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A*STAR Scholarship Program- Singapore

The NSS(BS) funds undergraduate studies at top overseas universities in Biomedical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering disciplines. Candidates who do well will be further supported for a PhD scholarship by A*STAR. The scholarship provides you with opportunities to work in some of the world’s best research instituties and learn from the best scientific talent in a stimulating and nuturing environment. Be a NSS(BS) scholar and enjoy a meaningful career, contributing to cutting-edge research and be Singapore’s future scientific talent.

Please click here to apply.  The application form, together with supporting documents, are also to be submitted by post to:

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A*STAR Graduate Academy
Agency for Science, Technology and Research
20 Biopolis Way, #07-01 Centros
Singapore 138668

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
Further Scholarship Information and Application
Closing date: 31 March annually




    I am a male Zimbabwean employed as a Technicain.At the moment I have an Applied chemical Technology Diploma and i have been working in the Geology Departmnet,University of Zimbabwe and currently am in the Mining Engineering Dept. I am looking for schoolarship in Singapore for me to pursue my studies for an HND in Geological/Mining. For more information about myself please e-mail on this address, [email protected]

    Thank you in advance

    Yours faithfully

  2. Norhaniyah Ismael says:

    I am a Muslim citizen from Philippines. Lately, I have been scanning/surfing the Internet looking forward for a scholarship in an attempt to fit myself in. I am nearly completing my first degree in INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS by next semester. And I would love to go further with my chosen field but wants now to be more particular in it – such regional studies instead of undergoing again into more broad sense. I don’t intend to pursue Masteral, I’d still prefer Undergraduate for my 2nd degree. Unfortunately, when I opened your website, most of the scholarship programs are being intently offered to those wanting to continue post-graduate. Now I have come to agree with what Mr. Zakayo Muindi have stated (my apology if i took mistake on gender) on his serach. I was, too, going to ask also but gladly someone has voiced/wrote it out. I guess I don’t need anymore to react the same with his.

    Your reaction to my/our concern will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much. More power and God Bless!


    Hi i’m abdurrasheed ,from one of the AFRICAN countries (NIGERIA).Undergo diploma in computer engineering,and wanting to get a scholarship as an UNDERGRADUATE in to suitable and recognizerble university either in UK,US,or any other available universities in order to study computer engineering or networking engineering ,just for me to have my dreams comes true .I would like to receive any suitable hot news pertaining to my request via my mail address.

  4. Ervido Yasslan says:

    My name is Ervido Yasslan, I’m 30 years old and Married with 2 children. Indonesian citizen live in Jakart.

    I really want to expand my knowledge and experience by joining scholarship, I hope God almighty hear what my heart saying.

    With hope that I can give my family the best effort for my children’s future.

    Please, give me an advice how can get scholarship.

    Thanks and regards

  5. kurnia ningtias elvira says:

    i really wanted to get scholarship.
    but i dont know how to register n procedur to get it

    so please tell me aNd replay my coment

  6. Ricki Pratama Dijaya says:

    I really wanted to get a scholarship, because I want to continue my education to a higher level again ..
    I want to show to family and my friends, that I can …
    for this is too trivial in on it, I tired to face it all …
    I promise to myself, to become a better at this time of …
    I want to stand on its own without my parents incommode …
    later if I succeed, I will give my success to my parents …
    from them and for them, I will give everything for them …
    because happiness is their happiness, I also …


    Dear sir,
    I have done two years bachlor degree in commerce and now iam doing MBA in IQRA UNIVERSTY KARACHI .i want to transfer my credit hours in singarpore for continue my study at abroad but unfortunately i can not afford me expenses.
    so please give me compleate information about scholarship where i can apply easily and continue my dostudy .

    CELL NO:
    HOME NO;

  8. Andreas says:

    i want to ask about the information about scholarships in airport engineering..

    Please give me some information about thank.


  9. denni says:

    i’m a student at gadjah mada university, physic engineering direction, engineering faculty. i’m interested to study at singapure. i want study fluid mechanicso deeper al for master in singapure (NTS or NUS) please tell me what is way to get scholarship so i can study there. thank’s.

  10. Kbrom Legesse says:

    Kbrom Legesse.
    I hold Bsc in optometry.Now, I am giving service to Gondar
    University.I want to study Msc of optometry or similar sujects.
    If you have free funding prodrame,please contact me.
    your faithfull

  11. ananya says:

    I’m from India and currently pursuing my b-tech in IT and will pass out in 2010.I want to do MS in USA.But my financial condition is not very good.I know that many universities of USA provides scholarship depending on GRE score or academics.But in that case I may not get the full scholarship.That’s why I’m looking for such a reliable organization,which provide full scholarship and that may be through any exam.So,please inform me about such type of organizations and also provide me their requirements,if they have any.

