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6 Ways to Disagree with Your Professor

6 Ways to Disagree with Your Professor

Education and colleges play an important role in our life, and so are the professors. If your teacher is good, undoubtedly you will succeed and understand the subject better.

Professors are there in each college to make you understand the concepts and help you learn. But at times, there is a possibility of an error; after all, they are human. At such times, it becomes difficult for students to stand up and talk to the professor regarding their disagreement.

So, here are 6 simple ways that will help you disagree with your professor.

Talk to the Professor Outside of the Class

One of the classic ways to talk to your professor about your disagreement is outside the classroom. There are quite a few reasons for it starting from you will be more confident having one-on-one talk rather discussing it in front of the whole class. This can also help in the proper understanding of the concept if you have misunderstood it earlier.

In addition, talking to the professor outside the classroom walls avoids breaking the flow of the lecture and concentration of the lecturer. You can also opt this way if you are not sure about the theory and wants to save embarrassment in front of the whole class.

Tell the Truth

Professors can be quite intimidating at times, but if you disagree with some point, you got to stand up and speak it aloud. It is important to speak what is in your mind that helps in understanding the concept better. Even a survey conducted tells that teachers prefer students questioning them as this makes them believe that students are receiving the information and thinking about it.

Without doubts, it is nearly impossible to understand the concept completely. Just choose the right way, and talk to your professor respectfully while the subject in on. You can either raise your hand and ask in the class or outside the class when alone. The point is, to tell the truth on your mind.

Be Clear and Concise

When you talk to the professor or show your disagreement on any topic, it is important to be clear and concise. If you are confused and not clear about the concept, then that won’t help with your case. You need to be sure and clear about the concept so that you can make the professor understand your point of view.

It needs a little understanding and thorough research about the topic. The same subject can have a number of viewpoints, and we have seen that from history. Your professor will be happy to understand your theory but only if you present it clearly in front of the teacher.

6 Ways to Disagree with Your Professor

Do Background Studies

Setting your point right while disagreeing with your professor is necessary. Therefore, be ready to dig into some background studies. Understand the concept from various other books and the internet. Make sure that what you understand is the fact rather than just a misunderstanding.

It is important that you are sure, clear, and concise about the topic before talking to the professor. The professor will be ready to accept your theory but only if you are ready with enough details and research on it. For making your viewpoint convincing enough to make your professor understand, you need to do some background research.

Be Ready with Proper Citations

Disagreeing with your professor is simple and easy if you do it with complete respect. And for that, you need to have your theory right. You cannot stand up and disagree with your professor just because you think that you are right. It is important that you study the concept, be clear about your idea, does some background research, and come up with proper citations.

Your theory with legit citations will help you stay strong and confident while placing your viewpoint. So, always be ready with some proper citations while talking to your professor about anything, especially if you are in disagreement with the concept.

Understand Empathy

There are a number of topics for disagreement with professors apart from the studies. Therefore, if you are into a disagreement with any such topic, then before talking to them understand the importance of empathy and try to think from their point of view. Maybe that the concept is right when you think it as a professor rather than as a student.

Try to talk to your professor about it and make them understand that you know their view, but even they need to understand how students think about it. The best way to do this is by speaking politely and making them understand rather than being rebellious about any situation. So, understand empathy and use it while talking to the teacher.

6 Ways to Disagree with Your Professor


Professors and students have been in disagreement since the concept of education and schooling came into existence. The concept is not new, but the way to handle it should definitely be new. Even the professors think that when students talk to them, question them, or tell them they are wrong, they feel happy that the students are catching up with the subject and doing the research.

One of the professors even stated when asked about the disagreement with the professor, he said that if students would have never thought in a different way, then scientists would have never been so successful in their inventions. They qualify at what they are doing because they challenge themselves, the world, as well as their professors.

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