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Career in Footwear Design : Put on Your Shoes to Move Ahead

Footwear is something that runs hand in hand with fashion. Whenever there is a change in fashion trend there is change in footwear perceptions too. So the domain is always on move ascending to greater and diverse heights. With foreign brands flowing in there is no dearth of opportunities in the domain.

Considering the speed at which the fashion and sports industries are moving forth ‘Footwear Designing’ could be one of the most lucrative career choices that one can choose for a bright career. With the world shrinking into a global village and the presence of global sports and fashion leaders in almost all the happening places on the globe this career option might take you places.

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Considering the aesthetic aspects of footwear one could say that it is an indispensable and unavoidable aspect of fashion statement. The footwear we choose comments directly and indirectly our personality type. From ethnic wear to jogging shoes, footwear keeps womankind deeply engrossed.

Footwear industry is emerging by leaps and bounds. With variety of footwear being manufactured from paper, cloth, leather, jute and many more raw materials the industry is up- coming onto greater heights. The technology and the intricacies involved in footwear design give it a unique status among various other flourishing industries.

Educational Endeavor

If footwear trends attract you and you realize your interest, you could make it something ‘professional’ by learning the skill. A minimum 10th standard would open avenues for you in the field. There are many certificate and diploma programs offered in footwear technology that run almost 6 months to two years. If you want to opt for a higher level you need to pursue a B. Tech or M. Tech with science /engineering backgrounds. Good drawing and computer skills are also required in this field.

After a course or degree in footwear designing students will gain extensive knowledge of materials, design software, patterns, design concepts as well as industry and fashion trends. Once educated substantially you will be recruited into big companies like Nike, Bata, Lakhani, Dris, Tata, Lee Cooper, Adidas and many more.

Career Possibilities

Being a vast industry, footwear design offers a wide range of bright employment opportunities in technical, designing and management areas. Different job titles include Footwear Designer, Product Developer, Product Development Manager, Quality Controller, Footwear Technologist, Merchandiser, Marketing Executive, Planning Executive and also Trend Analyst.

Graduates from top institutes have the bright chances to be the part of international players and global brand houses. They work for fashion houses, footwear brands, High Street stores, catalogue companies and specialist manufacturers of leisure and sportswear. Some choose to create their own collections and set up their own design studio to craft exclusive pieces for boutiques, fashion shows or even for personalized celebrities or clients.

Fashion designers who worked for footwear manufacturers made an average salary of $77,980 per year it may vary according to country and experience. It is a highly lucrative field for aspirants who are eager to start their own venture. Sky could be the limit in this field with the limits of your ambitions being very flexible, giving you an ‘international’ edge and repute.

Colleges and Universities

There are many academic programs available in Footwear technology in the best colleges of London, Paris and America and in fact many more colleges across the globe. Some of the colleges are listed below:

De Montfort University in UK is offering Footwear Design BA (Hons) program.

London College of Fashion in UK is offering several long and short courses in footwear design and shoemaking and a six weeks program known as “Footwear Summer School.”

Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing in Italy is offering a 2.5 year intensive Design Footwear and Accessories program.

The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in USA is offering 2-year specialized Associate of Arts degrees, including Footwear Design.

Footwear Design and Development Institute in India is offering Master of Business Administration in Footwear Design & Product Management.

RMIT University in Australia is offering Certificate course in Custom Made Footwear.

The Footwear Design and Technology School of South Africa is offering an Advance Diploma in Footwear Design.

If by now you have fallen in love with footwear technology take your love to greater heights by pursuing educational programs.

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