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2011 APARC/Takahashi Predoctoral Fellowship, Stanford University, USA

Predoctoral Fellowship in the Field of Economics, History, Law, Political Science and Sociology at Stanford University 2011 in USA

Study Subject:Economics, History, Law, Political Science and Sociology
Employer: Stanford University
Description: The Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center in the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies announces its 2010-2011 Shorenstein APARC/Takahashi Predoctoral Fellowship. The fellowship supports predoctoral students working within a broad range of topics related to the political economy of contemporary East Asia. Fellows whose main focus is Japan are called Takahashi Fellows, in honor of the Takahashi family, whose generous gift has made this fellowship possible. Fellows studying other regions are called Shorenstein APARC Fellows.Fellowships are available to Stanford University Ph.D. candidates who have completed all fieldwork and made substantial progress toward the completion of writing their dissertation. A minimum of three quarters of residence and participation in center activities is required. Shorenstein APARC invites applications from a broad range of disciplines, including economics, history, law, political science, and sociology.Shorenstein APARC offers a stipend of $25,050 over nine academic months, plus Stanford’s Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR) fee for three quarters. Each fellow also receives cubicle space at Shorenstein APARC.

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Applicants should send the following materials to the fellowship coordinator:CV ,Description of dissertation. Please attach a detailed dissertation prospectus. The description should be clear and concise, especially to readers outside your discipline, and should not exceed five double-spaced or three single-spaced typewritten pages. Do not include the full dissertation.Copy of transcripts. Transcripts should cover all graduate work, including evidence of work recently completed.Two letters of recommendation from faculty or advisors, sent directly to Shorenstein APARC.
Fellowship Application Waiver FormsApplicants must provide a copy of the Fellowship Application Waiver Form to each person asked to write a letter of recommendation. The waiver form contains information pertaining to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Applicants must indicate by signature whether or not they waive the right to inspect the completed recommendation. Letters of recommendation will not be considered unless the signed waiver form accompanies.

application Deadline:March 31, 2011

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