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Affordable Colleges And Universities For College Students

Pursuing higher education in colleges and universities is becoming more challenging as the tuition fee is increasing day by day. It becomes even more challenging to foreign students as they have to afford accommodations and other expenses. Foreign students have to consider institutions that offer quality education at affordable fees.

Berea College

Berea College offers 100 percent funding to all registered foreign students for the first year. The college provides for its students financial assistance and scholarships for tuition, room and other fees. You require to satisfy the criteria set by the college to be eligible.

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University of Chicago

The University of Chicago offers grants and merit aid worth more than $75 million. The average tuition cost which is currently prevailing is $56,000 and also offers scholarships based on merit. University of Chicago helps its international students adapt to the environment and settle in their study through an International affairs office.

San Diego State University

San Diego State University offers undergraduate and graduate scholarships based on merit and entrance categories to its foreign students. It offers scholarships such as Global Citizen scholarship for incoming freshmen with an F-1 Visa. It also offers tuition waivers to top students in graduate programs.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University offers financial assistance to its international students through incorporated scholarships and grants. It provides financial aid to both resident and non-resident students. International students are eligible for the University Merit Scholarships and emergency loans.

Princeton University

Princeton University’s financial aid program is entirely need-based. Financial aid awards cover the difference between Princeton’s costs and the amount you may contribute to your education. The average tuition, fees and other expenses are approximately $52,180and $24,744 is provided through grants.

Yale University

Yale University offers tuition at $47,750 and an average award of $30,818. Over 4700 international students and scholars from more than 110 countries are currently pursuing their studies at the University. Application fee may be waived if the student qualifies the criteria specified by the university.

Harvard University

Harvard University in Massachusetts offers tuition of $43,205 and gives an average grant of $36,754. Over 300 courses in many subjects are available for undergraduate and graduate credit, and non-credit. Harvard has 665 international students, making it one of the most sought-after schools.

University of Miami

University of Miami offers tuition of $31,288 with partial and full scholarships available for international students. The International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) represents the needs and interests of the international student community of the University of Miami and provides support services and programs for approximately 3,000 international students and scholars from 115 countries.

California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology offers grants of $37,191. It provides financial assistance for international students who have financial needs though admission for international students seeking financial aid is very competitive. Applicants need a strong background in physics and maths.

St. Lawrence University

St. Lawrence offers tuition of $53,075 with average grants of $41,610. St. Lawrence University accommodates more than 2,400 undergraduate students which includes 184 international students from 50 countries.

While choosing foreign colleges and universities don’t be tempted by just its affordability, always make sure that they offer good quality education, if you want to make your future secure.