals for three months, Presently iam on visiting scholar fellowship in British Museum working on Kushan Coins for three month. I want more experience in this field. I believe that I can apply the same skills used in my previous internship at Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
    University. I will be pleased if you tell me for any internship
    programme in any Museum. This will provide me good training and valuable experience in modern museum practice, which will enhance my work experience in the area of Display, Collections- based activities,Documentation and Research.
    I firmly believe that I will fit in your internship programme.Looking
    forward for your positive response.

  22. jitender thakur says:

    hi i am an MBA graduate and want to pursue Phd and want to know that how i can get fellowship for doing Phd and which universities are providing fellowships for Phd and how can i apply for Phd.

  23. sir/madam,
    i myself dr awadhesh kumar ,i did msc in botany, mphil and phd in plant genetics and tissueculture and cytogenetics, my research work on crop improvement with special context to legumes crops like vigna, lentil etc. i m intrested to more work on this regard to abroad molecular labs for more food securities to human diets as pulses the cheapest protien.
    so kindly consider my request to achive my task.
    thanks alote.
    [email protected]

  24. Bogale Alemu Ashame says:

    I am Bogale Alemu, i am 31 years. I graduated in agriculture from Alemaya Universty. I worked in development for 7 years. Now i want to continue my MSc. program but i dont able to afford the fun. May consider me to achieve my goal.

  25. My name is Elias Atakilt, I leave in and born Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am graduated in Community Development and Leadeship(BA). Now I need to continue my further education in Community Development or other related field.
    If you need to contact with me you can send message by [email protected]
    Thank you for your consideration.

  26. Dr. Nirmal Singh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have completed Ph.D in Zoology, recently from Kumaun University, Nainital (Uttarakhand). Now I want to go outside India for higher studies. I cannot afford to go outside India on my own. My field of research intrest is Limnology and Fish Biology (Environmental Sciences).
    So, please do inform me if there is any oppertunity for me.

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely,
    Dr. Nirmal Singh

  27. FELEKE MURGA says:

    Dear Sir / madam

    I am Feleke Murga 23 years old from Ethiopia, have B.Ed degree in Chemistry / Mathematics from Mekelle University, Ethiopia. in the year 2006. I have been working as a teacher in department of Chemistry at Agene General Secondary and Preparatory school from September 2006-2008. Now I am self-employed & I want to pursue my Masters degree in Education or any area related of study in post graduate program. I would be glad if i am linked with a scholarship for this program. THIS will afford me the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills that will improve my quality of work to overcome the problem of quality teachers in my country . I am grateful for the opportunity to get a scholarship in any recognized University , hope to hearing from you soon . I can be reached by the following address .

    E-mail : [email protected]

    Thank you in advance

  28. ranjit sur says:

    my daughter will finish her MA in JUNE 2009. She did her Honours in History with almost 70% marks from Jadavpur University. Now doing MA in History in the same university.She is interested in doing her PHD fron oxford or cambridge or from Jadavpur university or any prestigous university india or abroad. Ofcourse with FULL SCHOLARSHIP. bUT SHE IS NOT INTERESTED IN DING AN mA again before doing phd for geting any scholarship. So please inform us about scholarship that accept indian MA as a getway to pHD with full scholarship. She has a natural flair for research. so please take care our necessity and inform us .

  29. Dear,sir/madam i am interested in interprunership scholarship.naturally i am an interprenure but i need to buck up my personal skill via learning about that.so please helping me to get scholarship is helping the poor country ethiopia.thanks

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