    Hopefully my application will be taken into consideration.
    Thanking you.

  12. Franciska Oentoro says:

    I’m francis. from Indonesia. Now, i ‘m an university students in Atmajaya Jogjakarta, International Business Management Program.I really need a scholarship for business master program or communication program. What the requirements…..please tell me at [email protected]. Thank you very much.

  13. Nansamba Rose says:

    hi,am Rose,from Uganda.Am looking for an undergraduate Scholarship in Medicine for my brother,Lubega John.He is currently pursing a BSc.Food Science and Technology,but wants to do medicine.He hasn’t been able to pursue his dream because of funds. I need information on scholarships from any country,especially USA and CANADA.thanx.

  14. Stephen says:

    i am from Ghana and would want to continue my education in canada,finland,sweden or netherlands.i am please looking for any organisation/institution/agency or even any individual who is touched by my plight to act quikly to sponsor my undergraduate education.
    contact me on [email protected].

  15. I now want to achieve a degree s1
    and I wish I was on the program of the engineering and informatics ..

    but I wish that I achieved a cost that can bear me ..
    out the country I was like,
    and the types of scholarships that I always expect a full scholarship is a scholarship. which is free ..

    scholarships, as do I want?

    My name: Romario
    I’m from indonesian papua Province
    My E-mail: [email protected]

    great I hope to be in receipt ..


  16. andiyan says:

    Dear Sir, Madam

    I am andiyan (male), 21 year old, .At the moment I have broadcast Diploma in indonesia. I am looking for schoolarship in Singapore for me to pursue my studies for Bachelors Degree in communication. For more information about myself please e-mail on this address,
    [email protected]

    Please help me

  17. Rokshana Pervin says:

    I am Most. Rokshana Pervin. I have passed Master’s degree in Zoology from Rajshahi University with 1st class in all stages of educational levels(S.S.C, H.S.C, B.Sc and M.Sc).
    I am searching scholarship the following subjects;

    2,M.Sc in Biology

    I am looking scholarship the following Countries
    UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Newzerland, Euroup and singapore.
    Please help me

  18. fahad amin says:

    i am fahad amin . studing in final semester in COMSATS Abbottabad, pakistan.
    i am doing electronics engineering. my cgpa is 3.91.

    i want to do ms in control system engineering.

    help me if u can


  19. hello! scholarship positons.com,i am from ethiopia of age 24.i have bsc. in public health in 2007.i want to master it in related fields.please write me any in formations.

  20. bigirimana alexis says:

    i’m ending siniour 6,and i want continue my studies in singapol,so that’ s why i ‘m asking this scholarship cause ,i can’t study there on my own

  21. Naser says:

    I am an M.Sc. student of physics at the Institute for Advanced Studies in

    Basic Sciences(IASBS), Zanjan, Iran. For my thesis project I am working

    on the BEC(Bose Einstein Condensation)and I am interested in rotating BEC

    and vortex lattices in that then I started to studied papers in them, until

    now I studied lots of papers and some books in BEC and vortex formation in

    rotating BEC.

    I am interested in theoretical and experimental studies in BEC, therefore

    my M.Sc. will be finished until June and I want to continue in PhD then I

    would like to know can I have a chance to find PhD position in this field in Singapore.

    I hope to consider my application.

    Looking forward you.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Naser Ahmadi-Niaz(Mr)

  22. Lameck Chifisi says:

    P.O. Box 768,

    Dear Sir/Madam,


    I am a male Malawian working with ESCOM as Mechanical Fitter.At the moment I have Technician Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and also Advanced Certificate in General Fitting. I am looking for schoolarship in Singapore for me to pursue my studies for Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. For more information about myself please e-mail on this address, [email protected].

    I shall be glad and gratefull if this application meets your favourable consideration.

    Yours faithfully,

    Lameck Chifisi

  23. KANAAN AL-JASIM says:

    Dear Sir,Madam

    Im Kanaan Al-JAsim from Iraq,,Im in 32 years old,,I have a degree in geology in 1999 from Mousel University in Iraq ,,i was working with oil and now im doing my master in Petroluem geology in Malaysia with University of Malaya,,I will finish my master in 1st Jun 2009,,I hope if i can get a scholarship to start my PHD in Geology or petroleum geology ,,hope to get my chance with ur offer,

    Kanaan Al-Jasim

  24. cynthiah mulamula says:

    am a female kenyan kenyan citizen aged 26yrs old.i did my o-levels in 2001.i attained a mean grade of c plus.i have been unable to pursue with my education due to financial problems.am inquiring if you can assist me by offering me ascholarship.thanking you in advance and and ihope to hear postive respond from you.

