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Aromahead Institute Free Online Course : Introduction to Essential Oils

To popularize accessibility of essential oils globally the Aromahead Institute is offering online study program. The course curriculum includes all important information about essential oils, and amazing recipes. With the knowledge about essential oil safety, their use and producing methods you’ll also learn to create a more natural, healthy lifestyle with Aromatherapy. You may begin class the moment you register, and study at your own pace. This online course is created for the working adult students. Anyone may register for this class.

Course Details In Brief

-Level: Entry-level for for the working adult students.
-Video: Original written material, videos, and plenty of review questions will keep you engaged in the learning process.
-Length: Study at your own pace.
-Subject: Aromatherapy
-Institution: Aromahead Institute
-Languages: English
-Price: Free
-Certificate Available: Academic credit is not awarded for this free online course
-Registration: Get started now and begin your exploration

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Why Choose Aromahead Institute MOOC?

Aromahead Institute makes you learn about about Aromatherapy, so you can confidently create effective blends for yourself, friends and family. Aromahead Institute will
-Create a variety of therapeutic products, like body butters, lips balms, massage oils and more.
-Learn how to use essential oils safely.
-Build a solid foundation for your continued use and study of essential oils.

Course Introduction

You’ll learn different ways to use these oils to support physical and emotional well being, creating blends for inhalation and skin application, and how to dilute them appropriately depending on the issue you’re blending for.

You Will Learn

When you enroll in a free online course, your level of participation is completely up to you as there are no formal grades. Learning this online course provide an excellent foundation for any further Aromatherapy studies you decide to undertake. Upon completion of this class, you’ll know how to:
-Blend safely with essential oils to create luxurious and therapeutic body products for yourself, friends, and family.
-Make your own delicious, nourishing, all-natural lip balm.
-Use essential oils in your bath . . . the safe way!
-Soothe muscle pain with essential oils (even without massage!).
-Make your own foaming hand soap for your bathroom, kitchen, or office.
-Prevent or soothe a cold, flu, or sinus infection by inhaling essential oils that support the respiratory system. You’ll also understand which methods of inhalation offer the most benefits.
-Create Aromatherapy inhalers to bring the support of essential oils with you wherever you go.
-Make natural aromatic massage oils to achieve different effects during a massage, such as stress relief, muscle relaxation, or immune support.
-Understand dilution ratios for daily use, acute issues, and people who need special consideration due to sensitivities.
-Choose the right diffuser for your space, so you can use it to uplift your senses, promote health, and create a beautiful home or workplace.
-Do all this on your own time, at your own pace, and at no charge!

For detailed information go through Aromahead Institute.