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Career Opportunities in Film Making : Give Best Direction to Your Future

Films today are seen as an important medium to send message to the mass and add creativity into it. In simple words, film making is a method to describe the story or putting across an idea that supports audio and visual reaching to masses.

Films are the blend of creative thinking and technically expert that brings attention of audience towards it. Globally, many young talents are looking forward to make their career in film making which seems to be promising.

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Film making is divided into different mediums like documentaries, short films, animation and feature films. There are different steps involved in film making, these are- scripting, screenplay writing, pre & post production, direction etc. For new entrants, making of short films, documentaries is considered to be the first step to get into industry. Moreover, to appreciate the work, film festivals are held in many countries, where these message centric films are shown to get reviews. Some of these festivals are- Berlin Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, International Film Festival of India etc. This has actually helped many new comers to launch themselves globally.

Hooked by blockbusters and globe-trotting award ceremonies like Oscars, Filmfare and Bafta, many people consider working in film industry. Moreover, with high budget movies are being made with latest technologies  and mass appealing content, these has garnered more interest among new comers. Presently, in India the total turnover of film industry is beyond thousand crores a year with more and more movies are crossing 100cr mark. However, Hollywood movies are way ahead of Bollywood when it comes to budget and earning, and has been inspiring since ages.

Student belonging to diverse educational backgrounds are now looking forward to make their career in film making.  The main reason behind its growth is varied options which it offers to an individual to go for.

How to begin?

Perhaps the best way to begin your career in film making is by knowing your creative areas and joining the institution offering course related to the same. Moreover, learning from other professionals and well established film makers through their work is a money saving way to make into the career.

To gain attention from other film makers and audience, one must be a unique storyteller. Understanding the behavior of the film industry is the first step of getting into the field. The taste of international audience is different compared to regional audience. Also there are different segments of audiences who watch certain theme or kind of movies. So one has to understand what audience needs and prepare script and develop it into reel.

Individuals can start their career by pursuing courses in technical and creative aspect of film making. One can either go for a certificate course or MBA course offered by universities and institutes. This eventually helps students to enter into media house with institutes having tie-up with production house.

There is no compulsion of getting into film making only if the individual is connected to the industry from base. Professionals who are into advertising or any such media related profession can enter into filmmaking by carrying a specific skill and requirement. Both in Hollywood and Bollywood, there are top film production houses which hire young and aspiring filmmakers to come up with fresh new ideas.

Some of the Top Film Production Houses

Yash Raj Films: This Indian entertainment company was established by Yash Chopra, legendary film maker, and has been producing successful movies since years. They keep looking for new blood who can offer some new concept to Indian film Industry.

20th Century Fox: This US based film production house has been producing top movies and television series in Hollywood. Some of movies from the production house are: Star Wars, Ice Age, Die Hard series and few more.  It is also the member of Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

DreamWorks Animations: This American film studio run by Steven Spielberg, has been producing animation movies. Some of the successful movies are: Shrek series, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda series and many other animation movies.

Universal Studios: Also known as Universal Pictures is an American motion picture, is among the six major movie production and distribution house in Hollywood.  Some of movies produced are: Jaws, Jurassic Park, Schilinder’s List, The Bourne Identity etc.

These production houses deliver both top budget and low budget movies year by year. Besides feature films, production houses also offer financial support for short films and documentaries which are also a good way to get into film making.

So a new entrant carrying a good script or is technically sound, can get into these production houses. To reach more, both Hollywood and Bollywood film studios are collaborating to produce movies in large scale. This certainly is a gateway for young aspirants.

Film Making Course and Institutes

There are media institutes and universities across the globe that offers certificate and bachelors course in mass media. Individuals can take up any related course of specialization to understand the field from base. One can take up Diploma course in screenplay writing, documentary film making, editing, scripting etc. The best part of taking up specific course is institute prepares students practically in the field.

Some of top institute offering courses in film making are:

Whistling Woods International, Mumbai: It is a film, television and media arts institute in India and is being promoted by Indian film maker Subhash Ghai and Film City Mumbai. The institute is known for offering all types of film making courses with practical knowledge of the same.  The institute diploma in film making under professional film makers.

London Film Academy: This is a non-profit organization offering PG, Certificate, foundation and short specialized courses in film making and its departments. Practical knowledge with project work is provided to come out with new concept and understand the field in better way.

New York Film Academy: This institute offers UG, Masters, PG and certificate courses in filmmaking, acting and other important segments. It hold workshop under the guidance of top film makers by giving practical knowledge for the same.

Beijing Film Academy: This is the most elite film institute in China and is the source of creating some great talents in film industry. The institute accepts 500 applicants among 100,000 applications every year.

The National Film and Television School: Having its base in London, it offers bunch of new programs under professional filmmakers to give more practical knowledge regarding the film making.

Final Note:

Be it internationally acclaimed or affordable film making institute, creative thinking and striking the right cord of the audience are important thing to consider while getting into film making.

Pratish Amin