  25. Kenniyoodsan says:

    My name is Kenniyoodsan Sri Lanka.
    I have a B.com degree (Special)
    Course duration- 4 years

    I havea Diploma in Journalism.(India)
    I am searching scholarship the following subjects
    3,TV Production
    4,foreign diplomacy

    I am looking scholarship the following Countries
    UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Newzerland, Euroup and singapore.
    Please help me

  26. Ambrose Etigu says:

    i’m a 23 year old Ugandan who has been forging a head to attaining the most effective course mainly for personal and community development. Since 2007 i have been assisting in reasearch work in my small estabished business especially for students finalising there graduate course aswell as data entry and analysis, and also training some computer packages. But is there anyway i can be helped out to fully achieve the development and innovation that is worth it, if so, is there anyone out there who is willing to assist me, as i will also do.

    Don’t hesitate to email me incase of any inquiry and adivice or any assistance.

  27. My names are Zakayo Muindi, From Kenya. I wish to ask the world through moderators of student’s Financial Aid, scholarships’ administrators, universities, Foundations and governments etc. Why are majority of scholarships mainly availed for post graduate studies?
    When a person has been able to finance his/her undergraduate education, then he becomes employable and is raised to higher pedestal where s/he can compete for jobs and as a consequence be able to finance second degree studies.
    I do not in any way intend to suggest that such scholarships as Masters and Doctoral be done away with or be underfunded. I instead speak on behalf of literally millions of needy poor people who cannot afford to raise funds for their first degree and yet they are so deserving but voiceless.
    Many if not all European and American foundations and universities are practicing protectionism (does this word exist in English?). They extend financial aid opportunities for first degrees to students from within their continent and then put very stiff conditions to few scholarship opportunities that they extend to any other interested mortal beings.
    I have been looking for an undergraduate scholarship for close to ten years without success. I have not given up, and I do not intend to give up. I had managed to get enrolled for a B.Ed at the University of Nairobi and only managed to cover one semester before dropping out due to financial limitations. I have a little humanitarian project management experience and my interest is in Development Studies in any university in the World that teaches in English.
    Using my contact details as provided by me in this forum, can someone who understands what am writing about help me get an undergraduate studentship placement and scholarship without the numerous rigorous bureaucratic roadblocks that we face in the third world?

    Thank you.
    ZM Muindi

  28. joshua says:

    thanks very much for your chances ,

    am tanzania boy and am freshman ,i would like to join this your chance for engeneering because i was taking PCM ,P-physics,c-chemisty and for m-mathematics.

  29. baber says:

    i mr baber nawaz is studying at comsats abbottabad in BS of electrical power engineering.My CGPA is 3.0.
    first of all i thanks A*SATR Scholarship who provided this oppour- tunity to the students who really wants to do some thing in their life but cant do,because of having no sources.may i be one of the students who get the scholarship of A*STAR.

  30. Malik Omer Tahir says:

    Iam a 21 years old boy currently studying in MECHATRONICS engineering in Pakistan.I am about to complete my graduation and i am looking for some international university in which I can do my MS(ENGINEERING) on scholarship.I hope you will help me in this regard.

  31. maxlon abuabasa says:

    I have a BSc in Physics. I want to know of scholarships for post graduate medical physics. I am from Ghana

  32. beata ndeyamo ihepaali says:

    i would like to be part of this A*STAR Scholarship Program- Singapore ,i would like to take physical science or biomedical science how can i do this and how will i know that i am truely accepted

    i hope my application will be taken in to considelatoin


    I am from Tanzania, I finished my advanced level education this year waiting for joining university, specializing in Computer science.

    Question: Am I eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarship?


  34. abdul latif says:

    i got first degree in applied biology and seeking for scholarship to further in similar field abroad . from ghana

  35. andrew lwanga says:

    i am andrew from kenya and just graduated from college with a diploma in logistics but would like to proceed to a degree,please do assist since i do not know how to go about it so i really need all the assistance i can get.

  36. muhammad amin shito says:

    i want to do masters in energy and envionmemtal and management in NTU or in any where else in singapore

  37. Hamza Rabiu says:

    May I seized this opportunity to request for your donation or loan student, as I became interested to enable me join and study computer in this great and worldwide recommended Singapore as financial aid (foreign aid) Or loan.

