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Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Prince of Wales Scholarship, New Zealand

The Cambridge Commonwealth Trust offers several prestigious awards each year to enable graduates of high academic ability to study at Cambridge University in Britain.

The tenure of the scholarship will be dependent upon the admission to Cambridge of the scholar by Cambridge University and College authorities. The decision of the Board of Graduate Studies about admission will be communicated as soon as possible and usually by June in any year.

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these endowments shall be known as the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Prince of Wales’ Scholarships for New Zealand and shall be open to graduates who are New Zealand citizens and who wish to pursue a course of research leading to the degree of PhD at Cambridge University. The grants shall be awarded by the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, following nomination by the NZVCC Scholarships Committee.

The Cambridge Commonwealth Trust and the NZVCC may at any time suspend or terminate any scholarship if they are satisfied that the scholar is not diligently pursuing the programme of research or advanced study or has failed to comply with any of the terms and conditions on which the scholarship was awarded, and a scholarship shall be terminated and no further payments shall be made if a scholar ceases to pursue the aforesaid programme.

How to Apply

Every person who wishes to be considered for a Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Prince of Wales’ funding for New Zealand shall apply to NZVCC (via their university Scholarships Office) on the prescribed form by the first day in October in the year preceding that in which the award is to be taken up. Every application shall be accompanied by a detailed statement of the candidate’s proposed programme of research or advanced study.


The scholarship will pay the University Composition Fee at the home rate (subject to the applicant being successful in winning an ORS award or an ORS Equivalent award offered by Cambridge which will meet the difference between the higher overseas and lower home rate of the University Composition Fee), and approved College fees.

A maintenance allowance will be means-tested, taking into account any other part-cost awards which the applicant wins and also whatever modest contribution can be made from their own personal or family resources.

The value of the scholarship will be determined in light of the financial circumstances of the applicant.

Application Deadline: Closed

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