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ACU Titular Fellowships UK

ACU Titular Fellowships Subject. Unrestricted (subject to terms of Titular awards), but preference for fields in which needs of developing countries are great. Not intended for degree courses, or for immediately postdoctoral programmes. Small scale conference attendance within a study programme allowed but applications will not be considered where major conference attendance is primary or sole purpose. Eligibility, Nominees must be: on staff of university in ACU membership or of Commonwealth inter-university organisation or working in industry, commerce or public service in a Commonwealth country. Age limit 28-50 years. Value. Up to ?5,000 (depending on programme) for travel, board, insurance, fees other than bench fees. Funded by ACU. Tenable, unless otherwise stipulated, in
any Commonwealth country other than that in which applicant works, for maximum of 6 months, either at ACU member university or (for staff of ACU member university) in industry, commerce or public service. Number. Up to 20 annually. Application. Candidates must be nominated by executive head of university in ACU membership or by chief executive officer of a Commonwealth inter-university organisation.

Closing date. (For receipt of nominations in London) 31 August. more..

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