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Earn A Degree In Forensics From The Best Universities

Forensics has become one of the most important scientific fields in recent years. It is a field of science which is used to gather information about certain events that had occurred in the past. That information can then be presented to a court of law as evidence pertaining to a case.

Importance of Forensic Science

Forensic Science is a scientific method of gathering and examining evidences for the investigation of a criminal and civil dispute in areas like product liability, questioned paternity, medical negligence and insurance claims. It is a very fascinating subject and helps in finding the reason and solution of the problem. Forensic science opens different careers options and areas of working. This field will not be boring with same daily tasks,it includes different tasks every day. But it will require a lot of hard work and the professional of this field should have accuracy in their work. The article will provide academic and professional outlook to the Forensic Science learners… [Read More]

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Why Universities For Forensics Are Important?

It is due to forensics that the law has been able to bring justice to instances of crime. There are many cases where the criminal has been brought to justice simply due to the forensic investigation. In order to ensure that the forensic professionals have the adequate skills to help in criminal investigations, it is important that they study at the best universities for forensics.

List of Best Universities for Forensics

University of Michigan

A master‡s program is available in forensic science at the University of Michigan. There are three specializations available. They are forensic chemistry, forensic anthropology and forensic biology.

Ranking: #15 (according to 2015 Times Higher Education ranking)

Scholarships: Scholarships for students are offered by the alumni association of the university called the U-M Alumni Club Scholarships.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers course on forensic science at the undergraduate and the graduate level.

Ranking: #22 (according to 2015 Times Higher Education ranking)

Scholarships: The J. Edgar Hoover foundation grant and Science The studentships are the scholarship programs on offer for students at the University of Pennsylvania.

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Students can opt for a minor course in the field of forensic science at the National University of Singapore. They need to take up Chemistry as their subject at the undergraduate level if they wish to study this minor.

Ranking: #21 (according to 2015 Times Higher Education ranking)

Scholarships: A variety of opportunities are on offer such as the Tan Sau Fun Bursary Fund and Ang Kok Peng Memorial Award.

University Of Florida

The University of Florida provides a master‡s degree in forensic science which is considered to be the most prestigious program in the field. There are five specialized courses at the undergraduate level as well.

Ranking: #126 (according to 2015 Times Higher Education ranking)

Scholarships: Wentworth The studentships are some of the scholarship programs offered by this university. Additionally, there are scholarships for international students such the Scarborough Scholarship.

University College London

The University College London is one of the ancient universities in England having been established in 1826. A master‡s in crime and forensics is offered by the University College London.

Ranking: #25 (according to 2015 Times Higher Education ranking)

Scholarships: Students can apply for Alumni Scholarship, Amos Bursary and British Chevening Scholarships amongst others.


University of California, Davis

The University of California, Davis offers one of the best courses in forensic science in the United States. The course is a master‡s degree in science which focuses on forensic science.

Ranking: #113 (according to Forbes ranking)


Scholarships: Outside scholarships can be opted for by the students. However, the university does provide a Number of Awards such as the Army ROTC.


Boston University

A master‡s in science can be availed from the Boston University for studying forensic science.


Ranking: #50 (according to 2014 Times Higher Education ranking) 

Scholarships: Boston University offers a large number scholarships to choose from while studying. Trustee Scholarship is just one of them.


University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam offers those interested in forensic science the opportunity to study it under a master‡s course in the subject.


Ranking: #50 (according to 2014-15 QS Top University ranking)


Scholarships: A Number of Awards can be availed of from the University of Amsterdam through the list is not a very big one. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship is one of them. Additionally, the Dutch Government may provide help to students.


Karolinska Institute

Forensic science can be studied at the Karolinska Institute. The list of courses contain a number of different study fields related to forensic science such as forensic anthropology and ballistics.


Ranking: #42 (according to 2012-13 Times Higher Education ranking)


Scholarships: The Karolinska Institute offers a range of scholarships to ease the financial burden on students. They include The Swedish Institute’s scholarships and the Karolinska Institute‡s scholarships.


University of Queensland

The University of Queensland has recently added forensic science to its list of courses. Students can study the subject at the undergraduate level here.


Ranking: #65 (according to 2012-13 Times Higher Education ranking)


Scholarships: Students can apply for different positions at this university. Some of The grants available at the undergraduate level include the UQ Academic Scholarship Program and the Centrelink and Commonwealth Scholarships.


Forensic Science is an exciting field. By studying at the best universities for forensics, the students can turn their passion for investigation and justice into a rewarding career.