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Ashinaga Africa Initiative for Undergraduate Students, 2019

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative is open for the orphan applicants of Sub-Saharan Africa. Ashinaga scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, travel costs, and other necessary fees.

The aim of The grant is contributing to Sub-Saharan Africa’s long-term development by empowering a generation of future leaders.



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Ashinaga is a Japan-based non-profit organization, which provides educational and emotional support to orphaned students. The organization has supported over 100,000 orphans in the last 54 years, and many of its graduates are actively contributing to society in a variety of fields across the world.


  • Application Deadline: December 16, 2018
  • Course Level: The grant is available to pursue an undergraduate degree.
  • Study Subject: The grant is awarded in the fields offered by the university.
  • Award: Full financial support to study at the university abroad (equivalent to the undergraduate degree), including tuition, room, travel cost and other necessary fees.
  • Nationality: Sub-Saharan African
  • Number of Awards: Number of scholarship is not given.
  • The award can be taken in abroad


  • Eligible Countries:  Sub-Saharan African
  • Entrance Requirements: Applicants must meet following criteria:
  1. Be an orphan, having lost one or both parents
  2. Be 23 or younger, having been born on October 1, 1995
  3. Have graduated high school within the past two years
  4. Be committed to returning to Sub-Saharan Africa once they have finished their studies abroad
  • English Language Requirements: Applicants must have sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction of the host university.

Undergraduate Scholarship

Application Procedure:

  • There are three ways to apply for the Ashinaga Africa Initiative, although we prefer online applications or those sent by email. There is no application fee, and you must never pay anyone to apply or to apply on your behalf.
  • Please note that if you apply by post, all submitted documents will not be returned to you. Therefore, you must send copies of documents ONLY.

How to Apply:

  • Completed application form
  • Working email address and telephone number
  • Document proving the death of one or both parents, such as a death certificate
  • Proof of age, such as a birth certificate, national ID or passport
  • Secondary school/high school graduation certificate
  • Results from final national exams
  • Academic report cards from the last two years of high school/secondary school
  • Recommendation letter from a principal or teacher
  • Passport-style photo of yourself
  • Both essays described below
  • Essays
  • Please type/write using a separate sheet of paper. If you choose to handwrite your essays, please write in print and with black ink. Essays written with pencils will not be accepted.
  • Essay 1: Please describe how you grew up and experienced losing your parent(s). What challenges have you faced after the loss of your parent(s) and what have you done in order to overcome them? Please write in detail, especially the actions you took to continue and further your education. (Maximum 500 words)
  • Essay 2: Please describe the goals you wish to achieve after graduating from university abroad. Outline how the skills and knowledge you gain from a university degree would help you reach your goals when you return to Sub-Saharan Africa. (Maximum 500 words)

Online Application

English application form for Email

English application form, for Post

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