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Business School Scholarships

B-schools and their programs are much coveted amongst students globally. Many leading schools offer stable and robust scholarship programs designed for international students. The scholarships are of different kinds and are offered mostly on an annual basis.

Some of the leading B-schools and their scholarships for international students are compiled as follows:

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Harvard Business School (HBS)

The HBS is one of the most renowned B-schools globally. It consistently appears in the top 2 rankings across most recognized surveys and rankings. Financial aid is an integral part of its offerings and is considered across many criteria for international students. Some of its key fellowships are as follows:

-The Robert S. Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowship is given only to the students who are keen to pursue science related businesses or join similar organizations. The scholarship amount is $20,000 and is awarded each to ten incoming MBA students. This scholarship is awarded for the first year only. The criterion revolves on outstanding credentials in the area of academics in the subject of life sciences.

-Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship is extended in the first year only to 7-10 first year MBA students who have displayed exemplary leadership skill and are keen to serve in a non-profit organization. The scholarship amount is $10,000.

-John H. McArthur Canadian Fellowship is awarded to the potential Canadians. The scholarship amount is $10,000 per year.

– Junior Achievement Fellowships are awarded to students who have at least two years’ experience in Junior Achievement either being a mentor in high school or as an advisor in or after college. The amount ranges from $5-6,500. The fellowship is awarded annually and candidates are required to reapply in the next academic year as well.

London Business School

A leading and well courted school, the LBS attracts students from across multiple countries worldwide. In existence since 50 years, the school has some leading industry leaders as alumni. The following are the financial aids offered to international students:

Goldman Sachs International scholarship for MBA- Established in 2008, this scholarship offers £20,000 to a deserving MBA aspirant. The criterion involves financial need and the credentials of the student in question.

Business School Scholarships

Wharton-University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School of Business is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania, which is a private Ivy League university located in Philadelphia. Their alumnus boasts of well known business chieftains, entrepreneurs, professionals, politicians and high distinguished people in senior management roles across corporations worldwide. The school has a robust and wide range of Fellowship programs for all its students who are enrolled in its programs. They are as follows:

-Joseph Wharton Fellowships- Joseph Wharton Fellowships are named in honor of Joseph Wharton, the founder of the Wharton School. Students having exceptional and consistently outstanding records of academic, personal, and professional achievements are considered.

-Howard E. Mitchell Fellowships- Howard E. Mitchell Fellowships (HEM) are full-tuition awards for exceptional students from under-represented backgrounds.

-Emerging Economy Fellowships- These Fellowships are offered to help and encourage students from emerging economies throughout the world.

-Forté Fellowships- Forté Fellowships are awarded each year to outstanding female students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills across academic leadership, team leadership, community leadership, or creative leadership.

-Social Impact Fellowships- These Fellowships are offered to students with demonstrated leadership in the public and/or not-for-profit sectors.

Columbia Business School

US- One of the most prominent B-schools in the US, Columbia is known for its various programs and does feature as a leading B-school frequently across rankings. Some of its grants and fellowships are as follows:

-Toigo Fellowship- The Robert A. Toigo Foundation supports a comprehensive fellowship program for under-represented groups pursuing careers in finance.

-Meyer Feldberg Distinguished Fellowship Program- This Fellowships is considered to be one of Columbia B-Schools most prestigious ones. The Feldberg Fellowship is given on an annual basis to select entering students who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership potential, as well as academic excellence. Selection as a Feldberg Fellow provides full tuition and lifelong membership in an elite group of similarly driven students, alumni, and donors.

-Board of Overseers China & India Fellowships- The Board of Overseers China & India Fellowships are awarded to incoming students who exhibit exceptional academic and professional promise. These Fellowships are awarded to students from both China & India a full-tuition renewable award.

-Project Charity Trust Fellowship- The PCT Fellowship covers partial tuition for one year and is renewable for the recipient’s second year of study provided strong academic standards are achieved. European Union citizens are eligible for the PCT Fellowship.

Yale School of Management

One of the most prestigious B-schools, having illustrious alumni and coveted MBA programs, the school has many scholarships in place for exceptional students who have demonstrated proven excellence in all areas. Some of the Scholarships are as follows:

-Joseph Wright Alsop (PhB 1898) Memorial Scholarship– The Joseph Wright Alsop (PhB 1898) Memorial Scholarship was established in 1976 to honor the memory of Mr. Alsop, who was an alumnus of the Yale Class of 1898 and president of the Covenant Group.

-The Professor David Berg Leadership Scholarship– This Scholarship was established anonymously in 2006 to honor David Berg, who was a professor at Yale SOM from 1977 to 1992. This annual scholarship is awarded to support an incoming student who has demonstrated, in his or her years since college graduation, a commitment to improving both the humaneness and effectiveness of organizational life through personal and institutional self-scrutiny.

-Laura Cha (Shi Mei Lun) Scholarship- This was established by Mrs. Laura Cha, deputy chairman of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and former vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. This scholarship supports a promising MBA student from mainland China with financial need and provides full tuition support for each of the two years of Yale SOM’s MBA program.

INSEAD Business School (France and Singapore)

A well established and much sought after B-school located in Europe and Singapore, the heart of Asia, offer multiple scholarships on a regional basis to encourage diversity and growth. Some of the regional scholarships are as follows:

-INSEAD Alcatel-Lucent Endowed Scholarship(s) for Asians-This one is offered to Chinese students having remarkable academic achievements and wish to pursue a career in high engineering.

-INSEAD Deepak and Sunita Gupta Endowed Scholarship(s)-This one is especially for all students having outstanding educational records but lack in financial aid to finance their higher studies. This one caters to students from only emerging economies.

-INSEAD Louis and Evelyn Franck Endowed Award for Excellence-This one is for any student who is bright, excellent and has untapped potential.

Most of the other leading B-schools globally offer attractive scholarships to encourage diversity and talent.

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