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Best Universities For Japanese Language

Japan has achieved worldwide acclaim for its spirit of entrepreneur, culture of innovation and business success. The economy is one of the most watched and globally accepted ones which makes learning Japanese an important feature to add to your list of accomplishments.

Why Students Want To Learn Japanese?

The language will open up inroads into other Asian countries which are considered to the hotbed of business opportunity and many related growth areas. Learning this very important language gives you the head start towards establishing yourself on the global business arena.

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There are many international students, also from the western part of the world showing interest in pursuing courses in learning Japanese. There are many leading worldwide universities offering major courses in this new age Japanese. The focus of all these universities offering Japanese language courses is to provide innovative and enriching experiences that help in molding the students to build relevance and potential to purse a truly global career.

Some of the courses offered at the following universities are highly rated for their quality, opportunities and the student experience.

Stanford University

One of the most well recognized and well respected Ivy League universities in the US, Stanford University. Established in 1891, it is considered to be the one of the leading universities for learning across disciplines and research. It is located in the sunny state of California on the scenic West coast or the Bay area. Some of the leading achievers, business chieftains, leaders, and entrepreneurs across industries have started their success path from here.

The language center at the university caters to more 30 language courses that are created using the inputs form leading experts and designed to make the student proficient in the basic and working knowledge of spoken and written language. The Japanese program is detailed and aims to make the students get familiar with not only the language but also the culture of this important country.

Rank : Having 4th position in World University Rankings 2014-2015 Times Higher Education.

Scholarships include the following:

-Undergraduate Overseas Language Study Fellowships provide partial funding to support Stanford undergraduates who study Chinese, Japanese, or Korean in a full-time, pre-approved, accredited overseas language program for a summer session, semester, or academic year.
-Department of Education Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships provide $10,000 in tuition and $5,000 stipend for undergraduate students in any discipline for intensive language study at Stanford during the academic year—at the intermediate (2nd year) or advanced (3rd year+) level—in conjunction with international or area studies courses.
-Department of Education Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships provide tuition and stipend for students in M.A. or Ph.D. programs who plan to undertake intensive advanced language study in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean during the academic year, either at Stanford or an approved overseas institution, in conjunction with area studies courses.

Yale University

Hailed as one of the oldest and well respected universities in the world, Yale is one of the noteworthy Ivy League Institutions based in the US. The university has a special department called the East Asian Language and Literature which focuses on imparting elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in a semi-intensive format, requiring substantial daily preparation and meeting three to five times per week.

There is also the Council of East Asian Studies which was established in 1961. CEAS provides an important interdisciplinary forum for academic exploration and support related to the study of China, Japan, and Korea. Its mission is to facilitate the training of undergraduate and graduate students, and to foster outstanding education, research and intellectual exchange about East Asia.

Rank : Acquired position 9th in World University Rankings 2014-2015 Times Higher Education.


-The Richard U. Light Fellowship Foundation provides full funding for Yale students of exceptional promise to study Chinese, Japanese, or Korean at specifically approved sites in China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

-The Council on East Asian Studies offers the CEAS Summer Language Mini-Grants to Yale University graduate students for summer language study of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or other East Asian languages too. Grants generally range from $1,500 to $6,000 and can be applied to tuition, room and board at summer language programs, as well as expenses in hiring tutors for specialized, advanced language training.

Cornell University

Established in 1865, Cornell is an Ivy League university located at Ithaca, New York. The university has 7 undergraduate units and 4 graduate and professional units in Ithaca, two medical graduate and professional units in New York City, and one in Doha, Qatar. The Cornell Tech campus in New York City is the latest addition.

The University has the Department of Asian Studies that offers a wide variety of courses aimed at not only learning the language of the particular region but also about its culture, customs and other related aspects. The Department of Asian Studies offers courses in Japanese from elementary to advanced levels with instruction in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Rank : Having 19th position in World University Rankings 2014-2015 Times Higher Education.

Scholarships-The East Asia Program offers scholarships to Cornell students who are pursuing related courses on the topics pertaining to East Asia.
-Robert J. Smith Fellowships in Japanese Studies.
-C. V. Starr Fellowships in East Asian Studies.
-Lee Teng-hui Fellowships in World Affairs with East Asia Focus

The above three provide students with stipend and health insurance for the period of one semester and one semester long teaching assistantship.

-The EAP Summer East Asian Language Study Grant provides program fee and stipend award for intensive language study of an East Asian language.

Harvard University

Established in 1636, Harvard University is one of the most prestigious, well respected and discerning university not only in the US, but also across the globe.  The university has the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations wherein the first Japanese language program was taught in 1931. Harvard offers a full course of study in standard Japanese, the dialect of Japanese spoken in Tokyo.

The core of the program consists of five years of instruction, the first four years of which form a common curriculum devoted to a balanced and successively more advanced mastery of the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the language.

Rank : Earned 2nd position in World University Rankings 2014-2015 Times Higher Education.

Scholarships : International and national students at Harvard are eligible for many forms of financial aids like scholarships and fellowships. Students are encouraged to explore the different financial aid options available to them at each of the University‡s schools.

Oxford University

The Oxford University Language Centre was started in 1981 under the aegis of one of the oldest and the best universities ever created, Oxford. This centre focuses on imparting learning skills in various foreign language studies, including Japanese.

The Japanese course is offered under its OPAL programme-which is the Oxford University Programme in Languages. The courses are designed to develop participants’ competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening at a variety of entry levels.

While there are no specific opportunities, there is a facility under which the entire course fee can be reimbursed based on the college policies of the student. This is possible only after the successful completion of the course.

Rank : Having 3rd position in World University Rankings 2014-2015 Times Higher Education.

Scholarships : There are Number of Awards available for National and International studentsat University Of Oxford. Follow this link to go through precise data of available Scholarships at Oxford.

Cambridge University

Home to some of the finest and most visionary scholars, inventors and writers, Cambridge located in the UK is a foremost learning centre through centuries. The university imparts learning across some key foreign languages, including Japanese through its department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

Under the course structure, the outline consists of lectures, seminars and classes, and supervisions, and one can expect 10-12 hours of teaching each week. Assessment includes written and oral examinations, and coursework.

Rank : Having 2nd position in QS World University Rankings 2014-2015.

Columbia University

Established in 1754, Columbia is a leading Ivy League university located in New York.  The university has a dedicated department of East Asian Languages and Culture, wherein Japanese language course is offered. The program enables students to master the practical language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing as well as apply cultural knowledge and intercultural communication skills.


-Shirato Fund Scholarships- The Ichiro Shirato Fund For Japanese Language Study- This scholarship has been created in honor of Ichiro Shirato, one of Columbia‡s finest teachers of  Japanese. Undergraduate and graduate students are provided two $2,000 scholarships to Columbia-approved intensive Japanese-language study programs for the summer of 2014.

FLAS Fellowship– The Summer FLAS fellowship tuition grant is up to $5,000 and a $2,500 stipend for undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing courses that include studying a foreign language.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

The University of California, Los Angeles is a reputed university located in the sunny state of California. The UCLA‡s Department of Asian Languages and Cultures offers multiple Japanese courses across all levels.

Scholarships-The University offers multiple kinds of scholarships across all levels.

University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia

Established in 1966, the UNSW Institute of Languages was the first university language centre of its kind in Australia. It offers English language course and other foreign language courses. UNSW Institute of Languages offers Japanese classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.