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Academic Scholarships For JMU, 2018-2019

The prestigious James Madison University in Virginia, United States, was founded in the year 1908. Since then, the university has been the alma mater for thousands of students, many of which have gone on to achieve tremendous success in their respective fields.

Why JMU Is A Popular University Among Students?

As a center of education, the James Madison University strives for excellence in all its academic and extracurricular activities. It has received multiple honors for its academic records. The university is famous for having a high rate of graduations along with a low cost. Students are benefitted from the many academic scholarships for JMU.

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Excellent Scholarships By James Madison University

The university has consistently found a place in some of the most prestigious college and university rankings in the whole world. It includes a number 22 spot on the Kiplinger’s Personal Finance list for the Best Values in Public Colleges in the year 2014. Its College of Business has been recognized as one of the top 5% of business schools in the entire world. JMU is also counted among the top universities in the country for providing masters level education.

The Centennial Scholars Program

A new program has been developed by the James Madison University to reduce the finances required to fund the higher education of students that are under-represented by qualified. These students may not be able to enroll in a four-year course due to financial constraints which are why this scholarship program is being offered. The program offers a package that can cover the entire billable cost for attending JMU.

Thomas and Karyn Dingledine Scholarship for Achievement in Academics and Service

The Dingledine scholarship is awarded to students who have shown their excellence through their academic achievements, community service, and leadership. Being an award based on merit, the students will have to keep up their academic record in order to keep receiving the financial aid.

Madison Achievement Scholarships

The Madison Achievement Scholarships will be given out based on the merit of the students. This scholarship recognizes a wide variety of achievements and the potential of students. The amount awarded as financial aid will be dependent on the department enrolled in by the student.

Second Century Scholars Scholarship Program

This particular scholarship is meant for students who wish to pursue a career in the fields of engineering, mathematics, science and technology.

Stanley Rhys Say Scholarship

The Stanley Rhys Say Scholarship is open to prospective students who wish to study English at the James Madison University. It is a need-based scholarship.

The Frankfort Endowed Scholarship

Students studying finance or business law at JMU can apply for this particular scholarship. All students will be eligible for it.

Peter G Jackson Scholarship Endowment

The Peter G Jackson Scholarship Endowment is open to all students who require financial aid in order to study engineering at JMU. The students must have an excellent academic record to become eligible for this scholarship.

Computer Science Department Scholarships

These scholarships are open to students who have applied to study computer science at the James Madison University. All students of this subject will be eligible for the scholarship although the Computer Science Department may require the student to fulfill some additional criteria.

Leona K. Barlow Scholarship

The Leona K. Barlow Scholarship is meant for the students of health sciences at JMU. This scholarship is open to all students who have applied for studying this particular subject.

Jean D. Acton Scholarship Fund

Students who wish to pursue a career in biology through studying this subject at JMU can apply for the Jean D. Acton Scholarship. The students should have an interest in the specialized fields of immunology or microbiology.

Other Scholarships

There are many other academic scholarships for JMU students. Some of them include the Ikenberry Math Award for students of mathematics, the Art Scholarship for students of art, the Liberty Casali Memorial Scholarship Endowment for those studying chemistry and the Physics Alumni/Faculty Scholarship for students of physics at the James Madison University.

The easy availability of academic scholarships for JMU makes the university all the more suitable for students. The university is prestigious with a long and rich history. Its record of academics is easy among the best in the country.