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CAFAS Scholarship Form Online and Guidelines, India

Various scholarships are being awarded by State Government (A) and Government of India (B) to meritorious/meritorious and poor students of Orissa for pursuing higher studies including studies in Technical and Professional education.

From the financial year 2010-11 the State Government have revised the rate and number of scholarships awarded by the State Government. Government have also relaxed the income ceiling of parents, wherever applicable, so as to enable more meritorious and meritorious-cum-poor students to avail the opportunity.

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The application procedure has also been simplified and now students can submit their applications for any of these scholarships awarded by both
Government of India and State Government as per their eligibility by using a Common Application Form for award of scholarship.

Further Scholarship Information and Application

What is Common Application Form for Award of Scholarship (CAFAS) Form

CAFAS is an online application form for applying for state and national scholarships in Orissa state of India. This website is maintained by Department of Higher Education, Government of Odisha.

CAFAS Application Form

This scholarship application form also available in paper format. You can download CAFAS form here.

How to Fill CAFAS Scholarship Form

Many students make this mistake of filling the application form wrongly. It is very important to fill the online or printed application form correctly.

Here you can download latest application form guidelines.

I would strongly suggest you to make sure that you have read the application guidelines carefully before started filling the application.

You can download recent guidelines here

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