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College Scholarships For Double Majors

Colleges and universities worldwide are encouraging students to take on courses wherein they can do dual majors or take on two different streams of subjects or disciplines for the clear benefits which they will get on doing so.

Why Should Students Consider Pursuing Dual Degree Courses?

These are highly competitive times with many challenges of sudden layoffs and the means of getting good, stable jobs becoming something to worry about. This scenario requires some forward planning and thinking to ensure that once students are out in the job market, they have multiple options and a game plan which will help them in not becoming redundant in future. While, there are many who take on niche or specialized professional courses later in their career, planning ahead while you are still a student and more focused on education is best way to approach this path.  Students taking on double majors or even a combination of one major and one minor are looked upon by potential employers as those having drive, multiple skills and the initiative to be more productive.

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Double Majors

There are many colleges across the globe offering specialized scholarships to students who are keen on pursuing their double majors in different subjects. Some are as follows:

University Of Wollongong, Australia

The criterion includes high achievers who are enrolled in dual degree courses beginning in 2015. The scholarship’s value is $4,000 per year (Up to $20,000 over the minimum duration of the undergraduate double degree, up to a maximum of 5 years).

Oregon State University

The Ella P Hill and William W Hearn Scholarship Fund is for students pursuing a full time degree or a double degree program at the University.  The amount is not less than $2,500 (not to exceed three) and is awarded and/or renewed each year.

There is the Hagen Scholarship Fund too for double degree students and the amount is given annually. The amount is determined by the University body.

University Of Hawaii, Manoa

This University offers double degree courses scholarships across law and any one graduate subject. The full time JD students can apply to the JD/MBA program from the Shidler College of Business and the William S. Richardson School of Law. Students passing out from this course will have the expertise and understanding to work across various legal and business challenges. They will be able to take on roles in companies across consulting, legal counsel, venture capital etc.

The University offers scholarships to all students enrolled in its different dual degree programs. The awards are the Pacific-Asian to law students having demonstrated interest in any country coming under Asia or the Pacific.

Singapore Management University

The University offers scholarships to international students pursuing dual degree courses.  The first one is the LEE KONG CHIAN SCHOLARS’ PROGRAMME, funded by a grant from the Lee Foundation. Under this scholarship a student can choose business management studies along with any other course or program. There are 50 scholarships awarded annually and the students need to be enrolled in a full time course and must complete two degrees in a span of four years. Both degrees must be obtained from the Singapore University’s list of colleges only. The merits include coverage of tuition fees, an annual book allowance of $650, participation in an international student exchange program with any partner university, a computer for studies will also be provided under the scholarship.

Washington University Of St Louis

The University offers the Harold Brown Engineering Fellowships to students pursuing dual degree programs who have shown meritorious performance in academics and extra-curricular activities.

Boston University Of Public Health

The renowned University offers a comprehensive set of courses and programs to students keen on completing their graduate studies in public health. The university encourages students to take on dual degrees via a specific scholarship support.

The Health Law & Bioethics Fellowship is given by the Department of Health Law, Bioethics & Human Rights. This scholarship is open to one Boston University MPH student, including JD/MPH dual degree students. The scholarship includes the tuition fees for one or two semesters and it begins after the student completes the JD position of their course.

New York University-Stern

The NYU Stern offers students an opportunity to pursue their dual degree in MBA from NYU Stern and the HEC MBA in France. Students can experience the international experience while doing this course. All students, including international students are eligible to apply for the merit based donor awards. Second year students can avail of the donor awards that are funded by gracious alumni and friends of the NYU Stern and HEC too, based on their academic records and merit.

Yale School Of Management

The school offers varied options and combinations to its students across various Yale institutions. Termed as cross-Yale education, students can look forward to taking on joint degree programs like an MBA with a degree from Yale Law, or Yale Medical School or Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies or the other various degree programs across its network. The objective is to impart the students with a broad expanse of training and knowledge to take on real life problems with confidence. In most Yale joint-degree programs, students spend one year enrolled full-time at Yale SOM, during which they complete the integrated MBA core curriculum; one or more years enrolled in the other program; and one year taking courses in both programs.

Some Other Scholarships

The Frederick V. Ernst ’60 Scholarship was set up in 2009 by former Yale graduate Frederick V. Ernst YC ’60 , is given to students enrolled in the three year program which is a joint degree one with Yale Management School and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.
The Sheldon L. Sussman Family Scholarship was established in 2010 by Sheldon Sussman, who graduated from the Yale School of Public Health in 1980 and the YSOM In 1983 and his wife Susan Zimmy. The scholarship is for students who are pursuing joint degree programs in any of the following subjects like environment, healthcare, medicine, or drama.

Other scholarships given to students pursuing a dual degree program at the Yale school of Management and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies includes the Jacqueline C. and John P. Hullar Scholarship, Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. Fellowship, The David and Karen Sobotka Scholarship and the PETAL Foundation which is also for students from any emerging country worldwide.

The above are some of the upcoming scholarships for students looking at taking on dual degree courses.

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