    I am twenty one year’s of my age and was educated in kano Nigeria, for both my primary and secondary school. I later joined many “web site” where I learned ‘computer education online, through their well trained and assistance. I also applied to “HP online classes”, about online classes, and etc. Where I studied courses in computer and earned many Certificates’.
    Now I am Instructor (Computer Teacher) in my Country.

    I understand that you have a very active method of teaching which I would be very keen to join you and study with you to acquire more sound Education and to award me with your historical Singapore certificate. With hope to bring my ugly features of being hopeful to study to cure, and offer me admission to further my computer education at your world respected your Singapore by any means possible.

    Hamza Rabiu
    A.R. Skynet Institute of Information Tech.
    Emir Palace road
    National Library, Kano
    Kano Municipal, Nigeria

    [email protected]

  38. Boakye mensah Daniel says:

    I have Bsc. in Agricultural Engineering, I graduated with a Second Class upper Division. I want to Know if I am Eligible for the Scholarship to study Msc In Environmental Engineering. Thank you

  39. Sam OTOIBHI says:

    I am a 26-years-old graduate of Electrical and Electronics (ELECTRONICS/TELECOMMUNICATION option) with a Second-Class Lower from Nigeria. I want to commence my masters degree either in Information Technology or Microelectronics and Telecommunication. Presently, i work as Network Engineer. Please, i would be obliged if adequate information can be given on how to study (scholarship) in the USA or UK this year. I have professional certificate from CISCO

  40. abdul hayee says:

    i have done 3 years dip in nursing,now i want to be graduated in this field.I want scholarship for bachelor in nursing science.Would you guide me in this regard?Your sincere.

  41. Am a first year Nutrition undergraduate student and have just completed my first year.I have also completed senior high school with distinction in the scince disciplines(chemistry,biology,physics and maths).I also have a good grade in english.
    I wish to get schorlarships that will permit me to offer the sciences,especially ,medical science.
    Am from Ghana.

  42. I Am Tanzanian boy aged 26 working at C-Net Technologies Ltd as ICT Technician.

    I Am seeking for scholarship in any univarsity offering 3 to 4 years Bachelor of Engineering Information and Communications Engineering (BSs Hons)

    I completed Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology and awarded ICT Technician Certificate and get Upper class, I completed High School Secondary at KABAA HIGH SCHOOL, Nairobi Kenya and awarded KSCE MAIN Grade C (Plain) year 2005

    Hopefully my application will be taken into consideration.

    Thanks in advance

    Denis Amini Kimaro,
    P O Box 4132,
    Dar Es Salaam

  43. I Am Tanzanian boy aged 26 working at C-Net Technologies Ltd as ICT Technician.

    I Am seeking for scholarship in any univarsity for Bachelor of Engineering Information and Communications Engineering (BSs Hons)

    I have complete my Dar Es Salaam Institute of Technology and awarded ICT Technician Certificate and get Upper class, i have got pass class in my High School Secondary at KABAA HIGH SCHOOL, Nairobi Kenya and awarded KSCE MAIN Grade C (Plain)

    Hopefully my application will be taken into consideration.
    Thanks in advance
    Denis Amini Kimaro,
    P O Box 4132,
    Dar Es Salaam

  44. natnael mosisa says:

    i am engineering student in adama university of Ethiopia i am 18 years old i look forward to gate the scholar

  45. Hailemichael Shewa says:

    I have a BA degree in English, I have another BA degree in Management, and I have a master’s degree in curriculum, all from Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia. If I get full scholarship I want to study your offer.

  46. Enrianto says:

    My Name is Enrianto from Makassar South Sulawesi Indoenesia. I don`t Know how i could be find a Scholarship. Please reply my message and priority for me. believe me, give one chance.


  47. AMINA SALEH says:

    Am Tanzanian girl aged 24 working at Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) as Meteorological Assistant.
    Am seeking for scholarship in any univarsity for Bachelor of Science in Meteorologist (BSc).
    I have complete my Meteorological Technician course and get Upper class, i have got pass class in my Secondary Advanced Level and Upper Class in my Swcondary Level.
    Hope my application will be taken into consideration.
    Thanks in advance
    Amina M. saleh

  48. DHINESH says:

    i m looking for marine related Ph.D programs scholarship and any other jobs in marine field.

  49. kaukkway says:

    I am now studying for a Master’s in mechanical engineering.I am interested in quality control and problem solving techniques.I want to go on my studies at NTU or NUS in Singapore,if possible.

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